We very well know that jewelry is one of the perfect ways to show your taste for fashion accessories and some personality to your look. From beautiful rings to stunning necklaces, we have been using jewelry to express ourselves for centuries.

The latest favorite way to show our style is wearing enamel pins. They have been becoming quite popular among the younger generation for the last couple of years. But, if you want to know about the different ways of how to wear enamel pins, you are at the right place.

Here, you will find exciting new ideas to style enamel pins that can work great in transforming your fashion style. Whether you are wearing soft enamel pins, DIY enamel pins, or other types, they have the power to add a special vibe that makes you stand out from others because of your personal style.

This interesting trend has come to the point where you can find endless designs of enamel pins. You can use them in various ways to style your outfits and other stuff.

Enamel pins are an impeccably fun and affordable way to show your interest, sense of humor, music taste, or anything you like. If you have enamel pins and figuring out how to style enamel pins, keep on reading.  So, let’s start styling this fun fashion.

Let’s learn How to wear enamel pins!

  • What are Enamel Pins?
  • What are the Different Types of Enamel Pin Fasteners?
  • How to Wear Enamel Pins on Backpack
  • How to Style Enamel Pins on Denim Jackets
  • How to Wear Enamel Pins on Suit Jackets
  • How to Wear Enamel Pins on Straps
  • How to Wear Enamel Pins on Hats
  • How to Style Enamel Pins on Vests

What are Enamel Pins?

Enamel Pins

This is what in British English is called badges. These pins have a small two-dimensional shape that is designed in different images. Like, you can get enamel pins in the shape of fruits, flowers, any character, animals, cartoons, or anything. You can also find a huge collection of hobby and sporty pins. Some people prefer to buy these pins to show how they spend their leisure time.

These pins come in various colors with a glassy finish that catches the light. They are made using powdered glass and are shaped into attractive pins. Earlier, they were used as a part of religious, political, or business organization membership. But, now, they are in high trend.

In this century, their look and purpose have been changed to use them for multiple activities. Today, enamel pins are quite crazy and fun ways to decor your jackets, bags, or dresses in an extremely interesting way.

What are the Different Types of Enamel Pin Fasteners?

These pin fasteners are used to secure your enamel pin to your clothes or any kind of fabric. The different kinds of pin fasteners are:

Butterfly clasp – This kind of pin-back option is also known as military clasps. They are quite common in enamel pins. You just need to pinch two wings on the clasp to either take your pin on or off the fabric. They are cheaper and highly reliable than other pin-back options.

One main drawback of this option is that your pin can accidentally fall off and get lost. But, it happens only in the case if your pin is either too heavy or gets caught on something.

Rubber cap – You will find some enamel pins with a rubber cap on their back. Just like pins with butter clasp, they are also likely to fall off easily. They come in a variety of colors to match your pin.

If you wear these kinds of enamel pins on your backpack or jean jacket, they are not secured enough. They can easily be removed and replaced.

Magnets – If you are looking for enamel pins without needles so that you can keep your clothes damage-free, you can find enamel pins with magnets as the best option. These kinds of pins are the best choices for thinner fabrics. Moreover, you can also use these pins as the fridge magnets.

Safety pins – You can also find a wide range of enamel pins with safety pins as the pin fastener option. This is one of the most secure options as it never lets your pin fall off and get lost. But, they are less sturdy than other options, and they are more likely to bend or warp.

Locking pin back – This pin fastener option is considered the most secure way to fasten your enamel pin. Though its mechanism is a little more complicated than other options, they are the best way to ensure that you will never lose your enamel pin.

To lock your pin, you need to slide it a little onto the post, while to take off your pin, it just requires pulling both parts of the fastener in opposite directions. Though taking your pin with this mechanism may take a little time, it is worth keeping your pin lasts for longer.

Enamel Pins on Backpack

When you wear enamel pins on your backpack, it is something that shows off your style. From school kids to adults, anyone can use cute enamel pins on their backpacks. It is true that if you have a backpack, you will surely carry it almost every day. So, what about making a style statement by using enamel pins on it?

 Enamel Pins on Backpack

There are different options based on what kind of backpack you have. You have the choice to use enamel pins on the small front pocket or/and on the top of the backpack near its zipper. Even if you don’t like to make holes in your backpack, you can use some enamel pins on the straps.

Just keep in mind that some people use their backpacks very badly, and their backpacks are brushed up against people and things. In this case, even the most secure pin fastener option can loosen and lose your enamel pin.

How to Style Enamel Pins on Denim Jackets

No worries, if you are not a person to rock cute enamel pins on your backpack or bag. You still have various options to style your pins and add a fashion statement to your style. One of the best options is to learn how to wear enamel pins on denim jackets.

How to Style Enamel Pins on Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are one of the most versatile clothing. Everyone from pop stars to models, from celebrities to ordinary people wear these denim jackets. Now, it’s time to take this iconic outfit to the next level with the best enamel pins.

Both denim jackets and enamel pins have a relaxed, youthful vibe, so they both work quite well together. You can choose enamel pins on your denim jackets as per your choice. You can use fun, inspirational, or any attractive pins that work wonders on your blue denim.

If you are a pet lover and cats and dogs are your favorite animals, you can use adorable animal pins on your casual jacket. Another trendy way to style enamel pins is to group a themed set of pins. You can also opt for the opposite and group together with lots of pins. It’s your jacket, so it’s your style!

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Wear Enamel Pins on formal wear

Wear Enamel Pins on formal wear

No matter if you are going for a formal-wear occasion. You can wear the right enamel pin that can bring an amazing impact on others. It is true that you can’t beat the unique and quality look of an enamel pin for formal occasions. But, you need to keep one thing in mind to wear it correctly on suits.

If you don’t want to go wrong on how to wear enamel pins on a suit jacket, make sure to wear it on the left panel. It would also be good to keep it to a single pin.

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How to Wear Enamel Pins on Straps

When we talk about straps, it does not matter what they are holding up. It can be your pants, bag, or even guitar. Remember, when you see a strap, you can use some enamel pins on it.


You can use any cute or DIY enamel pins on the holes of your belt. Though you may not have thought it ever before, a belt strap is one of the best spots for a pin. These pins can fasten securely, and even its pin fastener will not dig into your skin.


Suspenders are a great fashion statement to pin your enamel pins. You can go a little offbeat by adding some of your favorite pins on your suspender. Also, be careful because it can also make your suspender more likely to get damaged easily when it is weaponized with pin-backs.

 Pins on Straps

Guitar strap

Just look around your home. You will find many things with straps. So, it is not good to leave them bare. If you have a guitar, just improve its look with one or multiple pins of your choice. You can find millions of enamel pin designs. So, you will not find any difficulty in getting some that match your passion.

Wear Enamel Pins on Hats

Hats are one of the most staple things in everyone’s wardrobe. Why not grab this opportunity of lifting your hat’s look by decorating it with some of the precious enamel pins?

Stocking hat

The best part of stocking hats and beanies is to allow you to use pins without damaging the material. Simply place your favorite pins on the outer fold of your hat or beanie, as it will provide protection from pin and skin contacts.

 Enamel Pins on Hats

Ball caps

They are the most casual headwear. So, let’s go some crazy with some fancy pins by placing them anywhere you like on the cap. You can get pins of all shapes and sizes, so let’s do this.

How to Style Enamel Pins on Vests

Have you ever given a thought to decorating your vest? Vests are not just for keeping your core warm. They are also meant for weighing them with some shiny things. 


Disney vest

The people who have brought these trending enamel pins have moved to the next evolution, where they also choose to wear enamel pins as the display. These vests are something that can also be used to show off a dazzling number of enamel pins.

Work vest

In various jobs, you need to wear a vest that tells customers where you work. There are a number of pins available to convey some messages. 

Battle vests

The battle vests were originated during World War II where pilots wore bomber jackets. They decorated their jackets with pins and patches. These days, many bikers and metal-heads wear these pins as the more creative ways to fluent their flair.

Final Words

Enamel pins are just a fun and cute way to add trendy style to your look. You can use them on whatever you are wearing if you learn how to style enamel pins. Get your favorite pins and set your own trend by wearing pins on clothing, bags, vests, hats, or anything you wear.