There is no wonder or surprise that Billie Eilish is having an iconic year once again! Not only was Billie Eilish’s last album ‘Happier than ever’ a huge success, but her singles have also ruled peoples’ hearts and enjoyed incredible success. This has firmly put her on the zenith of the music industry at a very early age. 

Bold, daring, and a little bit intimidating, Billie Eilish has come into the fashion game to change and challenge it! She describes her style as weird as you will always find a bizarre and peculiar flair in her clothing that features bright colors and ill-fitting designs. 

However, this so-called “Weird” style has earned her a reputation and made her a household name in the media and fashion world. She is a revolutionary young teenager and a must-follow icon if you want to break the classic cliche of how women should dress. 

So, here are some of the Billie Eilish-themed clothes that you can also try! 

Let’s Have A Look Into Billie Eilish’s Style

  • Printed Clothes!
  • The Bootleg Fashion Flex!
  • The ‘Lost Cause’ Billie Eilish!
  • Hot Pink Matching Set with Puffer Vest!
  • The Shorts, Tee, and Cardigan Look!
  • Classic Sneakers!
  • Bold Accessories!
  • The Mesmerizing Met Gala Look!
  • The Heavenly Gown!

Apart from her fantastic music, the media’s attention revolves around Eilish’s unique style, primarily baggy, oversized clothing. In her one interview in 2017, she said that she likes to dress out of her comfort zone to feel like she grabs the attention of everyone around her.

The best thing about Billie Eilish fashion is that it portrays unshakable self-assurance, a logo-filled love letter to the biggest fashion houses, and an atypical expression in an industry of clones. Just give one glance at her red carpet looks, and you will realize that there is more than weirdness in Billie Eilish’s looks, and she is a force to be reckoned with.

A seven-time Grammy winner, Guinness World Record holder, and a prominent figure on PETA, her career is at an all-time high. Her style is slowly becoming a favorite of many teenage girls.

Printed Clothes! 

Billie Eilish Themed Clothes- Printed Clothes

If you see closely, you will understand that there is no print too bold for the heartthrob of teenagers. If you follow her Instagram account, you will understand why her fashion game is on top, along with her mesmerizing songs.  She layers a green snake print North face jacket in one outfit over lime green shorts with black paint splashed all over. Then, it is matched with a green oversize t-shirt and a green supreme bucket hat. 

In another photo, she effortlessly pairs a large Japanese dragon exhibited on the front with blue monochrome Gucci shoes with the brand’s logo painted in red along with red Prada Cloudbust Sneakers. Billie Eilish fashion is all about having fun with your clothing style and how you wear them. 

The Bootleg Fashion Flex!

There are two types of trends in fashion: the original and the bootleg! However, none of this matters nowadays because loads of lesser-known designers have spotlighted bootleg designs. One of the prominent names in the bootleg fashion industry is designer Dapper Dan, who refreshed the fashion scene with his iconic luxury streetwear pieces.

The baton of bootleg fashion has been passed to Tsuwoop and Imran Moosvi, and they are producing clothes and knockoffs fashion worn by Billie Eilish and Bad Bunny! These costumes have become a part of Billie’s persona and brand.  

Bootleg Fashion

At Coachella, she wore custom denim pants with a large Louis Vuitton LV logo printed all over them. The all-time favorite Billie Eilish style is a white tracksuit with LV logos and color paint-splashes from top to bottom. 

She paired the tracksuit with her go-to sneaker, Nike Air Force 1s. Billie can have any big-name fashion house with a big, fat contract; instead, she uses her popularity and platform to support these up-and-coming brands. One more reason to love her! 

The ‘Lost Cause’ Billie Eilish! 

'Lost Cause'

Want to dress up like Billie but still want to be in the comfort of your jammies? If yes, you just have to watch her “Lost Cause” music video! In this video, she wears Kim Kardashian’s Skim line, meaning everything is soft and cozy. You can wear a costume at a house party and roll right into bed in your outfit after coming home. 

Here, Billie has used neutral colors. To recreate this look, you will need just a t-shirt in sandy color. Ensure you buy an oversized version to match her vibes. Then, go for biker shorts that fit the t-shirt to get the same vibe. You should also get a brown baseball cap like a modern crown for our 21st-century queen.  Also, get matching neutral-colored high ankle socks. Billie Eilish doesn’t wear shoes in the music video with this outfit, but you can always go for matching slides. 

Hot Pink Matching Set with Puffer Vest! 

If you have been following Billie Eilish fashion for a while, then you will know that hoodies are her wardrobe-essentials. However, she doesn’t just grab any old hoodie; she uses colors that stand out quickly in the crowd.

For example, her hot pink hoodie is one of the best Billie Eilish styles you can ever think of! It is bold, bright, and stands out from the crowd. Additionally, it has an oversized cut, Billie’s trademark style. Add some baggy pants with the pink hoodie to create a formidably fantastic look. 

Hot Pink Dress

Another thing you may have also noticed with regular Billi Eilish-themed clothes is that they will feature puffer vests in abundance. Here, you can add a white puffer vest to compliment the hot pink hoodie and joggers outfit. 

You should buy some combat boots for shoes, another fashion item that is a staple in the pop star’s wardrobe. Go for the white-colored combat boots, as they complement the outfit amazingly. Also, don’t forget to wear those high ankle socks too. 

The Shorts, Tee, and Cardigan Look! 

Billie Eilish Themed Clothes

When Billie Eilish announced last year that a new album would be coming, she also debuted her new, attractive look, which featured blonde hair and some unique clothing style. Particularly, she leaned towards more fitted clothes like cardigans and sweaters.  If you love that kind of look, then you can get it by purchasing a button-up yellow cardigan with jeweled buttons in the front. Get a plain white t-shirt to wear underneath the cardigan. 

For the bottoms, pair the cardigan with black sweat shorts. These types of shorts are staples in Billie Eilish’s looks. For shoes, the pop singer is a massive fan of high-top sneakers. So, you can add one of those high-tops to enhance your Billie Eilish-themed clothes.  Lastly, wear the high ankle socks, which you can wear in black for this particular outfit to match the shorts. You will notice that Billie loves to match her socks and shorts. So, you can also follow that pattern and get a spot on Billie Eilish’s fashion. 

Classic Sneakers!

According to Billie Eilish, girls’ sneakers are fricking stupid! Yes, she said that in an interview given to Complex’s Joe La Puma during the channel’s special sneaker shopping episode. For Billie, classic sneakers are her style staple. 

She loves thick, chunky, and colorful sneakers. Air Force 1s and Jordans like Retro 1s, 4s, and 11s are her favorite, along with luxury styles of Gucci, Prada, and Balenciaga. If you are looking to pull off Billie Eilish-themed clothes, look, then you must get one of these sneakers. 

Billie Eilish Themed Clothes - Classic Sneakers

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Bold Accessories!

Accessories are the feature of Billie Eilish’s looks, and these items give her a touch of femininity. You will find her boxy, shapeless outfits often paired with large hoops, stackable necklaces, and rings. When she is not wearing much jewelry, you will always find her in a hat. Be it a bucket, visor, or a beanie; you name, she had worn it already! 

Apart from that, Eilish’s sunglasses also show off her playful and unmatched energy. You can see her wearing oversized colorful frames to skinny black Matrix-esque styles.

Billie Eilish Themed Clothes - Bold Accessories

The Mesmerizing Met Gala Look! 

Till now, you have only seen Billie Eilish in loose, boyish clothes. However, when she stepped on the red carpet at Met Gala 2021 in a princess-worthy Oscar de la Renta dress, everyone’s heart skipped a beat!

Billie Eilish Themed Clothes - Gala Look

The look was inspired by none other than a beauty symbol Marilyn Monroe. To put it in simple words, she was looking BREATHTAKING! However, she only agreed to wear the gown on a very important condition; that the fashion house will stop using fur. Just when you thought that you couldn’t love Billie anymore, she does this! 

The Heavenly Gown! 

Continuing her stellar streak of oozing and mesmerizing people with her fashion at the 2021 Met Gala after-party, Billie Eilish wore a heavenly crimson second gown, complete with a hip-high slit. This dress was complemented by a sheer cap and matching peep-toe heels. 

The hip-high split also revealed the slither of her secret tattoo drawn on her upper thigh. This look indeed told us that this is Billie Eilish’s world, and we are just living in it.

Billie Eilish Themed Clothes - Gown

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Final Words 

So, these are some of the best Billie Eilish-themed clothes that you can try to recreate her look. The best thing about Billie Eilish fashion is that you won’t have to break your bank to put together an outfit. Just grab some clothes, DIY, and you will easily pull off Billie Eilish’s looks!