“Blackpink In Your Area!” Yes, this is a call out to all the fashionista Blinks out there! Super hit songs, amazing vocals, impressive dance moves, fascinating fashion sense, you name it and Blackpink always has the best to show you. It is no wonder that the world acknowledges them and draws inspiration from them.

Blackpink has been a brand ambassador for many luxury brands, and this is for a reason. Celine, Chanel, Yves Saint Lauren, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, and Dior all know very well how well Blackpink can carry their outfits. And they surely do carry the outfits better than the models. 

The fashion industry is highly influenced by K-pop fashion and Blackpink is leading the trend with their classy outfits. With each era comes a new style and new inspiration for outfits too. We have some of the best Blackpink stage outfits as well as other blackpink outfits that you can recreate on your own now. 

Blackpink Fashion Ideas To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

  • Most Iconic Blackpink Stage Outfits Of All Times
    • Coachella Outfits
    • The Late Late Show 
    • 8th Gaon Chart Awards 2019
    • Gayo Daejun 2018
    • How You Like That MV Outfits
  • Outfits Inspired By Blackpink
    • How You Like That Dance Practice Outfit
    • Kill This Love Era Outfits
    • Blackpink Merchandise Outfits
    • Love Sick Girls Outfits
    • Ddu ddu du du Outfits

Most Iconic Blackpink Stage Outfits Of All Times

Coachella Outfits

Blackpink gave their fans a delight in April 2019 with their Coachella performances. This was because they became the first all-female K-pop group to perform at the festival. And, not needed to be said, the outfits again were a bomb on both the days with shimmering tops and skirts, sheer jackets and fringed skirts. 

The Late Late show with James Corden

The Blackpink outfits on The Late Late Show with James Corden during the HYLT era were some of the mind-blowing outfits. The glittering dresses and glamorous ensembles during both shows were absolutely stunning. For the promotion of Pretty Savage and Kill This Love, the outfits definitely lived up to their concepts and the fashion standards of Blackpink.

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8th Gaon Chart Awards 2019

Gaon Chart Awards - Blackpink Stage Outfits

This matching monochrome outfit of Blackpink definitely would be unforgettable for all the Blinks, right? The fringes on Lisa’s top, the embroidered top Jisoo wore, Rose’s white off shoulder top and, well, the coat and short Jennie wore for the 8th Gaon Chart Awards in 2019 was memorable. That was not only because they won the Artist of the Year Award but also because they looked dope in these outfits!

Gayo Daejun 2018

Gayo Daejun 2018

The Gayo Daejun Awards 2018 might not be memorable for the award but the idol group managed to catch the attention of everyone with their performances. The outfits during this performance were all embellished with sequins and glitter, making them seem more glamorous. The outfits looked nothing less than charismatic and enchanting while they performed on the stage.

How You Like That MV Outfits

The HYLT music video has some of the best outfits during the entire video. The different themed outfits include the shiny and shimmering party outfits, the traditionally-inspired outfits as well as the winter-themed outfits. Each apparel has their own charm and style which is very fascinating.

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Outfits Inspired By Blackpink

How You Like That Performance Video Outfits

The HYLT era has few of the best music videos and performance blackpink outfits. The outfits from this era are rather cool and stylish. The attires are more on the casual side so you can wear them on a regular basis as well.

The outfits from the practice video are all monochrome and trendy. You can use the trend as a style such as pairing black and white or going all-black or all-white. You can also go for a monochrome look with other shades rather than white and black.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Black joggers with a white cropped top and black cut out sweatshirt and sneakers
  • White cargo pants with a cropped top, a utility belt, and boots
  • Monochrome set of high-waist shorts and cropped sweatshirt or tee with leg belts
  • Monochrome top and shorts with knee-high socks and boots/ sneakers

Kill This Love Era Outfits

Kill This Love Era Outfits

The Kill This Love era had, hands down, the most hip and funky outfits. If you are a fan of such outfits, there are probably tons of outfits to try. You can also turn these outfits into something elegant by adding a few accessories like belts and stockings.

The stage and performance outfits from this era have a lot of poppy and color-blocking shades in the outfits. The solid colors and monochromatic looks are color-blocked by vibrant colors that unexpectedly complement each other. You can go for these outfits if you are ready to go bold and experiment with new ideas.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Shorts and Cropped Top With Long Belt
  • Skirt and Cropped Top With Blazer and leg belt
  • Shorts with Cropped top or corset and stockings with platform boots
  • Cargo pants with belt, techwear vest, and Cropped Top

Blackpink Merchandise Outfits


Blackpink themselves wearing their merchandise is a fashion inspo right there! The Blackpink merchandise includes hoodies, crop tops, joggers, tees and many more items that you can pair together or with other clothes too.

You can either pair them the same way blackpink paired the tees and cropped sweatshirts or pair them the way you want. The outfits are perfect for casual wear and can be worn on regular days as well with shorts, pants or joggers

Outfit Ideas:

  • Cropped Sweatshirt with joggers and platform boots and utility belt
  • Cropped T-shirt with cargo pants or wide leg pants and sneakers and a jacket
  • The hoodie paired with jogger pants and sneakers and a matching cap
  • Cropped sweatshirt/ tee and a skirt with knee-high socks and boots

Love Sick Girls Outfits

Love Sick Girls

The Love Sick Girls era outfits are somewhat on the cool and comfortable side, which is different from the other concepts. The outfits, majorly, during the performances included a lot of plaids, oversized cardigan, casual tees and matching sets of outfits.

To get an outfit inspired by Blackpink from this era, you can try pairing plaid shirts or crop jackets with plaid or solid colored skirts. You can also layer a plaid shacket with a cropped top and shorts or wide leg pants. The outfits, however, can be worn as casual wear or party wear depending on the outfit.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Cut out cropped shirt or tee paired with pants and sneakers
  • Crop plaid shirt shirt paired with a crop top or a bralette and thigh high shorts/skirt
  • An oversized plaid shirt with a cropped top and skirt layered with an oversized belt
  • A matching set of plaid cropped top/shirt and skirt or skorts with sneakers/boots.

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Ddu du ddu du Era Outfits

Ddu du ddu du Era

The Blackpink outfits from this era are more on the pop and funk side, which is quite trendy. Most of the Blackpink outfits during this era had some color-blocking elements with vibrant colors such as pink, green and purple. While some outfits were shimmery, others had no elements for embellishments. 

Pink and black were the major colors used during this era. You can try matching two attires with these colors to get an upgraded combination. Checkered patterns, animal or random prints, polka dots, you can find all those elements in the outfits of this era. So if you like such fancy yet voguish apparels, you can try a few outfit ideas from this era too.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Cargo pants with plain or patterned crop top, utility belt and boots
  • Wide leg cargo pants or track pants with cropped top 
  • A plain top paired with a patterned or color blocking skirt and belt.
  • Color-blocking dress with a plain skin-tight tee as an underlayer.

Final Words 

Blackpink outfits are never plain and always sassy, so you can stay assured to get the best ensemble with the outfits inspired by blackpink. You can see which era you like and the type of outfit you want to recreate from that. 

There are tons of outfits you can easily recreate for parties or special occasions easily.

You can upgrade your fashion style with any of these blackpink outfit ideas. Give a try to the outfit you love the most and let us know ‘how you like that!’

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of clothes does BLACKPINK wear?

You might have mostly noticed the members wearing outfits from Chanel, Celine, and Saint Laurent, as well as other streetwear designers that are trending in style. All the members of Blackpink are known for being fashion icons both onstage and offstage.

Who is most fashionable in BLACKPINK?

For the major part, all the members have an extremely chic fashion sense. But recently, you might notice Jennie has a fashion style of grace, sophistication, and glamor. During her recent tours abroad, she got even bolder and open with her style and outfits stating her own right. This also proves that the singer has a dynamic style too.

How do I dress like BLACKPINK?

One does not need to put in much effort trying to dress like Blackpink. You can instead go for the casual outfits or the airport fashion they have. Cropped tops, cargo pants, high-waist shorts and even skorts can be used to recreate blackpink outfits. Try out some of the above outfits to dress like Blackpink.

Who is Blackpink’s stylist?

Minhee Park is the legend behind BLACKPINK’s inimitable style. They have been collaborating for almost five years and have a strong bond based on trust and mutual understanding.