Long hair appears to be intimidating—there’s quite a lot more length, and how precisely do you grow it out, at any rate? However, when you move beyond the growth stage, long hair can be genuinely low maintenance and, for men, can be styled in several ways. This article will walk you through few of the best long hairstyles for men trending out there.

Once viewed as just mainstream among major celebrities, surfers, and skateboarders, the community of long-haired men continues to acquire individuals thanks to fashionable appeal quickly. From shoulder-scraping styles to manes that arrive at the lower back, long hair is snazzy and versatile. Regardless of whether it’s pulled back, worn with the texture, or significantly parted, long hair can be styled for any event. Yet, with such a lot of decisions on the best way to wear your hair, picking the only one can be tricky. Fortunately, this article will be tracking down the correct style for your long locks straightforward. Presently, you should simply pick your top choice from this list of the best long hairstyles for men.

Long Hair Care

Like many people, you probably wash your hair essentially once every day with a bottle of shampoo from your neighborhood grocer. We would instead not break the news. However, that isn’t the thing you should be doing if you like to grow long, thick healthy hair. 

The more frequently you wash your hair, the more your scalp will create sebum which is an oil delivered from your sebaceous organs that protect your hair and skin. If you over wash your hair, you are in danger of drying out your hair, making your sebaceous organs produce more oil to make up for the lack of moisture on your scalp.

Although each hair type is unique, try to begin washing your hair each and every other day. In the end, the goal is to wash it close to three times each week. If you go to the gym and work out routinely or have excellent hair, washing your hair three times each week may seem like not a good idea. Rather than take a stab at washing your hair and massaging in a bit of drop of conditioner to diminish a portion of the excess oils without removing the moisture from your hair. 

For hair shampoos, you should stay away from those found at your nearby grocer. Most commercial shampoos contain a wealth of ingredients that are cruel on both your skin and hair. Solid or unnatural fragrances should be a decent indicator that your shampoo contains a significant level of synthetic ingredients. Rather than, try searching for gentler shampoos that are named Sulfate and Paraben free. Shampoos ought to be without fragrance and contain natural ingredients.

List of Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hairstyles for men are officially back in vogue, and this status applies to men of all backgrounds. It’s actual; lengthy locks are presently not only for hippies any longer.

  • Curl and Wave 
  • Dreadlocks 
  • Beachy 
  • Long and Textured 
  • Thick and Shiny 
  • Simply Straight and Long 
  • Face-framing Shag 
  • The Man-Bob 
  • Layered 
  • Pulled-Back 
  • Deliberately Messy 
  • Straight and Controlled 
  • Long Hairstyles For Men with Beard

Curl and Wave

Voluminous and free-flowing, wear your wavy mane with satisfaction by wearing it long. The more drawn-out length will flaunt your curl at its best, however, be sure and have your stylist cut a shape into your mane. Once shaped, you can wear the waves at regular basis, or for a variety displayed in this image, make an off-center part, take a flat boar-bristle brush to the bang area, and blow out the front smooth. This will loosen up the general impact of a wavy style.Curl and Wave Hairstyle

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Dreadlocks are basically hair that is tangled or knotted into strands of curls. The tangled curls can be limited or wide, contingent upon your preference. You can indeed permit your hair to matte naturally throughout quite a while, yet it is ideal to look for a hairstylist having some expertise in dreadlocks, curls, and coils. A peppermint shampoo will help with keeping the scalp feeling itch-free, and make sure to avoid some products as that can make development. Remember that if you choose you at this point, don’t have any desire to don your fears; they’ll have to be cut out.


You don’t need to live near the sea to have beachy hair. Grow your hair out to about jawline length and generally one length all over. Have your hairstylist chip into the base with light layering or texturizing to make added development. Make a sun-kissed look to the hair by asking your hairstylist for an ombré feature or balayage. The key is that it should look as naturally sun-eased up as could be expected. Traditional features using foils or a mesh cap can look excessively deliberately positioned. Finish your hair with an ocean salt spray.

Long and Textured

Jason Momoa’s hair has a life of its own. To accomplish texture, the best course is to air-dry hair, yet blow-drying and using a texture spray works. Remember that warmth will also make harm your hair, so search for a blow dryer made with a ceramic warming element. The internal ceramic unit smoothens down the hair fingernail skin instead of blowing it open and trims down on drying time.

Long and Textured Hairstyle

Thick and Shiny

In case you’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with a thick, full head of hair, show it off by growing it out. You can rock any long hairstyles for men mentioned in this article. Consider long layers cut everywhere, with layers also framing your face. You can do an extreme part by blow-drying the hair into one direction vigorously out of the way that naturally flows. Generally, pass up disheveling with your fingers while it dries under the warmth. 

Thick and Shiny Hairsyle

Commonly, the lighter your hair tone, the less it sparkles, and the hazier your hair, the more shine comes through. If you believe you need extra sparkle, use a shampoo and conditioner that explicitly adds shine. When dry, use a light hold sparkle pomade for control and added brightness to guarantee your thick head of hair doesn’t look dull and dry. 

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Simply Straight and Long

Traditionally long, straight hair can take a gander at whatever stage in life. The important thing to remember is the texture of your hair. In case you are thinking, either on top of the sides, don’t attempt to pull off long hair as it will just underscore balding. Make sure to keep your mane looking healthy by consistently washing and molding with moisturizing items. Regular trims are also significant, as you will be powerless to divide closes that lead to breakage of the hair.

Simply Straight Long

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Face-framing Shag

Without a doubt, somewhat shaggy can be sexy. If you have a natural wave to your hair, this is a beautiful choice to make a style with a longer length. You can play with wearing your bangs forward, out of the way, or pushed back. Wear the style full around your face or fold the sides behind your ears. Longer lengths permit you to change around your style, all with a similar hairstyle. Your stylist should cut long layers for development, with the sides marginally more limited, graduating into a more extended scruff length. This style should be pretty low maintenance for you; in any case, longer distances can flaunt oil all the more without any problem.

Face-framing Shag

The Man-Bob

A traditional bob is one length in general, which means no layers, yet can be calculated straight for what it’s worth or at an inverted point. From that point, your hairstylist can shape the hair to your normal texture. The model has regular waves in this image where the back and sides have been somewhat stacked with layers. The front is still long, which makes it recognizable from turning into a shag hairstyle. Tucking the strands behind the ears to flaunt the facial structure will keep the look in place—style with a light gel or styling wax for control.

The Man Bob long hairstyles for men


Layering can be utilized for any length of hair however can significantly vary. You can have one-length hair for what it’s worth and just have the hair outlining your face layer. You can have all-over layers, which help make development and texture while killing bulk, or you can have an all-over layer and layering the face-outlining pieces, seen here on actor Avan Jogia. Depending upon the impact you need to make, your hairstylist can layer your hair accordingly.

Most styles will need some layering essentially— whether conservatively or heavily layered will rely upon the style you are going for.

Utilizing pomades, waxes, muds, and glues will assist the piece with excursion layers, making definition and dimension.

Layered long hairstyles for men

Pulled Back

There are times when you need your hair pulled out of your face while dealing with something or playing sports; in any case, pulling the hair back can also look exceptionally stylish. If your hair length falls around the facial structure, pull back only the top portion of the hair into a low ponytail. If your hair is longer, feel free to pull all the hair back. The way into this look is to keep the ponytail low and off the top point of the head. Make sure to take incredible consideration in pulling your hair back.

Make a point to use a hair tie that is soft versus an elastic band that will put a strain on the hair, suggests Butler. Repeated pressure in one spot can debilitate the hair and produce breakage.

Deliberately Messy

This hairstyle can be pulled off on short, medium, or long lengths. The way to remember is to have your hairstylist heavily layer your hair everywhere, which will make a purposely “just rolled out of bed” look. At the point when you are drying your hair, use your fingers to dishevel the hair while under the warmth. You don’t need any definitive parts in the hair, simply natural movement. An ocean salt spray may also be a smart thought to use on wet hair before drying to add texture.

Deliberately Messy long hairstyles for men

Straight and Controlled

Long hair can offer an incredible expression, yet basically, long hair is old hair. As it ages, hair is prone to environmental harm, split ends, and breakage. Dispose of the odds of harm by dealing with your tresses. Moisten the hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Try not to avoid the conditioner when you have long hair. If you end up being prone to sleek build-up on your scalp, then, at that point, supplant a cream wash-out conditioner with a light spray leave-in one that you use just on the finishes of your hair.

Straight and controlled hairstyles for men

Long Hairstyles For Men with Beard

Long hair offers a remarkable expression. However, pair it with facial hair growth, and it’s considerably more impressive. Thus, assuming you need to make your long mane much more memorable, consider complementing it with some facial fluff. Simply ensure that you pick the right length and style to suit the look you’re focusing on. For example, long waves combined with a major thick facial hair growth will project a wild and rugged appearance, while a smooth mane cooperated with some unobtrusive stubble will look more modern and work-appropriate.

Final Words

Long hair is in style for me, it will likely depend on the structure of your face, body type, and many more factors. Everything’s tied in with accepting your natural texture and getting the right cut for your look and way of life. There is a tremendous scope of ways for Long Hairstyles for men to wear long hair, with the exception of this list.