No doubt getting outfits that perfectly fit your body shape can be a little difficult for you. It is all due to the fact that trends change fast and it can be hard to find your favorites. Fashion is all about feeling great in what you wear and how stylish you look. Here are some of the fashion tips for women body shapes.

Do you know that with the help of certain guidelines or tips, here we are not talking about the rules, you can learn how to dress perfectly based on your body shape? Do you know what body shape you have?

Here, we have created this easy to understand guide that will help you to know about your body shape as well as some fashion tips for women body shapes to get your favorites that must be included in your wardrobe collection. Once you learn what to wear based on your body shape, you will start building a wardrobe you will love the most.

Top Fashion Tips for women body shapes

Let’s start this guide and fashion tips for women body shapes.

  • Apple Body Shape
  • Rectangle Body Shape
  • Pear Body Shape
  • Hourglass Body Shape

Apple Body Shape

fashion tips for women body shapes

The women with Apple body shape have wider shoulders and bust as compared to their hips. Some women have this body shape due to a genetic problem, while others have an Apple body shape as a result of menopause and other health issues. As you grow, you get more Apple shape if you have belly fat. Apple body shape can also be called an Inverted Triangle body shape.

How does an Apple body shape look?

  • Undefined waist
  • More weight on the belly
  • Average bust size
  • Wide shoulders, broad waist, full bust, and heavy upper back
  • More likely to have thin arms, legs, and hips

Fashion tips for women with Apple body shape

  • You must avoid wearing dresses with bulky belts and try to create the illusion of a waist by putting attention on other body parts.
  • You must choose A-line dresses or dresses with V-neck as they put more focus on your bust line.
  • If you are buying tunic and tops, make sure that they have a longer length than your hip bones as they help in flattering your body shape.
  • The tops, dresses, or even shirts should have a simple neckline without any kind of fancy fabric pattern proximate to the neck as it will draw more attention to your upper part.
  • You are advised to avoid halters, high necklines, and even off-shoulder style.
  • It would be great for you to wear a skirt or dress with knee-length to show off your legs. Make sure to wear the dress length that is comfortable for you.
  • When it comes to boots, you must stay away from large and heavy boots as it can make your legs look smaller.
  • You can wear blazers, open cardigans as they look great on women with an Apple body shape.
  • You can go for skinny jeans and leggings, but it would be good to wear them with a longer shirt or top.
  • For apple-shaped women, the pants and shorts with high-waist cuts always flatter their looks.
  • Confused what fabric to choose? Clearly say No to clingy fabrics and choose textured or woven fabrics.

Rectangle Body Shape

fashion tips for women body shapes

This body shape can also be called a Banana body shape as it does not hold many curves. The women with Rectangle body shape have shoulders and hips of the same width. The models usually have this body shape, i.e. from shoulders to hips all with the same size.

How does a Rectangle body shape look?

  • Undefined waist
  • Shoulders and hips with the same width
  • Don’t have a lot of curves
  • Small or average bust size
  • Weight from upper to lower is distributed evenly

Fashion tips for women with Rectangle body shape

  • If you wear halters, round neckline and strapless tops and dresses, they work great on your Rectangle body shape.
  • If you are wearing a top with jeans, the best idea is to tuck it in as it works well in creating the illusion of an extra waistline.
  • You can choose to wear a heavy belt with a dress or any outfit; it is a wonderful idea to flatter your long waist.
  • Instead of wearing sleeveless or half sleeves dresses, rectangle-shaped women are advised to wear 3/4 sleeves to enhance the look.
  • You can wear skinny jeans or leggings, but it would work well if you pair them with an oversized top.
  • Wearing accessories like earrings and layered necklaces are great to put the attention on other body parts.
  • You can wear shoes in almost all styles like if you have slim legs and ankles, wearing shoes with ankle straps looks fabulous on you.
  • You need not think of what style of pants will work well on you. You can wear any style without any hesitation and they look perfect on your body shape.
  • Want to buy a jacket? Always go for the one that ends or has a length just below your waist.

Pear Body Shape

fashion tips for women body shapes

Pear body shape is completely opposite to the Apple body shape. This body type has narrow shoulders, wider waist followed by wider hips than the waist. This body shape is quite easier to be pictured and is considered as the most curvaceous body. Sometimes the legs look more muscular and wider than the rest of the body.

How does a Pear body shape look?

  • Waist wider than bust
  • Curvy hips and fuller rear
  • Smaller torso
  • Thin shoulders than hips

Fashion tips for women with Pear body shape

  • Wearing bright colors and prints on the top works well in creating the illusion of wider shoulders.
  • You must wear tops, bottoms or dresses that draw the attention away from your lower body part as well as to the torso area.
  • The women with a Pear-shaped body are recommended to fall in love with dresses and tops having V-neck, boat neck, or cowl neck as they look perfect on them.
  • You must not wear fitted or structured tops as they put emphasis on your narrow shoulders and will not work great on your body shape.
  • Wearing wide sleeves are something that you must keep in mind when buying tops and dresses for you.
  • To balance your narrow shoulders and wider hips, you must go for using layers in the top, such as cardigans, tanks, etc.
  • You can buy long tops, but make sure they must have a length that hides hips and do not reach down to the thighs, otherwise such tops can make a blunder.
  • If you are going to buy a jacket, it should be of a specific style, such as A-line with waist-length, it will help in balancing the narrow shoulders and wider hips.
  • When we talk about the colors of the bottoms, you must go for darker colors without any details either at the hips or in the rear.
  • You are recommended to wear shoes with a pointed toe as they help in elongating your legs and works well in making your hips look more balanced.

Hourglass Body Shape

fashion tips for women body shapes

Hourglass body shape looks like the actual hourglass, here, the bust and hips are of equal size while the waist is narrower as compared to hips and bust. It is the most balanced body shape with proportionate hips and bust with a well-defined waistline, so flaunt it perfectly.

How does an Hourglass body shape look?

  • Well-defined waistline
  • Curvy hips
  • Hips and bust are roughly even
  • Fuller bust, hips, and thighs
  • Perfect body shape

Fashion tips for women with Hourglass body shape

  • The cozy and fitted tops and dresses that are little tight at the waist prevents your bust to look out of balance, so you must buy outfits that flatter your body.
  • You wear tops and dresses with V-neck, halters and scoop necklines, these neckline types look great on hourglass body shape.
  • Choose short jackets with the length that stops just above the hips, these jackets work well and flatters your look.
  • You must wear dresses with belted waistline and peplums as this style puts emphasis on the narrower waist and looks fabulous.
  • Wearing pants with a slight flare is quite flattering; also your skinny jeans must be of regular length.
  • You must choose mid or high rise pants. Say No to low rise pants as they do not look good on women with the hourglass-shaped body.
  • If you are a petite woman and have a short waist, you must stay away from wrap tops and dresses. On the other hand, for women with normal height, it is a great outfit to flatter the waist.
  • You must always go for soft fabrics, but avoid wearing stiff fabrics as you may end up with a boxy appearance.
  • When it comes to the shoes, heels must be your first preference as they work great in elongating your legs, whereas flats can make your legs look shorter and thicker.

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Final Words

These are not the rules, they are just the fashion tips for women body shapes that will help you to find what body shape you have as well as learn to dress up perfectly. Many of the women fall in the 2 or 3 body shapes, so in that case, you have to use your common sense based on this guide and personalize your fashion sense.

Also, keep in mind that what you wear and how you carry yourself affect your overall look. So, no matter what wear, be confident with your looks.