Corsets may have been in fashion for a long time. But it does not mean that they have gone out of style. Instead, now they are also being used as one of the sexy fashion accessories, along with offering a great way to posture correction and support advantages.

Though they are a little tricky to put on, with the correct lacing and tightening, you will feel more comfortable in them than you had ever imagined. We are really thrilled that corsets are still a hot trend in this century. Many corset designers have introduced various new styles that are both bold and dramatic.

Today, modern corsets are not just used for slimming your waist, but they are also used with the purpose of trying something different to style your overall outfit. These corsets are worn by celebrities, and even women prefer wearing them for weddings, proms, and other formal occasions.

Here, we will talk about different types of corsets so that you can choose one that best suits your needs and style and how to style a corset for various occasions.

Many Ways To Style A Corset

  • What is Corset?
  • Different Types of Corsets
  • Different Ways to Style a Corset
  • Wear a corset under a half sweater and with a trouser
  • Wear a corset over a t-shirt dress
  • Style a corset with baggy jeans and a leather blazer
  • Wear a corset over a white button-down
  • Wear a corset under a coordinating suit
  • Do and Don’t of Wearing a Corset

What is Corset?

A corset is an undergarment that is designed with the aim to reduce the waistline of wearers. They are also used to help train your waist for a longer time. Corsets also help in supporting the breast and strengthening your core muscles. They can be made of different materials, such as lace, velvet, leather, cotton, satin, and others. Now, do you know that you can wear a corset in different ways? And what does corseting mean?

Corseting is the process of wearing a corset on a daily basis for thinning a waistline. You can wear a corset underneath your clothing or over them as a part of a costume. Some women prefer wearing a corset to their workplace in order to maintain the right posture while sitting. It will help in supporting back.

Before you start corseting, it is very important to know that you are going to use a waist trainer that fits perfectly. The best way to choose the right corset is to use vinyl or fabric measuring tape. It will help in finding the thinnest part of the waist. This area is a few inches above the belly button. All you have to do is to keep this tape flat in a way that it should not be too tight.

You should refer to the sizing chart to determine the perfect size. For the best size, it is recommended to lessen 3-4 inches from your waist size as it will give you the right corset size you should choose.


Different Types of Corsets

  1. Underbust Corsets

These types of corsets come right under your breast and end at the starting point of your lap. If you are wearing a corset for the first time, it would be good to get a black cotton underbust with removable garters. Later, you can opt for other daring styles and materials.

Underbust corsets are worn as supportive undergarments, or some choose them as fashion accessories over their outfit. You can go with wearing an underbust corset for any dress or skirt. These corsets enable you to get an hourglass shape, but they do not provide support for breasts.

underbust corset
  1. Waspie

It is one of the shortest underbust. These types of corsets have a wider belt that is worn around your stomach. This corset provides a little smaller waist. Women wear these corsets only for fashion purposes. You can layer it over shirts and dresses. You can also find a waspie made with steel boning for waist training.

These corsets are ideal for women with shorter torsos and fuller busts. If you want to make yourself look longer, it is advisable to wear this corset with a dress of the same color. To get a casual summer daytime look, you can choose to wear a black waspie with a flowy boho white maxi dress.

Waspie- how to style a corset
  1. Cinchers/Waist Trainers

Cinchers are elastic shapewear, which is typically worn under clothes. Women usually wear these corsets while working out. They are ideal for creating a temporary hourglass figure. But, keep in mind that these corsets cannot change your waist.

But, a good waist training corset can change your figure semi-permanently. You can wear corsets as long as it fits properly. But make sure not to tolerate any pain.

Cincher/waist trainers
  1. Mid-bust corset

These corsets start at the center of your bust and end right below your hips. These corsets are best for giving a long and smooth body silhouette. You need not worry about sitting comfortably as these corsets have boning that stops a little higher than their complete length.

Also, mid-bust corsets work well in supporting breasts, but they do not push them up. 

mid bust corset
  1. Corselette

If you are looking for a corset that provides ultimate support to your breasts, these corsets are the best choice. They cover the entire breast and go to the hips. They are also useful for giving some shape to your hips. In addition to this, they also help in lessening your waist size and pushing your breasts up.

Different Ways To Style A Corset

Wear A Corset Under A Half Sweater And With A Trouser

This combination is going to be one of the best outfits for any casual or semi-formal occasion. When you style various trends at the same time, it is advisable to keep the colors neutral. It will help in making your entire attire look more timeless.  When you wear a corset under a super-cropped sweater, it will give you a perfect 2022 upgrade. 

corset under a half sweater and with a trouser

Wear A Corset Over A T-Shirt Dress

This year, a t-shirt dress is something that will give you one of the refreshed ways to wear a corset stylishly. Here, a waist cincher works better than a traditional corset. It gives you a chance to ease into the trend without going out of style.

Pairing this outfit with a pair of tall combat boots will work great in taking your entire look to the next level. Do you want to gain some fashion bonus points for this amazing idea? Just add a pair of ripped tights.

how to Wear a corset over a t-shirt dress

Wear A Corset With Baggy Jeans And A Leather Blazer

Do you have baggy jeans in your closet and are wondering how to style them with a corset? It is true that baggy and loose jeans will be in trend this year. A leather blazer is something that gives you a trendy update to the workwear essential. What about when you choose to wear them for your complete outfit idea?

If you are new to the world of the corset, you can opt for wearing a simple back corset with tank top-style straps. For those who are looking for how to style a corset top, this style will give you serious cool-girl energy.

style Corset With Baggy Jeans and a leather blazer

Wear A Corset Over A White Button-Down

Do you find it a little difficult to get dressed in the morning that can give you inner satisfaction with your look? If you have an oversized white shirt and plain black jeans, you can style them with the on-trend piece, i.e., corset. It is something that will give you a look that feels fresh this season.

Wearing a corset over a white shirt gives you a wonderful way to style your outfit without putting in any effort. Also, this gives you one of the best corset styles for the daytime. Pair this top idea with black flare jeans.

over a white button-down

Wear A Corset Under A Coordinating Suit

If you are a woman who loves wearing a combination of bold colors, you can try this look. You can opt for wearing sage green trousers and a matching blazer over the neutral corset. You can choose any suit, such as black, navy, or even gray. So, choose a corset that goes perfectly with the suit color, such as a black or white bustier.

under a coordinating suit

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Do and Don’t of Wearing a Corset

  • If you don’t like the thought of wearing a full corset, you can wear a corset belt to experience a comfort zone of this on-trend piece.
  • You can wear a corset over a dress. Yes, but make sure to choose the right dress silhouette. The corset looks great over form-fitting and fit-and-flare dresses.
  • You can wear a corset with a jumpsuit. Just like a dress, it brings more definition and contrast to your outfit.
  • You can wear a corset with a button-down to get a chic and modern look.
  • Never wear a corset with leggings. Leggings do not look good with a short and skin-baring top, so avoid trying a corset with leggings.
  • Never wear a corset as a top. Always keep in mind that lace-up and strapless kinds of pieces cannot be worn as a top, they can be used for layering.

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How do you style a corset casually?

Let’s have a look at some of the ideas to style a corset casually.
As a vest – if you are going to wear trousers and a blazer to work, you can add a style statement to your look by wearing a corset as a vest.
As a belt – Wearing a corset as a belt is one of the easiest ways to style your corset for a casual look.
As a top – If you are looking for how to wear a corset casually, you can wear it in place of a top.

What looks good with a corset?

There are a number of ways to style a corset. You can wear a leather corset-style belt over your top or a utility duster jacket. It would be good to opt for a bold-colored corset as it will work great on a neutral outfit. You can also pair your corset with jeans and a t-shirt for a perfect contrast.

Can you wear a bra with a corset?

Overbust corsets provide great support to the breasts. With these types of corsets, you need not wear a bra. If you are wearing a type of corset for enhancement purposes, you can wear a bra as per your choice. Just make sure to feel comfortable in whatever you wear.

What do you wear under a corset top?

When determining how to style a corset top, a corset vest or tight t-shirt works great in giving a fence between your corset and body. You can opt for specially made corset liners as they go well to keep their surface against your skin smooth. 

Are corsets comfortable?

Yes, corsets are comfortable. They are used to improve posture and are also helpful in reducing anxiety using deep pressure therapy. Many plus-size women prefer wearing corsets as one of the comfortable options for a bra.

How do you wear a corset fashionably?

You can style a corset by going with a coordinated look. You can opt for pairing a top with a matching short skirt, matching heels, and a handbag. You can never go wrong with bold hues or print. And, you can get a fashionable look by pairing this with a matching skirt.