Is that eye shadow trouble to deal with? Or are you confused about what new to try with your eye makeup?

All of us can agree that we all have faced at least one of these problems while doing our makeup! Either we are struggling with the eye makeup or bored with the regular eye makeup. Statement eye makeup seems to be one of the trends for Gen-Z and is constantly changing.

So while beginners can start by learning the methods, the pro artists can put their hands on the latest eye makeup looks that are trending. Beginners, no need to worry, the eye makeup ideas are not that difficult once you learn the tricks!

We have a step-by-step tutorial to guide you on how to apply eye makeup from square one. So if you are the struggler, you can follow through with it. Another thing we put together is a list of all the eye makeup trends for 2022 for anyone and everyone to try!

The Guide For Eye Makeup Looks

  • How To Apply Eye Makeup Like A Pro
  • Eye Makeup Looks To Try In 2022
    • Graphic Eyeliner
    • Bejeweled Eyes
    • Metallic Shades
    • Colorful Eyeliners
    • Two-Toned Eye Shadow
    • Dramatic Eyes
    • Reverse Cat Eyes
    • The Pastel Hues
    • Neon Eyeliners
    • The Floating Eyeliner

How To Apply Eye Makeup Like A Pro

Start With A Primer

Before you start applying any makeup on your eyes, it is most advisable to prep them beforehand. This is what the eye primer is for. It ensures that your eye shadow sits evenly and does not wear out easily. In case you do not have a primer at hand, you can smear some concealer or foundation to set the base.

Go From Light To Dark In Your Palette

Now, after primer, you need to decide on what colors you want to go for. For an easy way out, choose three color such that they blend in easily and look flattering as well. The lightest shades go to the eyelid all the way to your brow bone. The medium shade goes to the lid until it blends with the previous color. Finally, the darkest shade goes onto the crease.

If you are a beginner, you can follow the steps on how to apply eye shadow like a pro for a perfect eye shadow.

Highlight Your Eyes

You can add some sparkle to your eyeliner with a tint of highlighter over the inner corner if the eyes. This adds some glamour to the colors especially if they are dark or neutral shades. If they are brighter shades then a shade such as white or pink helps to bring out the color even better.

Add On Eyeliner

After the eye shadow is done, you can put on the eyeliner for a dramatic effect. It does not necessarily have to be the usual black one, you can experiment with the white or colorful ones too. Eyeliner ensures that the eye shadow is defined well so it is always to be done after the eye shadow is finished.

Put On The Mascara

Mascara can be an option but they do add the flare of volume and length to your lashes giving a dramatic look.

Clean the Makeup Fixes

Now after the eye makeup is done, you need to clear all the smudges and clean the lines to make them look sharper and in shape. You can use a Q-tip dipped in micellar water to wipe off the smudges smoothly.

Choose The Right Brushes

The most important part of doing eye makeup is to have the right tools for the right portions. The three major brushes you might need are the basic eye shadow brush, the blending brush and the angled eye shadow brush.

Eye Makeup Looks To Try In 2022

Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliner - eye makeup looks

Graphic eyeliners are quite a buzz among the younger generation for the amount of creative space it provides. Graphic eyeliners can be of several types and you can flaunt your creativity with various colors and strokes if you are confident to pull it off. If at all you are excellent with art, you can draw various artistic drawings with colorful eyeliner and eye shadow as well such as butterflies.

Bejeweled Eyes

Bejeweled Eyes- Trending eye makeup looks 2022

The bejeweled look or the rhinestones eye makeup look can be said to be one of the rising trends with the amount of popularity it has been gaining. Different sizes of rhinestones and small stickers can be used to get this look. This can be one of the most enchanting looks to get for a party night. You can also go for more shimmer with glitter and metallic shades.

Metallic Shades

Metallic Shades - all time favorite eye makeup looks

The metallics and glitters are back in trend after all these years! But you can level up your game this time with some different colors such as holographic colors or glossy metallic colors. Metallic colors are the best to give an instant glam look without anything else needed. This is one look even beginners or novices can try.

Colorful Eyeliners

Colorful Eyeliners - eye makeup looks

If you are smooth with eyeliners, then you can give this trend a try! Colorful eyeliners look the best with colorful eyes such as green, grey or blue since it brings out the beauty and depth of the eyes’ color. For this one no need to worry about the eye shadow if you think it is too much. Just the eyeliner alone can be fascinating as well to do.

Two-Toned Eye Shadow

Two Toned eye makeup looks

A dual-toned eye shadow is a very interesting eye makeup look. You can either go for two contrasting tones on either eye or both eyes. For this, you can take two vibrant single shades and use them for different eyes or blend them into one on both of your eyes. If you are looking for some really pop colors, PYT Beauty is one of the vegan brands that provide a wide range of colors. You can check out more vegan brands for other eye products as well.

Dramatic Eyes

Dramatic eye makeup looks

The vintage dramatic look is here to take over but with a different style. The dramatic looks are not limited to black or brown smokey eyes. Now you can go crazy with different colors and neutral shades to get a dramatic look. You can also go for bigger lashes and wings this time along with colorful eyeliners and metallics to get a dramatic look this year.

Reverse Cat Eye

Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Look

The cat eye may have taken over the trends again after being reincarnated in the 1950s and ’60s. Of course, there has to be a twist! A complete 180-degree twist that is! The reverse cat eye is drawn at the bottom of the eye starting at the waterline and the wing going upwards. You can experiment with this makeup trend by doing double eyeliner or using different colors and rhinestones.

The Pastel Hues

Pastel Hues

Yes, the sweet pastels! Pastels are cool to use for this season as they give a pop of color to the eyes. You can use pastel eyeliners or eye shadows or even mascara! You can use white eyeliner over the paste eye shadow to make them pop or use some glitter at the inner corner of the eye to make the colors stand out even more. You can also use pastels alone in the inner corner and get a fabulous look if you do not want to go for the eye shadow.

Neon Eyeliners

Neon Eyeliners

Neon colors, unlike pastels, are extremely bright. They give a funky vibe to the eyes so if you have eye colors other than black and brown, feel free to go for it. Neon colors, now, are for those who are ready to walk out boldly and can carry them effortlessly. You can also draw graphics or use them as eyeliners while you fill the eye shadow with nude metallic or glitter colors.

The Floating Eyeliner

Floating Eyeliner

The newest makeup trend is the floating eyeliner where the eyeliner is drawn on the crease of your eyes. You can draw these eyeliners into various shapes such as along the curve of the crease, a straight line, a slant line a simple curve or anything else you may like to try. The floating eyeliner look is the trendiest eye makeup look anyone, including the novices, can try!

Final Words

Eye makeup does not have to be a headache every time you do it! Get all the right tools and colors you need and just follow through the steps if you are not sure how to get it done. But sure practice makes one perfect so it might take a few rounds before you achieve the perfection.

Once you are confident you can go for bolder eye makeup, you can try the latest eye makeup looks of this year. Now, no need to worry about messy eye shadow or boring eyeliners. Go creative with your makeup as well and let us know which trend did you like the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

What goes first eyeliner or mascara?

The key to applying the mascara is that is the last thing you should do, not the first. If you try to put eyeliner on over already mascara-coated lashes, they may get in the way, making it difficult to line the roots. There are chances that the mascara smudges and creates a mess as well. Hence always put the eyeliner first and after the eye makeup is done, put on the mascara at the very end.

Do you put eyeliner or eyelashes on first?

Just like mascara, eyelashes are also advised to go for at the very end after you are done with your eye shadow and eyeliner. If you apply them before, then there are chances the eye shadow drops on them or the eyeliner does not get applied evenly. But you can coat the eyeliner to give a finishing look after you apply the eyelashes.

What is the latest eye makeup trend?

Graphic eyeliners, neon colors, metallic eye shadows, dramatic look, reverse cat eye, and floating eyeliner are some of the trending eye makeup trends. Using glitter and rhinestones is also one of the trends going around among the younger generation nowadays.