It is no secret that the mother of the bride is one of the most important people in the wedding party. It’s a big day for the bride and is certainly a life-changing experience to get married. However, it will be much easier to find a dress for yourself if you have a few ideas in mind. Here are some of the best mother of the bride plus size dresses that will steal the show-

From handling cold feet and wedding jitters, running errands and walking down the aisle with the bridesmaids. There are numerous instances where the mother of the bride is the saviour of the day and there are many instances where all eyes are on the mother of the bride.

 Best 0utfit ideas for mother of the bride plus size dresses

To make sure that the wedding and the wedding party look impeccable and spotless, it is important for the mother of the bride to make sure that her dress stands out, speaks to her role in the wedding party and also complements the bride’s attire.

This mission can be particularly tricky for plus size women as most labels skimp out on creating good designs for plus size women. 

It is very important to select the right mother of the bride plus-size dresses for the occasion as these pictures will be the memories your grandkids inherit. Here are some mother of the bride dresses you can try-

  • Popover dress
  • Halterneck gown
  • Ballgown
  • Cold shoulder maxi dress
  • A laced gown

Popover Dresses

mother of the bride plus size dresses

There are many ways to add some layers and structure to your outfit to create a slimming effect that will make you look leaner than you are. 

One way to achieve this goal if you are top-heavy person, is to make sure that you create a structure that takes attention away from your torso. 

This can be done with a popover dress. This dress has a flowing top much like that of a poncho or a kaftan which makes your body seem smaller and make you look more beautiful. 

Since it is a special occasion, you can always choose a dress which has a lace finish, some border embroidery or embellishments. Add some elegant gold jewellery for dark colours like wine and some diamond jewellery if you have opted for a lighter colour to complete this look. 

Halterneck Gown

You can experiment with a few cuts and textures to make your dress appear more expensive. 

If you are comfortable with a little skin show, a halterneck gown is a way to go. You can choose a gown with an embellished belt or a lace overlay on the torso to make it fit for the occasion. 

Wearing statement earrings with a solid coloured gown creates a classic look that will never go wrong. 

If you have a printed dress, add some beaded jewellery to make sure you make the most of your mother of the bride plus-size dresses. This is a great look for a beachside wedding. 


It might seem fairly naive to think that you can pull off a ballgown to a wedding, but using the right accessories a ballgown can be made into one of the best mother of the bride plus-size dresses. 

Choose an ankle-length ball gown which has a rich colour. You can attract some attention to your feet as well by pairing it with a pair of heels that have a contrasting colour as compared to your dress. 

You can also play with accessories to make this look more regal. A headgear or a studded headband is a great accessory to wear with a ballgown and will make you feel younger while making you look sensual. 

Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

If you are uncomfortable showing skin and are not as confident in your body as you would like to be, you can try wearing a maxi dress. 

To pique a little curiosity, you can always choose a dress which has a cold shoulder and hence look fashionable while looking modest.  A maxi dress will be easy to find and will be available in various colours. 

To make sure that the dress is fit for the occasion, you can add a lace shrug, fur coat or even a statement earrings and bracelets to complete the look. One way to add the extra oomph factor to this one of the elegant mother of the bride plus-size dresses is to carry a printed or bejewelled purse or clutch. 

A Lace Gown

mother of the bride plus size dresses

One of the most elegant choices that one has while picking from mother of the bride plus-size dresses is to opt for a lace gown.

This delicate detailing will allow you to draw attention to the parts of your body that you like without drawing attention to your problem areas. You can experiment with different accessories when you dorn such an outfit. 

Since the entire gown or most part of it has lace detailing, you need not wear a large or chunky necklace, you can opt for drop earrings or long tassel earrings and team them with a chunky bracelet to complete the look. 

You can even tie your hair in a bun and add some sparkly pins or flowers to make you stand out and create a chic and feminine look. 

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With these mother of the bride plus-size dresses, you can easily create a look that suits your body type best by tweaking the dress in a few places or adding a layer or some details to your dress. 

Make sure that you have all your jewellery in place before the big day and remember to wear your widest smile on this special day to truly complete your look. 

Go ahead and try these dress ideas today!