Whether you have almond eyes or downturned eyes, getting specific eye makeup for hooded eyes can be a challenge for you, especially when you are unaware of the dos and don’ts of the hooded eyes makeup.

No doubt, it can be a little difficult to master how to get smokey eyes or to apply winged eyeliner. But with the help of little guidance, you can become master of getting beautiful eye makeup looks to complement your eye shape.

Still, if you find yourself stuck in the confusion of applying makeup on your hooded eyes, here we have covered a step by step tutorial that will help you to learn the best ways to apply eyeliner, eyeshadow and everything for hooded eyelids.

Also, read on to find some great makeup tips for hooded eyes.

Tutorial of Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Step by step guide to learn how to apply eye makeup for hooded eyes. 

  • Use primer on the lids
  • Lift a crease
  • Blend it well
  • Eyeshadow over the line
  • Create a Smokey look
  • Add color to lower lid
  • Highlight your brow
  • Create a cat-eye
  • Few layers of mascara


Use primer on the lids

Primer helps in letting your makeup lasts, so it is essential to apply a primer evenly on the eyelids. It works to create a smooth canvas for other eye makeup products.

Lift a crease

Take a pencil eyeliner and start drawing a line from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner corner. This step helps in opening up hooded eyes and creates a fake crease to add definition to your eyes.

Make sure to start with a heavier hand on the outer corner and slowly get lighter when you move a pencil towards the inner portion. You must also know that the rounder edge works great in making your hooded eyes look bigger.

Blend it well

Before your fake crease dries, take a blending brush to blend the line in an upward direction towards the outer corner of your eyes as well as the brow bone. You have to perform this step carefully to avoid hitting the bottom edge of the line.

If there is any slip-up, you can use a cotton swab or makeup remover to get everything rightly.

Eyeshadow over the line

The next step is to trace over your line, here you have eyeliner cut crease at the base and you apply non-shimmery eye shadow over this line. So, make sure to blend it completely for the gorgeous eye makeup for hooded eyes.

Create a Smokey look

If you want to give smokey look to your hooded eyes, apply a dark eyeshadow, like brown, with the help of a rounded brush. Keep in mind that for the smokey look you require applying eyeshadow under the brow bone and into a crease which you have created in the above step.

Don’t’ forget to blend it properly to create a smokey look. Also, let the base of the eyelid as it is.

Add color to lower lid

Now, it’s time to add color to your lower lid with a shimmery hue, but make sure to choose a color that complements smokey cut crease.

For this, the best choices are metallic eyeshadow available in diamond dust, gold, and silver

Highlight your brow

After completing your smokey eye, it requires highlighting your brow bone using a slightly shimmery eyeshadow. Eye makeup for hooded eyes is incomplete without highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of your eye.

Also, keep in mind that the choice of eyeshadow must be lighter than your natural skin tone. This step is helpful in giving a lifted appearance to your eyes.

Create a cat eye

Creating a cat eye makeup for hooded eyes can be a little difficult to do, especially when you are not perfect on applying eye makeup. But, you can create this process easier with simple to follow guide.

Simply start it by creating a line that goes upward from the lower lash line. Now, draw a diagonal line that comes from the inner corner of the eyes and meet both lines. Look straight with your eyes wide open to find if there is any space left for eyeliner. Using a liquid eyeliner works awesomely for the perfect look. 

Few layers of mascara

The last step to give that extra beauty to your eyes is the few layers of mascara. For this, volumizing waterproof mascara is the best trick to do. In addition, you can also try false lashes to give a more open and awake look to your hooded eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

  • It is recommended to avoid harsh eyeliner as such kind of eyeliner may make your eyes look smaller. So, get a pencil eyeliner that can easily smudge for a perfect smokey effect.
  • To make your hooded eyes look more open, you must use a nude pencil for your lower waterline.
  • Never miss using an eye primer as the first step to start with eye makeup. Prepping your eyelid is highly powerful in preventing eyeshadow to smudge and smear all over your eyelid.
  • If you have light brows, never forget to define them with a right pencil that comes out to be one of the best tips to enhance the beauty and look of your eye makeup.
  • Highlighting your brow bone plays an important role in enhancing the overall appearance of your hooded eyes makeup.

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Now with these steps and tips, you have mastered the eye makeup for hooded eyes. So, why to wait more in experimenting something new on your eyes which you were afraid of doing before? You will definitely find it fun to try out this look.