f you have hooded eyes, don’t worry, you are not alone on this planet.

Are you struggling to make your eye makeup more visible? But due to the shape of your eyes, you are finding it hard to do so. When it comes to makeup on the hooded eyes, these challenges are common among women with such kind of eyes.

No doubt, while applying eye makeup products you need to be a little careful, but it may also take some extra time to get the right makeup on your hooded eyes.

Pro Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Here, we have come up with 15 eye-popping makeup tips for hooded eyes that will help you in easing your frustration.

Light and Dark Areas of an Eye


The very first tip is to understand the light and dark areas of your eyes above the brow bone. If you know which area of your eye should have light makeup and which one should be dark, you can make your eyes more visible.

It is advised to make a crease that will help you to give definition to your eyes.

Primer On The Eyelids

primer for eyes

For hooded eyes, it is difficult to make a crease without using a primer on your eyelids. It should be done nicely and neatly. For this, you can apply a primer with the help of a finger. The main purpose of using a primer is to keep eyeshadow and other eye makeup in place.

Alternatively, you can use a concealer or foundation as well if you do not have a primer.

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Matte Eye Shadow

eyeshadow for makeup

Matte eyeshadow plays a great role in opening up your hooded eyes. It is so because using shimmery or glossy eye products need space to sparkle, so such products are not meant for hooded eyes.

Make sure to avoid dark eye shadow and use neutral shades to match the actual color of your eyelids. Also, if you want to spark your hooded eyes, you can use some glittery products in the center of eyelids.

If you are going to give a smokey or cat-eye look to your eyes, don’t hesitate to apply some little highlighter on the top of your eyelids.

Highlight Your Hooded Eyes

hooded eyes

Having hooded eyes does not mean that you have to give only a matte effect to them; you can add some sparkle as well.

For this, you require using a very light shimmery highlighter on the eyelids. It can also be used on the inner corner of your eyes as well as on the eyebrow bones.

Highlighter works great in giving some dimension to the hooded eyes. It is one of the best makeup tips for hooded eyes which you must consider to make your eyes look fresh and alive.

Keep Your Eye Open

eyes makeup

When you open your eyes, you will not be able to see your hooded eyelids. It is considered as the best tip to determine the areas where you need to give more depth or dimension to eyelids to avoid looking your eyes hooded.

Apply Waterproof Eye Makeup

makeup tips for eyes

Waterproof eye makeup products are always recommended as the best makeup tips for hooded eyes. The chances of spreading makeup are high if you have hooded eyes. But, using waterproof makeup does not let it happen.

Apart from waterproof eye shadow, you must use waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

Draw Winged Cat-Eye

cat eyes makeup

Many women avoid giving cat-eye makeup to their eyes, all because they think that such kind of makeup does not look good on their hooded eyes. But, you can enjoy this look by doing winged cat-eye using waterproof eyeliner.

Apply Thin Wing

Thin Wing For Hooded Eyes

When doing winged on hooded eyes, make sure to keep it thin using your eyeliner. As hooded eyes do not have much space on the eyelids, so adding a thin winged gives you space to use other products on your eyes.

Draw Fake Crease

hooded eye makeup tips

You must fake a crease using eyeliner pencils. It can be performed by finding crease on your eyes using your finger. Once you find it, draw a fake crease with a pencil under your brow bone. Always make sure to start drawing a crease from the end to the inner corner of the eye.

You can also an eyeshadow to make a crease if you have no pencil. Whether you use a pencil or eyeshadow for the fake crease, it helps in making your hooded eyes look bigger.

Blend Crease Properly

Crease Eye makeup

Before your fake crease dries up, make sure to blend it gently in a forward and backward direction. Use your blending brush from the end of the eyes to their inner corner.

Keep in mind that you should not use much eye makeup products on the fake crease of your hooded eyes, else it will look horrible. If you have made any mistakes, simply use a makeup remover to make your eye look flawless.

So, if you are the one who usually skips this point while eye makeup on the hooded eyes, you are advised to never forget to blend your eyeshadow and crease properly.

Crease As A Base

Eyes makeup tips

If you want cat-eye, the best way is to use your crease as a base. The eye makeup product on the hooded eyes cannot be seen properly. But when you apply some shimmery eyeshadow shade on your lid, it will help in making your eyes pop.

In addition, you can also apply a little shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes as well as on your brow bone.

Add Smokey Effect

Smokey Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes

Another, one of the wonderful makeup tips for hooded eyes, is to give some smokey touch to your eyes with the help of deep brown shades. To give a wonderful look to the smokey eyes, the best idea is to spread the eyeshadow in the shape of cat-eye.

If you have almond-shaped hooded eyes, adding smokey touch using the right eye makeup methods will make your eyes more attractive and beautiful.

Makeup On The Lower Eyelid

Lower Lid Makeup For Hooded Eyes

One thing you must always keep in mind is that to make your smokey cat-eye complete, you must apply some makeup on the lower lids of your eyes as well. It will help in balancing the eye makeup.

No matter whether you have an almond shape or Asian shape eyes, adding some makeup on the lower eyelash will work great in defining your hooded eyes.

Winged Flick

Winged Eyeliner

If you want to give some bold appearance to your hooded eyes, you must apply winged flick to make your eyes beautiful. Start drawing a wing from the outer corner of your eyes using eyeliner, also make sure it should be waterproof.

Once you are done with a winged flick, you will love giving a statement to your eyes. When the right makeup is applied to the hooded eyes with a flick, you will be amazed to see a great difference in your look.

Glue On Some Lashes

eyes makeup

One of the important makeup tips for hooded eyes to make your eyelids prominent is to use lashes to extend your original eyelashes. Glue on some lashes on the hooded eyes can be your best choice to give a dramatic look to your eyes.


When you give attention to these makeup tips for hooded eyes, you will look fabulous without any worry about how to add a statement to your eyes.

To save your time and effort, next time when you start applying eye makeup on your hooded eyes, simply follow these tips. They will work great in giving mesmerizing and attractive eyes you always want.