We all had a crush on Emma Watson when she played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter movies. She was our first childhood crush! Due to this famous role, she was in the constant public spotlight since the age of ten. So, it was very necessary for her to be on top when it came to fashion and styling. 

She was cute back then with her amazing fashion sense. Now, she’s grown into a young woman, her classic and typical Emma Watson outfits have made the actress a heartthrob of people!  

The cute British actress, model, and ELLE style icon is adored for her take on preppy, off-duty style and ever-changing curls. On red carpets, she gives faultless appearances where her polished and stand-out dresses from the world’s most famous fashion houses become the talk of the fashion town! 

Emma Watson Outfits That One Must Know!

  • Wear black a lot!
  • The Earthshot prize look
  • Play with earrings
  • Go for tailored suits
  • Get a boho vibes
  • Amp up white outfits
  • The Beauty and The Beast premiere look
  • The glittering gold look!
  • The monochrome look
  • The fiery red!
  • Get leather jackets
  • Bring the off-shoulders out
  • Bring the metallic accessories back
  • Follow these Tips to Imitate Emma Watson’s Style!
  • Wear red lipstick
  • Go with brown and black hues
  • Keep your eyebrows full
  • Go brunette
  • Wear your hair medium-length
  • Wear an updo

Amazing Emma Watson Outfits You Should Try! 

The time has passed and gone are the days when we immediately picture Hermione Granger or when we hear Emma Watson. She has evolved her acting and now she’s Belle Beauty and the Beast, Meg from Little Women, a UN ambassador, a women’s rights activist, and an inspiring and outright fashion icon, often voicing support towards sustainable clothing. 

The cute and beautiful actress is known for her take on the preppy off-duty style. Apart from that, Emma Watson outfits for red carpets have a huge fan following. 

Emma Watson’s clothes will always lean towards a casual tone and she manages to look beautiful and fabulous in the simplest of garments. She also loves to rock minimalistic and masculine outfits effortlessly. How is she able to do that? Well, let’s see why girls adore Emma Watson’s style of clothing! 

Wear Black A Lot! 

A big part of Emma Watson outfits will feature the color black. You will often see her in black, especially when dressing up for an occasion like a red carpet. You will almost never see her in patterns or clothes that are too revealing or too clingy. This is the reason why many people have still carried their childhood crush for Emma Watson even today. She is the perfect combination of elegance and cuteness! 

Emma watson Outfits - Black

When you think about Emma Watson outfits, think about classic and elegant monochrome colors. If you don’t want to go for black, then choose gray, white, red, as these shades are favorites. You can also see her on the red carpet donning an all-white outfit! 

When you want to imitate the fashion of Emma Watson then frilly, lacy frocks, or overly shorts will not be included. Just think simple like a long caramel skirt with a silk black blouse, or a white pants suit, or a black blazer. 

The Earthshot Prize Look

Emma Watson stunned everyone when she stepped on the green carpet at the Earthshot prize on the 17th of October, 2021. For the event, she wore an up-cycled demi-couture dress designed by Harris Reed from his FOUND collection.

Emma watson Outfits- Earthshot

Reed shared the look on Instagram and explained that the outfit was crafted using old wedding dresses from Oxfam ‘with elegant H-flares’, styled with Harris Reed x Missoma earrings, rings, and bracelets. 

Play With Earrings 

Studs are sweet, hoops are urbane, but nothing comes close to looking as fancy as Watson go-to shiny and sparkling drops! She knows more than one way to work this accessory into her look! So, if you truly want to imitate the fashion of Emma Watson then get a pair or two of earrings.

Emma watson Outfits -Earrings

Go For Tailored Suits 

When it comes to suits, she is a pro at pulling off a smart suit! She may have breathtaking gowns but whenever she steps out in traditional monochrome or colorful suits, she mesmerizes her fans with her looks. 

It is just another Watson’s way to keep things rotating. She loves to mix things up with her fashion to avoid any monotony and she has been doing it since 2002. Tailored suits have been present in Emma’s wardrobe from that time. She just adores tailored suits. 

Emma watson Outfits - Suits

You will see her rocking both black and white pantsuits. She is also a huge fan of jackets and blazers, which she pairs with a buttoned-down shirt. This provides Watson with a business look with a touch of elegance and grace. 

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Get a boho vibe

A fashion magazine described Emma Watson’s looks as they are never too fuzzy and sometimes they are very relaxed. For instance, you will see Watson wearing a headband across her forehead, or sometimes there will be flowers in her brown hair. 

Above all, she has the courage to be herself and confidence in who she is. Watson often points out her flaws and imperfection in interviews. People love to follow Emma Watson’s style as it will let you be yourself. 

Amp up white outfits 

We worry that neutral colors will become monotonous without a big pop of colors. However, Emma perfectly knows that it is all about finding the best pieces with special details and some creating layering to make neutral colors amazing. 

Emma watson Outfits - White

She is a big fan of white shade and throughout her career, she has stepped out in plenty of all-white clothes. Be it a skirt with subtle prints, a dress with not-so-basic sleeves, or a three-piece suit accessorized with a wide hat, these all-white Emma Watson outfits have changed our perspective about this color. 

The Beauty and The Beast premiere look

Emma Watson’s custom-made Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci gown at the New York premiere of Beauty and The Beast was pure artistry! It provided the actress with the necessary chicness and dash of beauty with the help of a large bow in the back. 

Beauty and beast

The Glittering Gold Look! 

Glittering in gold, looking like a goddess! The then 19-year-old star made a fashion statement at the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 show at Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground during the famed London Fashion Week. 

She wore the brand’s very own look and graced a short-sleeved minidress with a half-zip front. With this fashion of Emma Watson, her slim figure was in the spotlight with a cinched black belt. 

The Monochrome Look

At the Cannes Film Festival, she oozed class at the screening of her movie, The Bling Ring. She was looking like a classic Hollywood star in Chanel Couture. The British beauty’s floor-length gown had a black sequined bodice that complemented a white tailored bottom perfectly. 


We tend to look black and white as the embodiment of sleek and classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with these shades. Take inspiration from this Emma Watson dress and work something amazing into your ensemble and spice things up.

The Fiery Red! 

For a pre-BAFTA party hosted by Lancome in London, the actress went bold and exercised her inner style icon with a fiery red dress. After the Harry Potter series, she showed her affection for lace in a bright red Valentino dress, which had a bubbled bow bottom. 

Emma Watson Outfits - Red

This Emma Watson outfit was bold and beautiful. She matched her makeup with her favorite red lip and topped the look with a pair of black strappy heels. 

Get Leather Jackets 

For nearly two decades, leather jackets have topped the fashion of Emma Watson. While she may have picked blazers to moto designs, she has always kept leather jackets near her heart. The reason is simple: leather jackets are super versatile, can be paired with everything from breezy maxis to mini skirts. 

Emma Watson Outfit- Leather Jacket

Bring The Off-Shoulders Out

Off-shoulders have been Watson’s feature clothing item. She is known for this type of look where a solid, structured, off-the-shoulder dress is styled with charming drops. Off-shoulders have always enhanced Emma Watson’s style and came across as an elegant and regal celebrity. 

Off Shoulder

That is why she has turned to this style again and again.   

Bring The Metallic Accessories Back 

Watson knows how to steal the spotlight, but oftentimes, she does it so simply and subtly with fun details in her outfit, like a dash of metallic. Metallic doesn’t always mean sequins. As an example, you can see Emma Watson’s outfit for Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2018 where she was wearing a long black gown paired with an enhanced, chain-like neckline to ensure that she wouldn’t be missed in the sea of stars.

Follow These Tips to Imitate Emma Watson’s Style! 

If you want to look like Emma Watson, then you will need to follow some tips. These tips will help you imitate the Harry Potter actress. So, read on and see how you can style yourself and look like the British actress: 

Wear Red Lipstick 

Emma Watson is a huge fan of bright red lipstick and you will find it most of the time wherever she dresses up for an event. Her preferred choices of hues are closer to orange-red than magenta. You will also see Emma using nude or neutral colors on her lips, especially when she wants to dress down. 

Her style is so easy to imitate because she is a huge fan of the natural look. She also said in an interview that she uses a toothbrush to exfoliate her lips. So, if you have creamy and unblemished skin like her then you should go for the bright red shade for lipstick. 

Go With Brown And Black Hues

The looks of Emma are not extravagant and vibrant but she plays up her eyes and that too subtly. You will rarely see her using false eyelashes and she is not someone who wears bright or garish pastel or sparkly colors. 

Emma Watson’s outfits and looks are always classic and understated. She usually applies taupe, gray, or brown eyeshadows to her upper lids. Along with that she also uses Kohl or brown eye pencil. She is a big fan of smoky eyes and wears black mascara on both her upper and lower lashes. 

However, with Emma, it is always neat and simple instead of being overly dramatic with eye makeup. 

Keep Your Eyebrows Full 

Keeping your eyebrows full doesn’t mean having thick brows! With Emma, you will see that her eyebrows are always nicely shaped but on the fuller side. She takes great care of them. According to her makeup artist, brows will not only frame your eyes but also enhance them. 

The makeup artist also said that Emma loves Benefit’s tinted brow gel and Anastasia’s Brow Pen. She uses them to shape her eyebrows. So, if you want to imitate the cute actress, don’t overpluck or tweeze your eyebrows. Thicker eyebrows enhance her young looks! 

Go Brunette 

You will always find Emma Watson with medium-brown hair. Sometimes, her hair will be highlighted with gold. Additionally, parted in the middle is her favorite hairstyle. However, you will also occasionally see her hair parted to the right side. 

You will never see her with bangs but rather her hair is all one length and you can also get them to pair them perfectly with Emma Watson clothes mentioned earlier. Her hair color does vary slightly from a darker brown to lighter brown, golden to somewhat redder hues. She doesn’t change her hair dramatically and if you want to imitate her then you should also avoid that! 

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Wear Your Hair Medium-Length 

As mentioned, you will not see her with bangs as typically, Emma doesn’t wear her hair too long or too short. Her hair falls just past shoulder length. When it comes to hairstyle, straight or slight waves are her go-to options. 

For waves, you can use sea salt spray or texturizing spray in your hair, use a large-barreled curling iron, or can sleep in braids. You may have noticed that once Emma did a short pixie cut. However, that didn’t feel like Emma Watson and sooner her more natural medium-length curls were back. 

Wear An Updo 

Whenever she goes out, you will see her in an updo. Emma is a big fan of pulling her hair back into an updo. Her feature look will be slightly tousled so that it doesn’t look overdone. You will often see her in a messy style with a natural look. 

In this look, curls of long bangs fall out to frame her face. You can also see her wearing her hair in large messy side braids. With an updo, she also experimented with parting to the ride side hair with her hair slicked down. 

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Final Words 

These Emma Watson outfits will help you dress like her and get the style you were looking for. Apart from that, the tips here will also help you get the exact look and pull off the best Emma Watson style. Try these clothes and follow these tips and turn yourself into your beloved heartthrob!