Eyes are the very first thing we notice in a person. Thus, it won’t be an overstatement to say how important eyes are in accentuating your overall look. Disney princesses are it Ariel, Jasmine or Belle had forever been our beauty inspirations especially because of their huge doe-eyes. This universal beauty standard had gained rapid popularity over the years whether among the creators of anime queens or masters of makeup. 

People having bigger eyes can actually look younger than their peers as it takes away years from your face. But only a few of us are born with such naturally gorgeous eyes. For the rest of us, there exist innumerable makeup tricks which can open up our eyes and make them sparkle all the way.

One of the very first tricks in the eye beauty bible is to line your lower waterline using a nude eyeliner. Although you can also use a white pencil liner for the same, it is advisable to opt for the former for a more natural look. 

Even makeup artists around the world consider this makeup apply trick as their absolute favorite as it can make their celebrity clients look just as good in person as they look in the photographs. However, you will need to carry around your liner as it might not last for long given the constant blinking of your eyes.

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Gone are the days when highlighter was considered off the limits for any other part of your face apart from the cheekbones. Modern-day fashion maestros are applying these magical pigments to whichever place gets hit by the sunlight. Highlighter can also be used for opening up your eyes like never before. 

You need to apply it on the brow bone, on the inner corners of your eyes and on the center of the lid for making your eyes pop. You can opt for rosy and cream highlighter shades if your skin has pink undertones whereas golden shades look best on olive and yellow-skinned ladies. 

Blending it out can impart a sheen look in a very natural fashion. However, if you are getting dressed for a party, then you should not blend out the highlighter as that will make your eyes sparkle even more and compensate your otherwise natural look. 

Concealer can be used in a strategic manner on the inner and outer corners of the eye for emphasizing on the size of eyes and bringing it forward. The concealer shade chosen by you needs to be two shades lighter than your normal skin tone. A peach-toned concealer has proved out to be highly effective in cancelling out purple undertones making it an absolute must for ladies having dark circles. 

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You can also impart requisite brightness to your under-eye area by baking which also aids in preventing your eyeliner from getting smudged throughout the day. You will have to dab on a thick coat of translucent powder underneath your eye area once you are done with the concealer routine and will have to allow a resting time of five minutes. This has to be next dusted off with a clean and fluffy brush for nailing the red-carpet looks of tinsel-town divas. 

Mascara can have a huge role to play in making your eyes look bigger. Thus, you can only imagine what the right pair of lashes can do to your look especially if you manage to hunt down the right style which flatters your eye shape. Our eye shapes vary from round, almond, deep-set to hooded with each having a completely different set of requirements when it comes to the department of eyelashes. 

You can also opt for a lash-lift at your nearby beauty salon wherein a semi-transparent beauty treatment is carried out to add insane amount of curls to your lashes for about four to six weeks. 

You can nail the ultimate wide doe-eyed look by adding generous coats of mascara to your lower lashes. Brown hued mascara can be used for a softer look whereas colourful ones can be used if you wish to stand out of the crowd. 

You can tightline the upper waterline using a black liner which can thereafter render the feel of having fuller lashes as well as open up your eyes magically. 

You can also elongate your eyes by adding some eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line and stopping halfway for that sultry finish. Soft brown eyeshadow can be used for creating a smoky feel which can further make your eyes pop. A harsh line on the other hand can do just the opposite.

You can take your pick in between vibrant eye shadow shades such as pink, silver or aqua which look appealing on bare lids coupled with a groomed brow and mascara laden lashes. 

You can keep it simple with light colours on the entire lid and dark tinges blended into the outer corner for the perfect evening look. Matte formulas should however be avoided as they do not reflect light like their shimmery peers.

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Your eyeshadow selection needs to be in sync with your overall look and you need to define your crease for a greater impact whether you wish to keep it simple or nail a smoky eye look. 

Makeup enthusiasts are seen spending hours just trying to accentuate their crease which can create the illusion of having a larger eye. A light brown shade can be used on the crease if you are opting for a no-makeup look as it adds dimension to the eye. 

However, you need to go about slowly with this process so that you don’t end up applying too much. Dark lids are infamous for making eyes look smaller. You should thus stick to a soft and fluffy brush for maintaining the natural flair as much as possible while applying tan shade in your crease. A smaller brush can be used for applying darker brown shadow and creating the illusion of having a deeper crease. 

A well-groomed pair of eyebrows is an absolute must for creating harmony and balance of the face and brining your eyes into the focus. Experts recommend to keep the end of your eyebrows elongated rather than bringing it downwards so that the tip flares towards your ears as this can render a more youthful look to your face.

You can also create an illusion of bigger eyes with a perfectly drawn winged cat liner which mimics a very long eyelash. Applying heavy eyeliner on your upper lid can make your eyes look smaller especially if you don’t have naturally big eyes. It is rather advisable to draw a very thin right above your lashes and taper the eyeliner outwards starting from the last third of your lashes for creating a subtle flick. However, this technique is quite tricky and can even make your eyes look lopsided if the eyeliner is not applied symmetrically. 

All eye shapes are equally beautiful. However, coupled with our expert tips, you can stand out of the ordinary and make all your pictures look straight out of a fashion photoshoot