Summer is the time to expand our closet and try all the trending fashion styles without worrying about a thing. The fashion weeks have already set the summer fashion trends for this year and they are all over the world. But since fashion is all about creativity and personal choice, you can tweak these trends to your taste.The men’s summer fashion this year is all about the cool colors and the chic but comfortable fits.

There are also styles that have been resuscitated after years and have a bit of modern touch to them now. There are also fashion trends for men that can be worn to get a bolder and more stylish look this summer.

Apart from casual streetwear, some of these trends are also wearable as formals if styled properly. We have the top 10 fashion trends for men listed out for you so you can stay up to date with the latest trends. No need to worry about styling your outfits again this summer and just go for the outfit you are most comfortable with!

Trendiest Men Summer Fashion You Must Know

  1. Sweater Vests
  2. Cardigans
  3. Varsity Jackets
  4. Oversized Bermuda Shorts
  5. Denim on Denim
  6. Vivid Colors
  7. Leather Apparels
  8. Crocs
  9. Back To Black 
  10.  Jumpsuits

1. Sweater Vests

No need to be surprised if you see summer vests all around you as this summer men’s style is exactly that! Sweater vests are a trend not only for winter but also wearable in summer. Now it is up to you whether you want to wear it alone or along with a shirt. But we can surely give you some tips on how you wear the sweater vests.

If you want a casual look, you can wear it with a shirt and keep the ends outside instead of tucking them in. You can also wear it with a classic white tee and jeans for a casual look. For a more formal look, you can tuck in the ends and keep the sleeves folded till your elbow or keep the sleeves full. You can also layer it with a blazer or coat and pants to get a complete formal outfit.

men's summer fashion - Sweater Vest

2. Cardigans

Cardigans are on the list for men’s summer fashion trends as well and we are ready to embrace them as well! Cardigans are very stylish yet subtle pieces of clothes if you know how to pair them. Cardigans for men are in fashion with even the celebrities wearing them around. Cardigans are perfect outfits for men of all age groups and are very versatile as well to the style.

Cardigans are perfect as both casual and formal outfits and you can wear them effortlessly for any occasion. For a casual outfit, you can pair a cardigan with a plain shirt or tee and jeans. For a more formal look, you can wear a formal shirt or pullovers under the cardigan and wear pants on the bottom. Cardigans and a white tee or shirt is one of the classic looks to get this summer.

men's summer fashion - Cardigans

3. Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets started as summer fashion trends during the fashion weeks and ended up as one of the most popular streetwear for men. Varsity jackets can be very fashionable and suitable for most occasions. But it is most sought after by the younger age groups because of the cool and funky designs. 

Varsity jackets are most commonly paired with white tees and jeans for any casual event. But you can also wear graphic t-shirts underneath them as a casual outfit. For bottoms, you can go for jeans or chinos pants. It is most optimal to choose a varsity jacket with a slim fit to get a better fitting. And for accessories, you can add in a baseball cap and complete the look. For a more formal look, you can go for a shirt below the jacket if it is a bit plain and wear pants below.

men's summer fashion - Varsity Jackets

4. Oversized Bermuda Shorts

The list of men’s summer fashion includes the oversized Bermuda shorts this year. And it is quite fascinating how well you can style them in both a casual and formal manner. Oversized bermuda shorts are just the perfect clothes you need for a hot summer day. So why not wear them in style this summer.

Bermuda shorts can be easily paired with loose shirts and t-shirts for a summer vibe. You can also pair them with cardigans and a tee for a casual but stylish outfit. Bermuda shorts are also wearable with an oversized tee as streetwear and a jacket. Jeans or chinos bermuda shorts can be worn as semi-formals along with shirts tucked inside. 

men's summer fashion - Bermuda Shorts

5. Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is a vintage trend that has made a comeback this year and is here to stay for a while. You can give this cool trend a try for a very classy and stylish look. Denim on denim is wearable by all age groups and can be styled as per accordance too. Denim offers a very wide space to experiment with the styles so you can be as bold as you want with these summer fashion trends. 

Denim on denim can be worn in various styles like a denim jacket over denim jeans or a denim shirt over denim jeans. A white or black tee with a denim jacket and denim jeans is the classic look for this outfit. But you can also go for shirts, graphic tees, and hoodies inside a denim jacket or shirt and pair them with a denim jacket. For a formal look, you can tuck in your shirt inside the jeans and wear a belt to get another perfect formal view.

Denim On Denim -men's summer fashion

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6. Vivid Colors

Bright and vivid colors are all we need for a lively summer day. It is equally important to stay in trend with colors and not just the outfits. The colors that bring the summer vibe this year are pink, orange, yellow, green and many other fluorescent colors. These colors have been spotted on the runways and are now all over the streets. Even psychedelic colors are widely being preferred nowadays because of the vibrant feeling they bring.

These colors can give a more confident, optimistic and cheerful feeling for the season with the fluorescent and light colors. Pastels are another color you can go for this year. You can wear anything with these colors or even wear a monochrome outfit with a particular color hue. Power suits look the best in monochrome shades while for the vibrant colors, you can go for tees and shirts to wear over jeans or pants.

Vivid Color - men's summer fashion

7. Leather Apparels

Leather is a men’s summer fashion trend that can never be forgotten easily. Leather is suitable for all seasons and hence can be worn throughout the year. If you want a more cool and funky look, leather jackets are very efficient. But why go for only a jacket when you can go for leather pants or overalls too! 

Leather may not be as difficult to style as you think because all you need is the confidence to carry the outfit. The most common way to style a leather jacket is to wear a plain tee under it with denims or black jeans. But you can also wear a sweatshirt or shirt under leather jackets.

For leather pants, you can go for an oversized or skin-tight tee with a monochrome or contrasting tone. For leather overalls, you can style them by layering them with coats or oversized shirts or wearing tees underneath the overalls. Layering is always the best way to style any outfit, especially leather outfits!

men's summer fashion Leather apperals

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8. Crocs

On the list for men summer fashion are the trending footwear crocs that you can now wear anywhere and everywhere. Crocs are one of those comfortable footwear that you can wear daily and over any outfit. Crocs, however, lean more on the casual side but you can wear them for semi-formal occasions. Since crocs have been on trend this year, several celebrities have been sighted wearing them.

Crocs - men's summer fashion

Styling crocs don’t really take so much effort and is no rocket science at all! Crocs go well with jeans and tees and also with athleisure outfits. You can also wear crocs with chinos pants and a shirt and add neutral-colored crocs to the outfit.

You can also wear a monochrome casual outfit and wear color-blocking crocs to make it cooler. Oversized tees and any other modern tech gears can also be worn with crocs if that is what you like. In short, you can wear crocs with anything as long as the color is suitable for the outfit!

9. Back To Black

Black is the timeless color you can never get enough of. And so again, this summer, black is here to grace us all with its classy summer men’s style. Black is one of those colors that make any outfit chic and classic. And hence, this summer if that is the look that you want, black is the color to slip into. Be it any type of occasion, formal or casual, black can always be worn no matter what.

If you want to try something new with black outfits, you can go for an all-black look with a few tips. You can wear a black tee and jeans and layer it with a black jacket or shirt too. You can also wear black sweatshirt and add a jacket over it. For a bit of monochrome look, you can keep either the jacket or the tee as white or gray. Jackets or shackets with both black and white colors can be paired with a black t-shirt. You can also go for a trench coat or a dust coat to layer the outfit.

Black To Black - men's summer fashion

10. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have been included in the list of most trending outfits this year since they have been seen at fashion shows. Jumpsuits for men are not very often seen but that doesn’t mean they are not stylish or trendy. You can rock a jumpsuit as easily as a shirt and jeans. Jumpsuits were first inspired by the workwear outfits but now they come with a slightly modern and classy touch.

You can wear a jumpsuit alone or wear a plain tee inside and keep a few buttons open. Another way to style your jumpsuit is to layer it with a jacket. A denim jacket or a minimal varsity jacket over it. If your jumpsuit is plain, you can wear a striped or patterned tee inside with a contrasting color too. 

You can also wear a full sleeve t-shirt inside the jumpsuit and keep the sleeves of your jumpsuit rolled up, keeping the sleeve of the t-shirt visible. You can also add accessories such as berets or bandanas to get a more casual look.

Jump Suit - men's summer fashion

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Final Words

Men’s fashion may seem difficult to style or it may seem that there are limited options to wear for men. But in reality, there are tons of outfits that can be combined and worn to create an amazing outfit even for men. The only need is to know the right trends to follow for the season or the year.

These men’s summer fashion outfits are easy to style and comfortable to wear. Styling them need not always be a hassle if you have the right guide to it. You can follow our styling tips or try on any other styling ideas that you have in mind. With these outfit ideas, you can chill in style this summer season!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fashion trend for 2022 for men?

The men’s summer fashion trend for 2022 includes many streetwear outfits such as leather outfits, jumpsuits, cardigans, denim, varsity jackets, sweater vests, Bermuda shorts, and many more. For formals, the trendiest outfits would be the loosely fitting suits for men. You can also note that the colors for 2022 would be vibrant like pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. But also neutral shades like tan and black are among the trendiest colors this year.

What’s the style for 2022 men?

The style for men’s summer fashion in 2022 is all about bold and confident looks. The trending outfits such as varsity jackets, leather jackets, overalls, cardigans, denim, sweater vests, and other outfits are all about bringing out the confidence and also giving a summer vibe altogether. Apart from the attires, even the shades of colors on-trend are more about the bright summer feels rather than simple and subtle.