Now, it’s time to say goodbye to skinny jeans, when you have wide leg pants in your wardrobe this season. Just like other clothing trends, wide-leg pants and trousers are having a 2022 renaissance. Whether there are bell-bottoms, flares, or palazzo pants, they are comfortable, elegant, and fashion-forward. It completely depends on how you style wide-leg trousers.

We are here to help you explore different ways of wearing wide-leg pants in different seasons. It is also true that fashion history repeats itself. This is what this ever-evolving style is all about. This clothing style has the power to flatter every frame. Moreover, the loose leg line works great in keeping you comfortable instead of wearing skinny jeans. This is a great way to keep you cool under the blazing sun.

If you are one who likes wearing loose pants in summer, wide-leg trousers are a great option for both indoor and outdoor environments. When it comes to the summer wardrobe, every woman must have wide-leg pants. However, you can also style them in the cold weather as well. There are numerous easy wide leg pants outfit ideas that you can wear to work, on casual outings, or even when hanging out at home.

Here, you will be able to know different ways to wear as well as different outfit ideas with wide-leg pants. Just save these points and try them.

Ways to Style Wide-leg Pants

  • Different Ways To Wear Wide-leg Pants
  • Some Wide Leg Pants Outfit Ideas
  • With Cardigans
  • With coats
  • With a plain t-shirt
  • With a denim jacket
  • With a tube top
  • With a cropped jacket
  • With a graphic t-shirt

Different Ways To Wear Wide-leg Pants

Nobody talks about skinny jeans these days as they are a topic of the past now. Nowadays, wide-leg pants are a great fashion trend. These pants give a number of options to style. You can choose to wear these pants for work, nightclubs, or even at evening events.

Moreover, you can also opt for wearing wide-leg trousers as superbly comfortable weekend wear. These pants come in a variety of fabrics and styles, thus making them a suitable choice for every setting.

Business Casual

Wide leg pants with a high waistline are one of the great choices for a customized and formal look. If you are thinking of wearing high-waisted wide-leg pants to your office, the best way is to pair them with a preppy cardigan with the aim to get a classy and feminine look. This combination will give you a cute business casual work look.

Business Casual with Wide leg pants

If you want to get a little bold look, pair your pants with a simple black top and you can choose to wear a leopard print cardigan over it. Wearing simple accessories and pointed footwear will be great to enhance your look to a stylish business casual outfit. To get a more formal look, nothing would be better than wearing a matching blazer with extra wide-leg trousers.

Weekend Casual

The most comfortable way to wear wide leg pants is to pair them with a soft pullover sweater. This is one of the easiest ways to create a stylish weekend casual look. To get a trendy asymmetrical look, don’t forget to tuck your pants in the front of your sweater. This will be great for highlighting your waistline.

During summers, the best way to style wide-leg trousers is to pair them with a tank top and cool sandals. You can also choose to wear a graphic tee with wide leg pants as this outfit will express your personality.

Night Out

Are you going to spend the evening out? You can try wide-leg denim having a lower waistline with a contrasting tank top and casual sandals. Adding a denim jacket to your attire is something that always looks great and makes you feel comfortable in all seasons.

You can also opt for a stylish cropped jacket that not only keeps you warm but will also make your waistline look smaller. Going with an oversized boyfriend blazer is another wonderful warm outwear that can enhance your attire for an evening out.

Wide leg pants for night out


When it’s about looking super glamorous, you can never go wrong with leather wide leg pants/trousers. Don’t forget to style wide-leg trousers with stylish heels. To get a perfect look, ensure that the hem of your pants or trousers just brushes the ground.

You can try wearing your pants with a strapless tube top or a cami for an easy yet super-feminine look. If you are wondering how to be ready for the hottest party, just top your attire with a faux fur coat.

Some Wide Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

With Cardigans

 Wide Leg Pants Outfit - Cardigans

You can wear your wide leg pants/trousers with a long or short cardigan, whatever you want. Though cardigans have been around for many years, these days, they look so fabulous when you wear them in different ways. You can choose to wear a printed or plain cardigan as it adds a classy, feminine touch to your bottom. It looks gorgeous when you wear pants in denim. 

The days have gone when you had to wear a cardigan to get ready for school. These days, cardigans in trendy prints not only look cute but also make a classy combination with wide-leg pant trousers. If you have opted for wearing a printed cardigan with your pants, it is advisable to go for a simple plain top. Don’t forget to wear plain shoes with the outfit to look classier.

With Coats

Wearing wide leg trousers or pants with a coat is something that not only makes you look trendy but also gives you a chic look, especially when you wear a long coat.

A coat is a clothing item that enhances the look of your outfit instantly. You can also see trendsetters wearing coats during high fashion events. The coat does not only make you look chic and stylish, but due to their functionality, they also help you stay warm on colder days.

Wide leg trousers already give volume to your legs, so make sure to wear a well-fitted coat to flatter your style and avoid looking too bulky. You have various options to choose from – different prints and patterns. Make sure to choose one depending on the type of pants you are going to wear. If you want to look taller, the best idea is to go for a maxi length or a crop length coat.

With A Plain T-Shirt

Another one of the wide leg pants outfit ideas is to wear it with a plain t-shirt as it is great to uplift the basics in your wardrobe. Generally, all women have a couple of simple t-shirts in their closet, which gives them an easier way to style their wide leg trousers or pants. Not only this, you can style your t-shirts with different bottoms.

Wearing a simple plain t-shirt with pants is something that allows you to stand out by giving a good balance of the entire outfit. It looks great when you tuck in your t-shirt. The best and all-around color is white, and also, it is a wardrobe staple. No matter what color of pants you have, white goes perfectly with all colors and styles.

Wide leg pants with t-shirts

With A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are an excellent idea to be styled with wide leg pants, especially when you want to style your pants casually. Denim jackets are not only comfortable but also easy to wear. Also, they never run out of style. Moreover, you can wear them in any season and with any dress and any bottom style.

Wearing a denim jacket also makes you look younger and is also a freestyle for a day out. Wear it over a t-shirt for a more casual look. Complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers, or you can choose sandals, booties, or even heels.

denim jacket and wide leg pants

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With A Tube Top

These pants are one of the perfect bottoms that go well with a strapless tube top. This combination is a great, effortless outfit idea. All you have to do is tuck your top into your pants, and you will be instantly ready to go out. The strapless top tops are very simple and ultra-feminine. Moreover, these types of tops are easy to style, and their fitted style is highly versatile. They are a great option for summer and look great with baggy or loose bottoms. It would be good to wear full-length wide-leg pants to create a dressier look. Also, they work well for petite women and make them look taller. To get a casual look, pair your outfit with some sandals or sneakers.

with a tube top

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With A Cropped Jacket

One of the most flattering tops that you can wear with wide pants or trousers is a cropped jacket. If you want to make your waist look smaller, a cropped jacket is one of the great choices for you. Moreover, it also makes you stay warm and stylish.

When you are wearing a jumpsuit, a full dress, or a high-waist bottom, a cropped jacket is mostly great with them. The best type of wide-leg trousers with a cropped jacket is the high-waisted bottom, especially if you want to get a classier outfit. This look will give a more youthful look. Don’t forget to pair this outfit with some mules.

Wide leg pants with cropped jacket

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With A Graphic t-Shirt

Whether you want to wear the pants with denim or any other fabric, pairing them with a graphic t-shirt is a great way. This is something that will help you express your personality by pairing the right clothing items. All you have to do is to wear a graphic t-shirt with colors that match your pant. It is important to avoid getting an overwhelming outfit.


How do you wear wide-leg pants 2022?

Whether you have them in your closet or not, crop tops and bralettes have been in style for many years and are still in style in 2022. You can style your wide leg pants with crop tops or bralettes and pair them with long cardigans or blazers. You can also wear these pants with sweaters, classic button-downs, and jackets.

Are wide leg pants flattering?

Yes, wide leg pants are flattering. Some women find these pants, with extra fabric and size, are not too impressive. But they look fabulous when paired with the top right. They lengthen legs and highlight the waistline, which means they are great for creating an incredibly flattering silhouette on all body types.
Whether you are tall, petite, slim, plus-size, or boyish, whatever body type you have, they work for everyone.

Are Wide leg cropped pants in Style 2022?

Yes, wide leg cropped pants are in style 2022, especially a great option for summer. They are cooler than full-length pants and trousers. Moreover, you can also wear wide-leg cropped pants on the colder days with booties.
The best way to wear these cropped pants is to tuck your top in, as it will create a one-third or two-third silhouette. Another way is to opt for a cropped top, but make sure you are wearing high-waisted pants for this outfit. These pants are a good choice for summer and for traveling.

Are wide leg pants in Style 2022?

Yes, wide-leg pants are in style 2022. Moreover, they look chicer than Mom’s jeans in the 80s. It is also true that this year will bring more stylish and elegant wide-leg pants and loose, flared denim, which will replace skinny jeans. Stylists and designers think that these pants will be the big fashion trend in 2022