Though there may not be a Celine outfit on the red carpet of Met Gala, Celine ensured they made the headlines on May 4, Wednesday, by revealing their latest women’s winter collection. The director of the French house, Hedi Slimane, revealed the Winter 2022 women’s show which was titled “Dans Paris”. The exhibition took place at both the Hôtel de la Marine and Hôtel National des Invalides with Blackpink’s Lisa walking off the runway.

The brand pays homage to its roots as the first part of the collections is shot in the restored “Salons D’Apparat” in the Hôtel de la Marine. The collection is shot by Hedi Slimane himself and portrays what he is always good at elevating the everyday wears into something exceptional! Leah Hennessey was the one to create the music for the show, who’s also in the process of releasing her first album.

“Celine is never afraid to reinvent itself,” she said. “That facet of the brand is very much in line with my personality. Sometimes it feels like Celine pieces boost my charisma and my confidence. They make me feel empowered. I think that’s why Celine and I have such great synergy.”

stated Lisa of Blackpink

About The Collection

The Celine winter collection is all about 63 chic, sleek and sexy outfits made with leather and other premium materials. The Women’s Winter 2022 collection includes trousers, skirts, jackets, boots, heels, capes, coats, and blazers. One can also witness graphics and colors, a snakeskin-print skirt in shades of yellow and brown with a striped knitted sweater in red, white, and blue.

Not to mention, the collection also featured tons of bags and eye-wears as well. Meanwhile, the Matelassé Monochrome bag made its debut, along with the new Verneuil boot, Medium Triomphe Frame and the Trapeze Triomphe.

Lisa of Blackpink had been an ambassador for Celine from 2020 and made her debut on the Celine runway in 2021. She graced the runway for this collection wearing, once a silver sequin dress and next a black leather jacket over a black dress. Just as she stated, Lisa upholds the classy look of Celine fabulously!

The new Celine collection not only gives an upgrade to the streetwear outfits but also stays true to its Parisian culture in its own ways. Known for its design and unrivaled artistry, Celine again keeps up with its standard and did not fail to capture our hearts!

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