The teenage years are the most difficult time in a girl’s life because we hear conflicting opinions about whether we’re too young to attempt new things or old enough to make foolish blunders. Even parents can’t decide whether to refer to you as too young or old. Many of you can have experienced parental criticism for engaging in makeup experimentation.

All of you have heard one or more of the following statements from the elders: “Stay simple,” “You are too young for this,” “There’s a lifetime ahead of you to complete all this,” or “This will damage your innocence.” Don’t worry, girls; this tutorial will provide you with cosmetics advice on how to get a natural look if you want to wear makeup as a teen and yet look beautiful.

Makeup Tips for Teenagers

We all fancy the makeup that we see in our parent’s vanity and wish we could look just like them. That is when we start picking up lipsticks and creams just to see what it feels like. As a teenager, this curiosity slowly turns into some very futile attempts to crack the code to do your makeup right!

We’ve all been there, trying to get the makeup to blend and the right shade for your skin for the first time! Every teenager deserves some help navigating their way in the world of cosmetics. Which is why, here’s a list of makeup tips for teenagers that will help you bring out the best in you.

Focus On Face Cleansing

Use a quality face cleanser or light scrub to exfoliate your skin, removing any imperfections and leaving you looking wonderful. To achieve clear skin, understanding your skin type is the first step. It can be normal, dry, oily, or a combination of these. 

Find out what type of skin you have, and then choose your cosmetics accordingly. Choose a face wash with neem or aloe vera, as it has fewer chemicals if you have oily skin. Choose products lightly packed with cream or glycerin if your skin is dry.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated At All Times

We’ve been told since we were little how important it is to drink enough water. At this age, one might start to see the benefits of this healthy activity in real life. In addition to enhancing your digestion and keeping you active, drinking plenty of water daily will give you clear skin, strong hair, and vision. 

You should always moisturize your skin and body with a decent moisturizer in addition to drinking water. Again, you should always match the type of moisturizer you use to your skin type.

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Choose Medium Coverage Foundations 

You don’t want your face to look like a brightly painted canvas when you’re a teenager. These days, minimalist makeup is popular. Select a foundation that complements your skin tone, conceals any dark areas on your face, and ultimately gives you a natural appearance. 

Apply the foundation evenly all over your face by squeezing out a few drops onto the back of your hand. Instead of rubbing it with your hands, dab it on with a gentle makeup sponge until your skin completely absorbs it. Make sure your face doesn’t have any foundation smears or creases. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider a foundation color that complements your neck.

Don’t Overdo The Eye Makeup

Make sure your eyes don’t overshadow the entire look, especially because the base is so modest. Use makeup in a neutral tone to give yourself a natural appearance. Choose hues like light brown, beige, and a hint of caramel to finish the appearance. 

Use gel mascara or curl your lashes to make your eye makeup stand out more. Ensure that your mascara is still wet before applying it, then wriggle the gel-filled brush along your lashes from the bottom to the top. To get complete coverage, carefully wiggle the mascara on your lashes rather than simply rubbing it on.

Complete The Look With A Cute Lip Gloss

Bright lip color is a must-have for any beauty look. You can choose a sheer lip gloss or a vibrant lip balm or put a natural-looking tint over your lips. Before putting on the gloss or lipstick, be sure to outline your lips. 

Going for pale tones of gloss and lipstick can help you get a perfectly natural look and prevent your lips from looking parched from artificial colors. A pink lip and cheek tint that serves as both a blusher and a lipstick is also an option.


Cleaning should always be the first step in any beautification regime. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser at least twice a day, once in the morning and once you get home. Always cleanse your face after giving it a light, circular massage.


After cleansing your face, tone your skin. Use a gentle toner for a good grade. Apply it with a cotton ball or a facial spray. It unclogs the blocked pores.


Apply moisturizer after toning. Your skin will remain healthy and avoid drying out if you moisturize.

The CTM routine, which consists of these three phases, is the very first and one of the most crucial measures to getting perfect skin. For bright skin, use this routine every day.


Use a soft scrubber to give your face a once-weekly scrub. This boosts cell renewal while helping in the removal of dead skin cells. Using a sugar-based DIY scrub is recommended because it is kind to your skin. There are many fantastic and simple scrub recipes available.

Scrub Your Body

Get a body scrub to get rid of the dead skin. Make sure your shoulders, back, and chest are all covered. Make careful to gently cleanse the T-zone if you have oily skin to get rid of and avoid blackheads.

Shave In The Shower

To avoid cuts, shave your legs after taking a bath. Take a brief, cold shower if you wax.

Take Care Of Your Fingernails

Keep your nails short and curve the edges with a nail file. Apply a base layer before applying nail paint to prevent yellow nails. As a base coat, you might use clear nail polish. Not to mention those toenails! Nothing is more unattractive than long, filthy toenails. Every so often, clip them and clean them.

Sleep Well

You believed that the idea of “beauty sleep” was completely overblown. In no way! Your body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to recover from the stress and strain of the day (1), (2). Acne and dark undereye circles are also avoided.

By using these makeup suggestions, you can achieve an elegant look while avoiding your friends’ taunts. Additionally, never lose sight of what’s most crucial: your confidence. Smiling and mastering the natural makeup look. These makeup suggestions will help you look gorgeous.

Other Important Teenage Makeup Tips and Tricks

Little Goes a Long Way

The most common mistake that teenage girls make, is to use a lot of products. This doesn’t let the skin breathe and worsens skin conditions like acne that most teenagers suffer from.

Not only this, it makes the face look cakey and tends to make the makeup run. One of the most essential makeup tips for teenagers is to remember to use as little as possible, saving yourself some embarrassment and money!

Stick to the Basic Products

Every fashion magazine, YouTube channel or TV commercial will make you feel like you need a dozen products just to create a basic look. This is the farthest from the truth. One of the best makeup tips for teenagers is to remember to stick to the basics.

This will be a more pocket-friendly and suitable way out. Instead of investing in a primer, foundation and face powder, you should stick to a CC cream that will moisturize your face and even out your skin tone.

Makeup Remover

It might be tempting to sleep with makeup on your face when you are tired after a party or a fun weekend hangout. But it is important to remember that this will cause your pores to get clogged and cause damage to your skin. One of the most important makeup tips for teenagers is that they remember to remove their makeup before going to bed.

If you do not wish to invest in an expensive makeup remover, use coconut oil, olive oil, baby shampoo or baby body lotion instead. These will also help cleanse your skin and keep it feeling fresh.

Pick the Right Shade

It is important to note that everyone has different skin, and therefore there are various shades of every beauty product out there.

To make sure you have the right product for your skin tone, apply some of it on the back of your palm and rub it in. This allows for the product to warm up and shows you the tone that will appear once it is on your face. This will help pick the right shades.

If you’re having difficulty finding the right shades, don’t be afraid to mix two shades from the same brand to customize your makeup.

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Scrubbing is Essential

Have you heard of the saying, “scrub, scrub, scrub your face, gently with your tips”? Well, even if you haven’t, it is definitely true. Use a scrub to cleanse your face once a week. This helps get rid of dead skin and promotes cell regeneration.

The important part about these makeup tips for teenagers is that none of them should be overused. Scrubbing more than once a week may result in small cuts and resulting acne due to bacteria.

Save the Effort, Save the look

  • A smokey eye or a gothic look might be appropriate for a fashion magazine but rarely looks good for a simple outing. You can aspire to look use your makeup any way you wish to, but remember that there are cheap and more age-appropriate alternatives to expensive products.
  • Use a tinted moisturizer on your face instead of using a highlighter.
  • Using a BB cream instead of foundation.
  • Using a light moisturizer instead of a primer.

Neutral is Surreal

Stick to neutral tones that make your look seem natural. For both eyeshadow and blush, ensure that you choose tones that are not too dramatic and can pass as a more drugstore or natural look for a daily basis. This enhances the features of the face and creates a subtle look that will not look outrageous and will also help you stand out.

Blend and Set

It is important makeup tips for teenagers to realize that the most difficult part of applying makeup is not deciding the correct shade or not being some Simple Yet Important Makeup Tips for Teenagers able to use their makeup to the best of their abilities. It is very important to note that the best way to blend your makeup is to use a makeup sponge that is cleaned regularly. Along with this, it is important to make sure that you blend your makeup towards the neck, making sure your transition isn’t abrupt.

If you are using a concealer to hide the scars and blemishes on your face, make sure that you use a loose powder to help the makeup set in. this helps in the long run and makes sure that applying multiple layers of makeup makes your makeup run and look cakey.

High-Quality Products

Make sure to use only high-quality products with ingredients that won’t clog your pores or harm your skin. When you’re a teenager, your skin is more prone to breakouts due to the changes in your hormone levels. This is why it is important to use makeup that suits your skin type and won’t irritate it.

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Depending on the place your teen is going, there are various styles to wear on an eyelash. Say, for example, Blue and green eyes will look best with brown mascara. The best way to bring out dark eyes is to team it with a darker shade of mascara. To give your lashes a lift, use an eyelash curler at the root of the upper eyelashes. Follow it up with mascara in an upward motion.these are some of the best eye makeup tips for teenagers.


Based on the overall look, a teen can decide on a lipstick or lip gloss. A lip gloss can help to add a more youthful and fresh look to your makeup. It will be light and more natural. A lipstick may sometimes look too heavy or made up. Also, it has more chances of creasing or drying out the lips.

The correct teaming of your lip shade with makeup is essential. If you decide to wear a shimmery makeup overall, it is best to tone it down using a light or nude lipstick. If the overall look is fresh and natural, a lip gloss will add that touch of glamour. You can also use a blush or lip tint instead of going all out with lipstick or lip gloss. One of the most common makeup tips for teenagers is to use lip glosses instead of lipsticks.

Final Words

These tips will help teenagers apply their makeup with more ease and make sure that they look ready and always feel their best as they can put their best foot forward with these tips. You can always experiment with different combinations, shades, and tones but remember to follow the basic advice and not overdo it. Makeup should be used to enhance your features and not hide your face. Go ahead and give your vanity kit a revamp today!


What makeup should a teenager have?

Most teenagers don’t need a foundation. However, those with skin problems might. Instead, choose a tinted moisturizer. Additionally, if necessary, use touch-up sticks to conceal acne and disguise under-eye bags. That’s all you actually need: mascara, a hint of blush, sheer lips, or lip gloss.

What age is OK to wear makeup?

Your kids may want to use cosmetics in middle school or when they are 11-13 years old. It’s natural for your child to desire to imitate older adults at that age. You are not alone if you still believe that 11-13 is too young. Some parents believe that young people should not wear makeup until they are 14 or older.

Which foundation is best for teenagers?

-Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid and Mineral SPF 30. 
Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint Clean SPF 30 Foundation. 
-Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40. 
-e.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer. 
-Kosas Revealer Concealer. 
-Tarte Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer.

How can I glow-up?

Here’s the tips on how to have a glow up physically:

-Eat a balanced and healthy diet. 
-Get a hairstyle that fits your face shape. 
-Do lymphatic massages. 
-Drink plenty of water. 
-Take care of your skin. 
-Wear makeup that enhances your features. 
-Exercise regularly.