Are you looking for some fashion tips for short women that can make you look taller? Do you know that many of the short women are blessed with the looks that many people fail to notice your actual age? Many times your friends or well-wishers have told you how cute you are and even people are surprised to know your real age. Don’t you think it is great?

Every coin has two sides – the same with short women. On one side where you look younger than taller women and on the other side, you have to choose your outfits carefully. Wondering why it is so? Because of your small body frame, you can easily be grabbed by the clothes. Sometimes, the wrong fit and size end up making you look even shorter.

Moreover, if you have a shorter neck, shorter legs, or shorter torso, the right selection of clothes plays a great role in improving proportion and creates the taller illusion. So, shop rightly to look the best.

Best Fashion tips for short women

Always remember no one is perfect in this world, so if you have shorter, you can look more flattering with the help of these fashion tips for short women. You are a lovely pint-sized powerhouse! 

Focus on attires with few color variations

fashion tips for short women

You know shift dresses have always been a great companion for petite women, but you must choose the dresses with little color accents. Choosing monochrome outfits is highly recommended for women below 5’4” as they create an illusion of height and make you look a little taller than the actual.

It would be good to wear dark colors to create this illusion, however, they make you look slimmer and give the impression of having a height. So, instead of wearing colorful outfits, you must stick to one or two or dark colors. 

Go for petite dresses

fashion tips for short women

As one of the best fashion tips for short women, you are advised to wear dresses that form a slim silhouette as they work well in making you look taller. But you must not wear too much small dresses, knee-length dresses are the wonderful options to avoid giving an unwanted bulky look.

So, wherever you go shopping for dresses for any occasion, you must buy knee-length dresses instead of dresses with a length above the knee or thigh-length dresses as they may give shorter appeal.

Wear The Right Fit And Size

fashion tips for short women

Simply wearing an outfit of any fit or size is not a good idea at all; especially when you are of short height. You must know that wearing ill-fitted clothes adds extra bulk to your body and you will look shorter. So, you must avoid clothes bigger than your size, no matter even if they are in fashion.

Still, if you want to wear trendy clothes with an oversized style, you can make a good balance between fitted and oversized by choosing the right clothes. Like, avoid clothes that are wider on both top and below. So, in that case, you can either wear a belt or can choose a belted dress for the perfect fit.

Grab The Heels 


One of the most important and easy-to-go fashion tips for short women is to wear heels. We all know that if you want to look taller, heels work great in making this illusion, but at the same time, one thing must also be kept in mind is that don’t go overboard. It means you must avoid wearing too-high heels and it must be such that proportionate your actual height.

If you are going to buy heels, it would be good to wear it before buying or if purchasing online, you must check the heel size for the right purchase.

Accessorize In Proportion To Your Face And Body

It is the fact that all women, whether tall or short, are obsessed with accessories. But, if you a petite woman, you can wear oversized accessories. Here the main point is that no matter what accessories size you are going to wear, it must be proportionate with your face and overall body.

If you are bigger, you can go for bigger accessories as well. Choose a handbag that fits perfectly with your overall physique. In this case, if you carry an oversized handbag, it can make you look shorter which you definitely do not like.

Wear belts smartly

fashion tips for short women

Many short women have relatively short legs, so how to make them look taller by wearing the right dresses? The best idea as one of the must-know fashion tips for short women is to wear a belt of the same color as your outfits. Whether you have worn a pant, skirt, or a dress, this tip will help in making your legs look longer than usual.

It does not mean that now you have to spend money on buying belts for all colors so that you can wear them with the matching outfit. You can buy some common colors, such as black, blue, and brown; they can be worn with many outfits.

Must avoid baggy jeans to look good

Many short women think that wearing baggy clothes, especially jeans look good on them, so they do not prefer wearing figure-conscious clothing. In recent years, many women opt to buy boyfriend jeans because of the comfort and relaxed style. But, do you know that these types of jeans are not flattering for petite women?

Being a short woman, you must know one of these fashion tips for short women that well-fitted bottoms play a great role in elongating your legs and give you a much better overall proportion. If you don’t like skinny jeans, you can go for bootcut jeans that look perfect in any body type. The style of the jeans makes you look skinnier at the bottom.

Befriend vertical stripes and patterns

vertical Striped top

If you love wearing stripes, make sure that you choose vertical stripes, especially if you are buying a pair of trousers or a one-piece dress. When it comes to the tops, you can choose horizontal stripes for the tops, but for the bottom, horizontal makes you shorter.

In addition to this, if you like a dress with some patterns, check carefully whether it has a vertical or horizontal pattern.  The vertical patterns elongate your figure, so stay away from horizontal patterns if you want to lengthen yourself.

Avoid wearing cropped pants

Cropped Pants

Simply avoid wearing cropped pants, which means the pants and trousers that end up at your ankle. No, it does not mean that now you have to throw your short pants or trousers in the dustbin, you can still wear them but with a shorter top. This works great in giving a wonderful 2/3 – 1/3 silhouette.

Another idea as the best fashion tips for short women is to wear pants with straight pipes, wearing heels with it gives a look that you always want.

Be careful while choosing boot length

Do you love to wear boots? Don’t be afraid of wearing boots just because you think that they can make you look even shorter. You can choose the boots with a length below the knee and keep in mind that you must not wear boots with a length that stops in the middle of your shins.

The main aim is to elongate your legs, so stay away from the mistakes that take you away from the aim of looking taller.

Final Words

The aim of all these fashion tips for short women does not just make you look bigger; you must also feel confident about what you wear by embracing your body positively. In addition to this, you can wear anything you want, but the only thing is that your outfits must create the right balance and great silhouette.

Though these fashion tips for short women will be quite helpful, you should listen to your body and must go for a comfortable fit by keeping your outfits simple yet stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of jeans should a short girl wear?

Skinny and straight-leg jeans are the most recommended jeans for short girls. Skinny jeans hug the legs tightly creating a slimming and lengthening illusion. They also make hips look narrower which in adds into the effect of making you look taller than you actually are.

What length dress Should a short person wear?

The most effective outfit for short girls is to go with solid colors or small prints. Petite maxi dresses along with flats is also doable. If you want to look taller, however, you should wear dresses with heels.