When you talk about long hair in men, there are a few celebrities who pop into your head automatically. Jason Momoa, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, and many more chart the list of long hairstyles among male celebrities. And one of those names has to be Harry Styles, of course!

The English singer, former One Direction member and now solo, has been trending on the internet for all the right reasons. Harry Styles is widely known for his gender-bending apparels, his melodious songs, and his ‘long hairstyles’. 

Harry Styles has a personality that is very flexible and suits any type of clothes and hairstyle. So there is a wide range of styles that he has tried. But the fans can never get over the long-haired version of Harry Styles and neither can anyone of us. Because Harry Styles with long hair was quite unforgettable!

Long Hair Harry Styles Hairstyles For Men 

  • A Guide To Style Your Long Hair Like Harry Styles
    • Half Up Half Down
    • Man Bun
    • Space Buns
    • Quiff With Curls
    • French Braid And Bun 
    • Loose Curls
    • Curls With Bandana
    • Rockstar Mane

A Guide To Style Your Long Hair Like Harry Styles

The long hair Harry Styles has been a craze for not only men but also women for his dashing hairstyles. If you have long hair and are confused how to style it, this is it! Here are a few Harry Styles long hair hairstyles you can try for your hair too.

Half Up Half Down

A half up half down Harry Styles long hair style is perfect for most types of long hair. If you do not want to tie all your hair but just enough to have it off your face, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. A half up half down style looks pretty on any face type but mostly suitable for triangular, square and oval shape faces.

harry styles long hair - Half up half down

For a similar look, you can take a horse-shoe section of your hair and pull it back at the back of your crown. Pull it into a ponytail and twist it into a small bun and secure it with a hair tie. This is the half up half down look. You can let a few strands of hair loose or make the bun a bit messy for a casual but stylish look. For a more formal or neater look, you can pull your hair in a slicked-back ponytail and tie it.

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Man Bun

The man bun is one of the sexiest looks of Harry Styles with long hair. Harry Styles has a good hair volume and this made the man bun visibly appealing. The catch about man bun is that you need a good hair length, enough to pull a ponytail. Also it looks best with a trimmed or clean-shave! 

You can go for a man bun by applying slight oil to the hair after detangling it. After you detangle and oil it, comb it and pull it all in a slicked back manner.

The thing about making a bun is to make a ponytail with your hand first. Then split the ponytail into two portions, create a bun shape and secure it with a hair tie. Also ensure your hair is dry before you proceed to make the bun. You can leave a strand or two out around the front of the face to get a more casual look.

harry styles long hair - man bun

Pro-Tip- To maintain your man bun for a longer period of time, you can limit the hair washing frequency. This will give a more messy man bun, if that is what you want. But a top knot or full man bun is not recommended for those with receding hairline sin

Space Buns

One such famous hairstyle among the fans of long hair Harry Styles is the space buns. The space buns can be either half up half down or complete buns. Though not common, space buns will undoubtedly keep your hair out from your face. Space buns are doable when the hair length is around the nape of your neck or more than that.

Partition your hair into half sections with a comb and remove all the knots. Then take one portion and form a half ponytail in the section. Wrap this ponytail around like a bun on the top of your head and secure it. Do the same for the other section and your space buns are ready!

harry styles long hair - space bun

Pro Tip- You can do this with messy buns and textured hair for a more better look. For straight hair, you can make small curls with a straightener to get some texture at the ends. This makes the hair look thicker.

Quiff With Curls

Quiff along with curls was a popular Harry Styles long hair hairstyle for a long time and still is. This was a very typical Harry Styles hairstyle but this is something you can do very easily at home too. Quiffs can be easy to style with mostly shorter hair, but if your hair is manageable then can even be used for shoulder-length hair.

You can dampen your hair and comb it to the side you want to shape it. Then rub some wax or any other styling product between your palms and apply it to the hair to keep the shade intact for a longer time.

You can blow-dry the ends of your hair with a blow dryer to keep your natural curls or use a straightener and twist the ends of your hair into light curls or waves. This can give your hair some more volume if you have thin hair and actually make it look even better than a man bun.

Quiff With Curls

French Braid and Bun Hairstyle

A french braid is the most unexpected as a Harry Styles long hair style but here it is in the list! And we also have a bun with the combination, so if you want to try something extremely different, here it is. A french braid on one side with a messy bun is one of the iconic hairstyles only Harry Styles can pull off so flawlessly.

For this, you need to master the art of french braid so be prepared for some tough times. A french braid is like a regular braid but instead, the strands are tucked on the inner side. You can do this hairstyle however you like.

If you have an undercut, you can start by doing a french braid on the top of the head and making a bun at the crown. Or you can go for a french braid at the side and then use the remaining strands to tie the man bun too. For this hairstyle, you are free to experiment with the hairstyles and the different types of braids too.

Loose Curls

This is one of those Harry Styles hair styles that you can effortlessly do every day! For those who have wavy hair, this hairstyle is just perfect for you. A hairstyle that does not look too casual but not too formal as well. 

All you need to do to get this hairstyle is damp your hair a little bit and dab some pre-styling product on your hair. Comb your hair backward from the front. If needed, you can use hair setting products to keep the pompadour intact

Loose Curls

The same goes for the curls, if needed you can use a blow dryer or hair straightener to get the light curls at the ends. Or else you can keep the natural textured hair and curls as they are.

Pro Tip- If you do not want to pull your hair back, you can comb your hair halfway right and then blow dry it. For more texture, you can grab a few strands and twist them with a straightener.

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Curls With Bandana 

A bandana is a very popular accessory among both men and women. But the major problem is we do not know how to style our hair with a bandana. This hairstyle of Harry Styles with long hair in a bandana can be our inspiration for the look. Whether you have longer or shorter hair, you can always use a bandana to pull your hair back in case you do not want the bangs falling on your face.

For this, you need to fold your bandana and wrap it around your forehead. Tie a knot at the back after checking the fitting and then push it back to get it around your upper head like a headband. This can be a different way to wear a bandana as well as keep the hair from falling on your face. 

Harry styles long hair - Curls with bandana-

Rockstar Mane

The Harry Styles hairstyle with his longest hair was the rockstar mane. In 2015, Harry decided to grow his hair longer and this is how we got the rockstar version in 2016. But it turned out to be even more amazing when he let his long beautiful wavy hair free rather than tying them. 

If this is the length similar to what you have, you can style your hair with this retro but stylish look. The hair does not need anything more than a set upper part. You can use a blowdryer to set the curls or keep them natural. You can try a slicked back upper part with naturally textured hair falling down for this look too.

Rockstar Mane

Final Words

These Harry Styles’s long hair hairstyles can be tried at home itself without putting much effort. Long hair has ample ways to style them rather than less. So try the hairstyles which make you feel the most confident about yourself. Because hairstyles are also important to portray our personality.

These were only a few of the hairstyles for long hair that can be tried at home too. No need to go to the salon to get your hair styled while you can do that at home itself with a few steps. These hairstyles can also be your escape route if you are running late or want a quick touch-up to your hair for any event. So go ahead and try all the hairstyles and let us know which you liked the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

What hairstyle does Harry Styles have?

The English singer has a very charming personality of his own and is very wide with his styling as well. During the previous few years, Harry Styles long hair was very popular among the crowd. This was because of his peculiar style of loose curly hair styled into various types of hairstyles. He recently went back to short hair but his long hair was an unforgettable era for all of us.

How does Harry Styles put his hair in a bun?

Harry Styles trended a lot during his long hair because of his gorgeous curly hair. Later when his hair was long enough, he tied it into a half up half down bun and later into a full top knot man bun too. If your hair is similar to the long hair Harry Styles then you can try some of his hairstyles as well.

How would you describe Harry Styles’ hair?

Harry Styles has a good volume of hair and is glossy. His hair is wavy and has a bit of texture too. The pop star has made several headlines and trends just because of his enchanting hairstyles and hair, no matter short or long. Harry Styles has his own personality and style of hair which makes him very different from the other idols.