Appearance says a lot about someone before they have a chance to introduce themselves. The way you dress says a lot about your personality and fashion is commonly recognized as a medium to express yourselves.

Hairstyles pay a huge role in this as well. A good hairstyle can make or break a look. It is important to take care of your hair and make sure you invest well in your haircut as it sticks with you for a minimum of three months. A bad haircut will affect your look for a long period as it tends to overpower other aspects of your appearance.

Here are some professional hairstyles for women who want to look like they mean business and make sure they look presentable as well as authoritative.

Hairstyles For Professionals

  • Smooth Bob
  • Textured Crop
  • Sleek Pixie
  • Straight Lob
  • Short and Wavy
  • Loose and Straight Hair
  • Low Bun
  • Middle Part Pony
  • High Bun
  • Sleek High Pony


Smooth Bob

hairstyle for professional

You will be convinced that it is one of the most fashionable professional hairstyles for women when you realize that the editor-in-chief of one of the most famous fashion magazines, Vogue, rocks this hairstyle. This sleek look makes you feel powerful and is very easy to maintain. This makes it one of the best choices when looking for professional hairstyle working women.

Textured Crop

hairstyles for working women

A short hairstyle usually exudes confidence and makes you like a straightforward person. This is a great hairstyle to flaunt when you have an important board meeting coming up.

The textured crop is a great way to add some texture as well as volume to your hair. Make sure that your short hair doesn’t fall flat on your head which makes you look older and make your hair appear thinner.

Sleek Pixie

pixie hairstyles

This is a hairstyle that has been adorned by many famous celebrities. From Jennifer Lawrence to Anne Hathway, there are many beautiful women who have had this haircut and proven that this is one of the smartest professional hairstyles for women that you will ever come across.

The short length makes it easy to maintain while the bangs in the front make you look younger and more cheerful. This is why this is one of the versatile professional hairstyles for women that you can carry.

Straight Lob

hairstyles for women

A lob is a term used to denote a long bob. Cutting your hair to shoulder length gives it a very elegant look and makes you appear slimmer. It is a sleek hairstyle that should be carried by anyone who has straight or wavy hair. You can choose to make a side partition or middle partition depending on your preference. A middle partition might make you look more serious while a side partition will make you look more approachable.

Short and Wavy

wavy hairstyles

Short hair looks modern when it is worn with soft curls. It gives you a strong yet feminine appearance making it one of the best options for professional hairstyles for working women. To wear this hairstyle outside of the workplace, you can add a few clips and other accessories to make the look appear fun.

Loose and Straight Hair

straight hairstyles

Medium or long hair can be made to look more professional when it is left loose and if it is worn straight. Just make sure that your strands are healthy and split ends are nowhere in sight. This would make you look unprofessional as it makes you look like you don’t pay attention to detail.

You can also add a small amount of serum before your interview to boost shine and make sure that you do not have any flyaways that might make you look unprepared.

Low Bun

low bun professional hairstyles

A bun that sits lower can work wonderfully for hair of any length, be it short or long. This is a neat and tidy option when you can’t decide how to wear your hair to work or for an interview. Make sure you lay all your baby hair and brush all the strays in place to make sure it still looks like one of the professional hairstyles for women.

Middle Part Pony

hairstyles for workings

From Meghan Markle to Victoria Beckham, you will find many celebrities have worn this hairstyle with numerous outfits. It proves that this simple hairstyle is versatile in nature and makes it easy to wear with different outfits. This might be a simple hairstyle but it is far from boring. You can spice it up by carefully laying out a strand of curly hair to make you look more approachable.

High Bun


Wearing your hair up is commonly viewed as more professional than leaving it loose. For ladies with long hair, a high bun becomes a great option for you to explore. A high bun looks sophisticated and also makes sure that you can show off your jawline and cheekbones.

Sleek High Pony


If you want to look like you mean serious business, a sleek high pony is a great hairstyle to choose from. Sharp, straight, and sophisticated, this style will help you dominate the boardroom and make sure that you will not fumble with your hair every now and then.

Make sure to use a little serum on a toothbrush to brush the stray baby hair in place. To make this look a little more playful, you can style it with bangs that make you look younger. Also, a great hairstyle if you do not wish to look completely serious fearing that it might make you unapproachable.


With these professional hairstyles for women, you will be able to rock your interviews, workday and important meetings without having to worry about looking professional. This is why it is important to try these hairstyles and make sure that you are prepared and look your absolute best. Good luck!