When you think of fashionable celebrities, David Beckham is sure to pop into your mind. But not only is the English footballer famous for his amazing fashion sense but also for his iconic hairstyles over the years. David Beckham is a celebrity that has expanded his career in the fashion and cosmetics industry. 

David Beckham is one of the celebrities who influence your fashion and hairstyles from time to time. The Beckham family is now striding into both the industries and rising constantly. David Beckham has collaborated with various fashion brands and is a well-known fashionista too. 

But you can’t deny how he can pull off any type of hairstyle no matter which one it is! And this is what makes him so fascinating and appealing, the charm to wear any type of hairstyle with sheer confidence and making his own trends in the fashion industry. We have a few David Beckham hairstyle ideas on the list that you can get easily.

David Beckham’s Hair Product Line

You might know David Beckham for his dashing fashion sense, but did you know he excelled in the cosmetic market as well? The former soccer star swiftly slided into the cosmetics line when he launched his own hair product line in 2018. Two years prior to this, L’Oréal had announced a major collaboration between David Beckham and its brand Biotherm. Later, he went on to release his own men’s hair grooming brand as a part of L’Oréal Luxe. 

His renowned brand, ’House 99’, was inspired by David Bekcham’s unique style and British elements along with fine expertise in crafting products for hair, body, beard and even tattoos. The brand was put out there to elevate the grooming routine of men worldwide and experiment with different styles and looks on their own. 

House 99

The line has a good range of 21 products which includes beard oil, beard and hair balm, hair pomade, tattoo moisturizer, face moisturizer and many more with formulations that are derived from quinoa and spirulina. Not only did the brand get a good response from the audience, but the products have also been tagged as high-end and affordable with excellent results!

Man Bun

During his long hair era, David Beckham blessed our eyes with his different hairstyles. The man bun during that time period was not too much of a trend but David Beckham nailed the look without any effort. The man bun or the half up half down bun was one of the most iconic David Beckham looks we can never get over. 

Man bun or a half up half down bun is currently the trendiest hairstyle among men and is pretty easy to do as well. Depending on how long your hair is, you can wear the man bun in a variety of ways. If you have a good length, a full-man bun would be the best look. If your length does not allow a complete bun, you can do a half-up bun or ponytail instead. You can keep your hair unkempt if you want a messier look too.

Man Bun - David Beckham Hairstyle

Long Hair   

Got long hair? David Beckham’s long hair look is the hairstyle you should be looking for if you have voluminous long hair. The look was one of the best and most memorable hairstyles of David Beckham and, we believe, was the sexiest too! Long hair has always been popular and no wonder Beckham decided to grow his hair too.

Long hair can be styled with a middle or side partition. A layered haircut with long hair can be one of the best options for you. You can use accessories like a bandana or headband to keep it out of your face or even use hair products and keep the hair slicked back. There are endless options to style long hair depending on how long your hair length is. Textured hair looks as good with open hair as straight and silky hair.

Long Hair - David Beckham Hairstyle

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Swift Back Quiff

A neat back quiff is the classiest hairstyle to get and that is the David Beckham hairstyle anyone can go for. If you have a slightly faded cut on the sides, a quiff would be one of the best looks to get. A quiff is quick and easy to style at home as well and does not need too much effort. Quiffs are quite popular when paired with an undercut and medium-length hair.

You can try getting this hairstyle at home instead of taking a trip to the salon. All you need is a hair wax or pomade to give the shape to the quiff. You can apply the hair styling product to the hair after rubbing it onto your palm. Slightly give shape and direction to the quiff and use a comb to lift the quiff a bit and get some volume to it. But a quiff is to be avoided if you have a big forehead or a receding hairline since it shows the thin hairline more prominently.

Swift Back Quiff - David Beckham Hairstyle


An undercut is a David Beckham hairstyle that is seen very often. The undercut is when he shaves off his hair on the sides but keeps the hair in the middle long. Undercut along with a pompadour, quiff or even a mullet gives an interesting look. An undercut can be done by most the face shapes and hair lengths but it looks best along with long hair.

In an undercut, the sides are completely shaven which is unlike the faded cut. The front hair is kept long and kept back. For an undercut, you need to pay attention to the length on the top and the height till which you keep the undercut.

Round or oval face shapes can do better with this haircut if they have long hair and toned cheekbones can do for short hair. This is one of the hairstyles that you can rock with any type of face shape as long as you know how to maintain it.

Under Cut - David Beckham Hairstyle

Buzz Cut

After all these super gorgeous hairstyles, it might be difficult to imagine David Beckham short hairstyle. But it is David Beckham we are talking about, the only one who can rock a buzz cut as smoothly as a man bun! The buzz cut is a very risky hairstyle since not many can carry the hairstyle easily. Getting all your hair clipped off and still looking so hot, is exactly what Beckham did.

A buzz cut can be gotten at home by yourself too. All you need to take care of is the right length of hair to be cut and the right clipper. Buzz cuts would look best on evenly proportioned diamond, square, or oval-shaped faces. So, if you have these face shapes, you can easily go for a buzz cut.

Buzz Cut David Beckham Hairstyle

Mullet Cut

Mullet length hair was a craze back then and definitely one of the most classic David Beckham hairstyle. Mullet is especially popular but difficult to carry since it takes some effort to style properly. The mullet hairstyle is yet again gaining popularity and can be one of the hairstyles you could go for.

But if you are wondering how David looks so good with the mullet here is the answer. His mullet is kept near the hairline instead of near the nape. The distance between the mullet and the top of his hair is short and this gives a very comfortable style to the mullet.

You can keep your front hair short for the mullet and pull them all back for a slicked-back hairstyle with the mullet. You can also keep the hair wavy instead and then pull them back. Even though mullets can be hard to manage or style most of the time, they can be extremely stylish when done.


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Blended Fade

A blended fade has been that one David Beckham short hair hairstyle he has done very frequently. Blended fade suits most of the long and short hairs and can be done on most face shapes as well. Easy to manage, fade haircuts can be achieved at home as well with the proper tools.

Fades also have various types and you can see which one is your preference. There are several options for you to choose from and try out along with a faded cut as well. So the next time you can try out a new look with a fade haircut.

A quiff or a pompadour can be paired with a faded side haircut and get a new interesting look. You can also go for a man bun with long front hair and side fade cut. For those interested in a buzz cut, this is what you can definitely have a go at too!

Blended Fade

Sleeked Tight

A sleek hairstyle is extremely popular among the celebrities and gives off a sophisticated, vintage look to the outfit. This is the hairstyle to go for if you have good voluminous hair. But this can be one of the best hairstyles to get for a formal occasion. And although the hairstyle looks difficult, it can be done at home too. 

You can use a fine-toothed comb instead of the bristled brush so that you get more control over the strokes that you create. The strokes created from a fine brush are very thin and hence you get much smaller strokes while you get to shape them however you want to. This hairstyle suits a clean-shave look and can be worn by any hair length. 

Sleeked Back

Final Words

You cannot deny that these hairstyles are all stylish and iconic. Whether it is long hair or buzz cut, David has the power to flawlessly carry the hairstyle and this is what makes him so popular among the crowd. As one of the fashion icons, David Beckham surely stands to his fame and popularity for being one of the most fashionable celebrities.

Many of us are inspired by David Beckham and there is no doubt that his styles are influential. Also all the hairstyles give a slight bold and confident appearance without looking too intimidating. You can try any of his hairstyles that you like or want to give a try this summer but make sure you know which hairstyle will suit you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is David Beckham’s hairstyle called?

The most common hairstyle seen on David Beckham is the quiff or pompadour. But there are also a lot of times he has kept an undercut hairstyle with medium or short hair lengths. There are more hairstyles he has had over the years but these are the most common ones seen most of the time.

How do I style my hair like Beckham?

You can style your hair like David Beckham by using a few hair styling products at home itself. If you have some hair wax or pomade, you can easily use them to get a pompadour, quiff or a sleek back hairstyle. These only require you to apply the product on your hair with your fingers and give them the correct shape. But remember not to use too many products and use a good range of products to style the hair.

What does David Beckham use in his hair?

David Beckham uses various hair products combined very smartly for styling his hair. His stylists use a combination of hair wax and shampoo to achieve his fantastic hairstyle looks. And it is suggested that one uses a range of products for hair and not just stick to one hair product for styling the hair.