Have you seen the latest eyeliner trend with a stunning free-hand design? Do you want to get such cool designs as well? Well, no worries if you do not have some fabulous artistic skills. There are some graphic eyeliner ideas that you can do with ease and without requiring some hidden talent for art!

Graphic eyeliners can be one of the best eyeliner trends that have been going around lately. And this is not only because it looks totally dope, but also because it allows us to showcase our artistic ideas as well as talent with paintbrushes apart from the canvas!

You can be a novice and still be a pro at graphic eyeliners with these simple graphic eyeliner looks. It does not have to be a fantastic art piece to be noticeable. You can try your hands on some of the easy graphic eyeliner looks that we have here for you and later improvise them for an upgraded eyeliner look.

Graphic Eyeliner Ideas For A Glam Makeup Look

  • Trending Graphic Eyeliner Looks For 2022
    • Floating Eyeliner
    • Double Winged Eyeliner
    • Stamped Eyeliner
    • Open Ended Eyeliner
    • Dotted Eyeliner
    • Neon Colored Eyeliner
    • Stacked Cat Eye
    • Negative Space Eyeliner
    • Underliner
    • Dual Toned
    • Criss Cross
    • Chrome Eyeliner
    • Nude Eyeliner
    • Ombre Eyeliner
    • Free Hand Eyeliner Designs

Floating Eyeliner

Floating Eyeliner

Looks pretty easy, right? Floating eyeliner is one of the most trending graphic eyeliner styles this season. Also, it might be one of the best and the easiest eyeliner looks to do when you want a trendy look. The catch for this trend is to do the eyeliner on the crease of your eye!

To get the best of this trendy look, you can use different colors and types of lines instead of a curve and the usual black liner. You can also merge it with different types of eyeliners such as double-winged eyeliner and dotted eyeliner to create a unique look! You can also go for a stacked floating eyeliner with dual tones to get an upgraded look.

Stamped Eyeliner

Stamped Eyeliner

Do you feel eye-makeup is difficult to do? Or are you having trouble getting the wings right? Did you know about the stamps available for eyeliners that make eye makeup super easy for you? Not only in different shapes of wings, but stamps are also available in other shapes as well such as stars and moons!

You can use the winged stamps to get a double-winged eyeliner or a stacked cat-eye look with multiple colors. You can, otherwise, go for a floating eyeliner and some different shapes such as dots, stars, and moons to get an edgy look. You can use some trendy eye makeup ideas for beginners to elevate the look and use the stamps as a floating or regular eyeliner!

Double Winged Eyeliner

Double Winged Graphic Eyeliner

A double-winged eyeliner is not uncommon but it can be upgraded with a few steps. A double-winged graphic eyeliner can be achieved with a floating eyeliner or underline look. You can either use a stamp to draw a perfect eyeliner or draw a free-hand one as well.

It does not necessarily have to be an underline or floating eyeliner or the same color. You can play with colors and shapes to get a double liner. A double-winged cat-eye with different tones or chrome shades can also make a good makeup look.

Open Ended Eyeliner

Open Ended Eyeliner

An open-ended eyeliner is one of the best graphic eyeliners for hooded eyes! You can draw the eyeliner at the crease of your eyes or where the hood lies to get a cool effect with the eyeliner. You can also do double eyeliner with a regular and floating eyeliner that joins at the inner corners of the eyes and opens at the outer corner.

One way to enhance these open-ended eyeliners is to highlight the inner corners of the eyes with light or glittery shades to make them more visible and catchy. The color can be contrasting or even a glittery one to give it a bit of glam or edgy look. You can also add some shimmery or neutral eye shadow and draw a color-blocking open-ended eyeliner.

For the hooded eyes, here are some makeup tips for hooded eyes that can help you out more effectively!

Dotted Eyeliner

Dotted Eyeliner

Polka dots may turn out to be some of the easiest and most unique ways to get a graphic eyeliner! Not only do they look pretty but also give a catchy look to the eyes making them the center of attention. You can go for dots or polka dots along with other eyeliner such as the cat eye, the reverse cat eye, or the pin-up eyeliner.

You can also create various designs using different sizes of polka dots and a number of shades in the shape of the eyeliner. It may seem difficult but with a few tries, you can get it just right. You can also try nude eyeliner or natural eye makeup and use polka dots on the eyebrows or the bottom of the eyes for some design to get a subtle but cool look.

Neon Colored Eyeliner

Neon Colored Eyeliner

Need a pop of color? Neon hues are back into trend this year to give that catchy look to your eyes! You can go for a single monochrome shade for your eyeliner or make it more interesting with varied tones. You can also use multiple types of graphic eyeliner ideas to make it even funkier.

White or black eyeliner is extremely compatible with neon colors and can be used to get a stacked or multi-toned eyeliner. You can also create free-hand designs with these cool colors and more. You can also go for a hidden line and crisscross eyeliner look with dual or multiple neon colors. A pop of white or light shade in the inner corner of your eye along with a regular eyeliner can also be a good makeup idea.

Stacked Cat Eye

Stacked Cat Eye

Cat eye makeup from the ’60s and ’70s is back into trend this year! But what you can do to make it modern is to do the stacked eyeliner look with different shades of colors, either complementary or contrasting. You can also go for a double-winged eyeliner with a reverse cat-eye look.

A stacked cat-eye graphic eyeliner style is pretty easy to do if you want something new but easy. No need for anything extra, you can just freehand it or use a stamp for the wings. Chrome and neon colors, vibrant shades, or the monochrome look are some of the best graphic eyeliner looks with cat-eye. You can add a tint of white or silver to the corner of the eye to give the eyes some lift.

Negative Space Eyeliner

Negative Space graphic eyeliner looks

A negative space eyeliner outlines the hood of the eyes and the crease with a graphical effect and different colors. You need not make it a curve necessarily, you can go for abstract shapes as well to outline the shape of the eye. This is one of the best looks for almond-shaped eyes since it gives an extra texture to the eye shape.

You can either make it a single eyeliner or a double or even multiple for an elevated look and fill the space with eye shadow or eyeliner or some other designs. You can also leave the space in the middle empty for an elegant look. Here you can play with different colors and hues such as pastels, chromes, neon, and even the ombre colors!



If you have small eyes, here is a trick that can make them seem a bit big! Using the eyeliner on your waterline can make them seem a bit bigger than usual and also catch your attention easily. A reverse cat eye can also help you with this graphic eyeliner idea along with a voluminous mascara to get a bold look.

You can choose among the varied shades and hues or go for a dual tones eyeliner and wing for a funky and unique look. You can also add some base eye shadow on the tip of the eyes and add the underliner with a white, chromatic, or ombre color to get a glamorous eye makeup look. Taking your wings to the inner corner of the eyes might also be a good idea with an underlined eyeliner!

Dual Toned

dual tone graphic eyeliner looks

One single color is never enough to make your eye grab all the attention in the room. But you need not use all the colors as well. Just two contrasting colors or two different shades of color are enough to get a wonderful graphic eyeliner effect. You can choose whether you want it to be funky or elegant or if you want any other styles.

You can get a dual-colored eyeliner look by taking either a combination of contrasting colors or two complementary monochrome shades. The contrasting shades will give a color-blocking effect while the latter gives a subtle monochrome touch. You need not go for double-winged or only eyeliners with both colors. You can use one color as the base and draw a popping eyeliner on the eye shadow as well for a better look!

Criss Cross

Criss Cross graphic eyeliner looks

Yes, it does seem a bit difficult to do but not to worry! You can use a small hack to get this look without messing it up bad. You can use thin-lined tapes and stick them into a crisscross pattern you want to do your eyeliner into. Then choose the colors you want and draw along the edges of the tape to get a perfect line.

If you are a pro at makeup and have a steady hand, you can go for it with a free hand as well. You can use a single monochrome shade, a chromatic one, neon shades, or any other bright hue and pair them with a complementing tone to get a fabulous crisscross pattern. You can also try a double-winged eyeliner or a hidden line with a color matching your skin tone.

Chrome Eyeliner

Chrome graphic eyeliner looks

Chromatic shades are the instant glam hacks you need for a party night! Chrome shades can not only be used as eyeshadows but even as eyeliners. You can go for multicolor, silver, glittery shades, golden, or any other shimmery shade for a chrome eyeliner look.

A stacked cat-eye graphic eyeliner, a floating eyeliner, or even the floating eyeliner would look glamorous with chromatic colors. You can mix and match chrome shades with other chrome shades or contrasting colors such as white or black or any other vibrant color.

Nude Eyeliner

Nude graphic eyeliner looks

Nude and neutral-toned colors are quite trendy to get a natural look. You can not only find nude or neutral lipstick shades but also eyeliners! If you are looking for something out of the box, here is the trend you ought to try. No need to think about attractive and complicated designs. Just a simple cat-eye or pin-up eyeliner wing is enough to grab the spotlight.

You can go for a neutral base for eyeshadow or a smokey brown eye effect and add nude eyeliner to top it. This gives a different look and does not make your eye seem too bright or edgy as well. If you want your eyeliner subtle and elegant yet stylish, you can go for this one. You can also use a shade darker than your skin tone and some shimmering eye shadow to get a glam look!

Ombre Eyeliner

Ombre graphic eyeliner looks

Ombre colors are sufficiently classy and sexy to go for a party look! You can try creating an ombre effect with multiple hues and shades of colors. An ombre eye shadow may seem common but an ombre eyeliner looks out of this world!

An ombre eyeliner can be done with metallic colors or glittery colors and some neon or pastel shades if you want to mix and merge them. With the ombre colors, the classic negative space or stacked cat-eye liner can give a classic look. You can keep the design simple and still look stunning with these shades, so you can go for a floating eyeliner or an open-ended graphic eyeliner as well. You can also try some more easy makeup looks for beginners to get the best and most trendy look with this graphic eyeliner.

Free Hand Eyeliner Designs

Free hand graphic eyeliner looks

If you are good with brushes and colors, you can get your hands on this dope graphic eyeliner trend. You can draw a free-hand design with the brushes around your eyes with multiple colors and shades. A free-hand design does not have to be too brilliant if you are average at art, you can still go for something simple.

A free-hand eyeliner design can be merged with other types of graphic eyeliners such as floating eyeliner or negative space or an underlined eyeliner, with dual or multiple tones. You can be as creative and artistic as you like with your drawings such as creating a butterfly or a flaming look or even an abstract design with it.

Final Words

Makeup does not always have to be either tough or boring. You can make it fun with different innovative designs and colors. You can also use makeup hacks and stamping tools to get the looks effortlessly without spending too much time on it.

Graphic eyeliners do require some skills and practice but that can be achieved with time and patience. For starters, you can try these easy graphic eyeliner looks and try the new amazing designs over them. Let us know which eyeliner look is your favorite or your own creations as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is graphic eyeliner look?

Graphic eyeliner is a creative trend that is gaining hype on social media, runways, and even street fashion. The trend allows drawing more creatively than just a regular winged eyeliner. Just as it is featured in some of the fashion shows and red carpet looks of famous celebrities, it’s no surprise that the bold beauty statement requires some talent and a steady hand to create such designs.

What do people use for graphic eyeliner?

Graphic eyeliners can be drawn using several makeup tools with no restrictions since it is based on one’s own creativity. Graphic eyeliner looks are bold and attractive that give an impactful look to your eyes. You can experiment with different colors and use liquid, gel, kohl, pencil liners, and even eyeshadow to draw and fill them.

What is the floating eyeliner trend?

The floating eyeliner trend can be said to be any line drawn around the eyes that are not explicitly connected to anything else. The line is placed more in the eyelid crease or diagonal to the sides in a direction of a cat-eye. You can draw the floating eyeliner in various shapes, designs, and colors too!