Hairstyles have changed over time while some haircuts always remain a classic for us. Whether it is the iconic Farrah Fawcett’s feathered cut or Diana Ross’s Afro hairstyle, the name itself brings the image of the celebrity into our head. 

This is what hairstyles and haircuts do, they set your character and your impression on other people. Vintage hairstyles have seen a number of changes but some hairstyles really stay unforgettable and are timeless.

While hairstyles can create your impression, it can also add glamor to your outfits or be the highlight of the evening. Vintage hairstyles possess this magnificent appeal to themselves and we have listed such hairstyles that we want to make a comeback in 2022. 

Retro Hairstyles You Can Rock This Year

  • Timeless Vintage Hairstyles Back Into The Trends
    • Finger Waves
    • Blunt Bob With Bangs
    • Vintage Hollywood Waves
    • Side Parted Vintage Style
    • Mod With Bangs
    • Flipped Ends
  • Classic Vintage Hairstyles Inspired By Celebrities
    • Brigitte Bardot Bangs
    • Rosie The Riveter Hair
    • Elizabeth Taylor’s Soft Curls
    • The Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle
    • The Gibson Tuck

The hairstyles and haircuts of the old good times were especially unique and different since they were seen for the first time. Not only were they amusing but also suited perfectly with the outfits paired with them. Below are a few vintage hairstyles that you might want to have a go at.

Finger Waves

If we talk about retro, the most memorable hairstyle would be the finger waves. The hairstyle was seen for most of the 1920s. Perfect vintage hairstyle for short hair, this was one of the outstanding ways to style the hair. 

Finger waves curl in an S-shape with the help of a comb and fingers. Finger waves are mostly preferred for styling pixie haircut and go with any face that can carry it confidently. Finger waves have been spotted on a number of celebrities who flawlessly carried this vintage hairstyle.

Finger Waves Vintage Hairstyles

Blunt Bob With Bangs

While bob cut and bangs both are in a blazing trend, we would like this chic hairstyle to make a comeback for the year 2022. The blunt bob cut was in fame back in the 1920s when Louise Brooks introduced it to us. 

The hairstyle is perfect to escape the summer heat while you can go for a retro vibe altogether. Blunt bob cuts are popular nowadays and it is a perfect time to add some vintage spice to the hairstyle. This hairstyle is particularly more suitable for all those ladies with long faces since the fringes are long as well.

Vintage Hollywood Waves

Vintage Hollywood waves have been in and out of the trends but have been seen from time to time on the red carpet. As one of the most gorgeous hairstyles, vintage waves have been mimicked quite a lot and it is all appreciated.

Hollywood waves are easy to style as well. They are formed by normally curling your hair but using a paddle brush instead. Then you just tease the roots to add a bit of volume and you are ready to go.

Side Parted Vintage Style

The side parted vintage style is especially famous for long hair and short hair both. The hairstyle adds volume to the hair within an instant which is why it was widely preferred. It is extremely easy to style and you can try doing it at home as well.

The waves are curled in any one of the directions and then combed through the hair. The side partition adds to the glam by lifting the roots and increasing the volume and width of the hair. This hairstyle was widely popular because of the glam and volume it gave to the hair without too much hassle.

Side Parted - Vintage Hairstyles

Mod with Bangs

Bangs are a huge sensation nowadays, be it fringes, curtain bangs or any other type of bangs. The mod cut for long, straight hair along with bangs was previously a very sassy look to get. The haircut, originally inspired by Austin Powers, was one of the best for its time.

A perfect hairstyle for long hair with a good volume is one of the cute easy vintage hairstyles to try at least once. The textured bangs that were popular in the 60s may not be in trend now but they still hold the same appeal as they did back then. The bangs not only shape your face but also help you during the bad hair days. 

Mod with Bangs - Vintage Hairstyles

Flipped Ends

This was one of the most popular vintage short hairstyles because of ‘Love Mad Men’. As pretty as it looks, it is also easy to get the hairstyle. All you need is a curling iron and a few bobby pins. 

You can start by curling the hair into sections and pinning them up for about 20 minutes. When you remove them, the curls are ready to add glam. To add some more volume to the hair, you can tease the roots of the hair and it is all set.

Flipped Hair Vintage Hairstyle

Classic Vintage Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities

Some iconic hairstyles get stuck with the celebrities’ image when they get famous. These are the hairstyles that immediately remind us of the celebrity when we hear the name. These  are a few hairstyles from famous celebrities we want to see this year.

Brigitte Bardot Bangs

The trend for curls, waves and straight hair has taken turns to step in within the years. But the popular loose curls were first introduced in the 1950s by Bardot Brigitte. Waves and curls are currently highly preferred although they almost died somewhere within the timespan.

But now that they are back, we might also love to see the vintage Bardot-esque waves that used to flutter our hearts. Vintage curls have always been one of the best hairstyles and can be paired with a sassy outfit anytime.

Brigitte Bardot Bangs

Rosie The Riveter Hair

Talking about the ever-staying hairstyles, all girls will love to see this vintage hairdo again! The tough with a touch of feminine hairstyle of Rosie the Riveter was a rage back in those days. 

The updo with a headband was almost used as an everyday hairstyle. Rosie was not only a huge fashion icon but also a feminist symbol during World War II. The hairdo may not only keep your hair bound in spring but also pose as a tribute to her in a way.

Rosie The Riveter Hair - Vintage Hairstyles

Elizabeth Taylor’s Soft Curls

There had been many iconic females and actors in Hollywood, but Elizabeth Taylor was one of those incomparable women in the industry. She was a dream of many and so is her hairstyle now. 

The hairstyle she is insanely famous for is the curls that she wore. The curls might seem very disorganized but rather, they were organized very precisely at all the right places. This is one of the most desired vintage short hairstyles and still can be mimicked.

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The Gibson Tuck

Gibson tuck was a craze back in the 19th century among the other hairstyles. Also widely known as the Gibson Roll, the hairstyle is pretty much easy to accomplish. The hairstyle can be worn for any occasion including parties or for regular days.

You can do the hairstyle by yourself without much effort. What you have to do is take two strips of fabric and put your hair between it. Then twist it upward until you feel the back of your head and tie it. This hairstyle can be styled in a simple as well as a glamorous way.

Rosie The Riveter Hair

The Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Famous for her style and fashion particularly, Marilyn Monroe did have her own hairstyle to commemorate her. The vintage hairstyle looked like it was messy, but in fact it was curled with utter care to suit her face.

This popular hairstyle is so versatile that it can suit all face types and structures easily. The hairstyle best suits small faces since it gives a more filling texture to it. We would be delighted to have this hairstyle back in this modern era and see all the creative modifications that can be seen with it.

Marilyn Monroe - Vintage Hairsyle

Final Words

The hairstyles mentioned above have been the voguish hairstyles of their times and while the vintage and Y2K trend is still aflame, we can expect some of these hairstyles to be back into the fashion trends as well.

Vintage hairstyles can help you style for different occasions in a more fashionable way and add some shade to your outfit or grab the show. You can also try some of these easy vintage hairstyles on your own or get them done this season to get a classic look for the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 80s hair making a comeback?

The hairstyles of the 80s have been witnessed at the runways this year. The shag haircut, mullets, bangs, waves, and a lot more haircuts are trending this year. Even certain accessories such as hair bands and scrunchies of the 1980s are getting widely popular among the crowd.

What is the hairstyle for 2022?

There are various hairstyles that have been popular recently. Short hair has been losing its charm while long hair has been gaining popularity. But this does not mean short haircuts are not in trend at all. Pixie cuts, mullets, jaw-length or chin-length bob cuts are a few short haircuts that are quite into the trend at the moment. For long hair, shag cuts, long layers, etc. are a few haircuts that are in demand in 2022.

Are 70s hairstyles coming back?

The 70s hair trends are speculated to make a major comeback this year. The Y2K trend is on a rise and so are the retro hairstyles. The vintage hairstyles that were once popular in the 1970s have been spotted in a few runways and so they might be possibly making a comeback this time around.