Full lips have for long been treated as the symbol of a woman’s sensuality which never fails to excite the opposite gender time and again. But all of us are not naturally blessed with Angelina Jolie sized pouts. Neither do we have enough dime to splurge on cosmetic lip enhancement treatments like the one done by makeup Moghul Kylie Jenner. In such a scenario, you need to seek out the help of makeup for conjuring an illusion of plump lips which is guaranteed to make heads turn as you strut around with confidence. Here are some tips on how to make your lips bigger.

How to make lips bigger

Tips For How To Make Lips Bigger :

Smooth and hydrated lips serve as the best palette for applying gorgeous makeup. You can start by applying an exfoliating scrub which needs to be followed with a hydrating lip balm. Toothbrush and sugar can also serve your purpose here especially if you have forgotten to restock your beauty essentials. Here you would be required to dip your toothbrush slightly in sugar and brush your lips using gentle circular motions. This has to be next washed off using warm water for that soft and clean feel. A dry pucker can actually make your lips look smaller since flaky lips reflect less light. But proper exfoliation can boost up blood circulation thus providing you with a rosy lip tint even without makeup.

Next you will be required to prime your lips and create a base layer using a proper foundation or concealer as this can impart a more even finish to your lipstick and help the true color in revealing itself as it lasts longer. It can also act as a blank canvas if you wish to add some extra volume to your lips by over-lining the same. You can apply it on the outline of your lips and slowly blend it towards the center for camouflaging your true lip line. This has to be followed up with the application of some powder atop the concealer for setting the same. Concealer can also be applied on the edges of your lips once you are done with the application of lipstick for making it pop and prohibiting it from spreading all over.

Contouring has served as one of the all-time favorite makeup hacks which helps in manipulating with the dimensions of our face using the power of makeup. You can thus make your cheekbones pop, forehead look small and even lips seem more plump. A light hued concealer can be used for filling the middle section of your lips which has to be blended in a Ombre-fashion and topped with lip gloss or shiny lip balm.

Fuller Lips

A subtle shadow needs to be created by adding a cream contour or dusting some ashy hued contour in between the center of your bottom lip and cupids bow. You should also be extra attentive while blending the same for adding requisite dimension to those puckers.

Highlighter can open up your lips and make them look more voluptuous. You need to apply some champagne-toned highlighter on your Cupid’s bow either with your finger or a soft and fluffy brush. You can find high-quality highlighters and other products among Japanese makeup products.

Over-lining your lips is one of the easiest hacks of making your lips bigger. However, you need to be cautious about not overdoing the same as that might cause you to look unnatural. For doing this you will have to first decide on the color which complements your skin tone and draw an outline slightly over your natural line. For best results, it is advisable to build the line gradually rather than doing too much at once.

Bigger Lips

Dark lip pencils can create an illusion of slimmer or smaller lips thus making your mouth appear flat. Alternatively, neutral, nude or pinky nude lip liner can make your lips look voluminous and fuller. A nude gloss can add further volume when dabbed at the center of the lips and blended out slightly.

Supple and full lips have served as one of the most timeless beauty trends which has been in vogue right from the era of Marilyn Monroe. Apart from pumping up the seduction meter, a proper pout also stands indicative of your health. When your lips look healthy and hydrated, then it can also be understood how well you are taking care of the rest of your anatomy.

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