Sunglasses do more than protecting your eyes from direct sun rays. They’re incredibly useful in keeping the UV rays from reaching the eyes which if allowed could damage the retina and impair vision after longer exposure. While there are several sunglasses brands for women that cater to those seeking something sleek yet trendy, there are also brands that offer high-grade sunglasses that can glam up any outfit merely by wearing them.

Apart from these types of sunglasses, there are also thousands of sunglasses which are used for fashion purpose and are specifically designed by top fashion brands for particular collections, seasons, occasions, and so on.

Before you venture into learning about the best sunglasses brands for women, you should know that many types of sunglasses could also be designed for luxury apart from mere comfort. These kinds of sunglasses very well could cost beyond the average rates of common but equally efficient sunglasses and could also have precious gems and other valuables melded into them to provide superior quality and appearance for people who desire the panache.

Well Reputed Sunglasses Brands for Women

The following brands have made it to the top in the eyewear industry or have evidently been making some of the best sunglasses for women for many years. Check out these sunglasses brands for women to find your next best eyeshades:

  • Christian Dior
  • Versace
  • Prada
  • Michael Kors
  • Ray-Ban
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Gucci
  • Valentino
  • Police
  • Armani Exchange
  • Céline
  • Kate Spade
  • Tom Ford
  • Paul Smith
  • Maui Jim
  • Bulgari
  • DKNY
  • Coach
  • Burberry
  • Persol

Christian Dior

sunglasses brands for women

This luxury brand is popularly known for its impressive fragrances, fashion accessories, and clothing but it has also got some phenomenal sunglasses and custom eyewear. These vary based on different requirements of its wide customer base that is commonly media personalities and fashion models. You’ll be stunned with their collection that is updated each season and is never similar to the previous ones. Go for this brand for sunglasses if you desire panache and ultimate sophistication.

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Another famous brand for luxury goods, Versace offers a huge range of fashion eyewear including sunglasses and other Italian made fashion apparel & accessories. This brand is also a favorite among many celebrities as it is known to offer a suave blend of elegance and beauty in their designer collections that also extends to eyewear and more.


One of the oldest fashion houses, Prada is ubiquitously known for its classy and posh collections of clothing line and accessories that also includes a great many timeless sunglasses and other eyewear. It is one of the style icons in the industry for their luxurious products that are the talk of the town once they feature on the ramp.

Michael Kors

Owned by a multinational fashion giant, this brand is globally known for providing Nifty and swanky handbags, clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Their collection of Sunglasses has been applauded by legendary fashionista and donned by several important personalities of the world, to say the least. You’ll absolutely adore their collection for each item is crafted with a vision and specific appeal to suit the unique personalities.


sunglasses brands for women

Any list for eyewear is incomplete without the brand of Ray-Ban. Revolutionizing the world of fashion sunglasses, their range of the wayfarers, aviators, cat-eye glasses, are featured in oscar-winning movies and are adorned by athletes, models, and other famous entities. You name the type of eyewear and sunglasses and they have it. Get a Ray-Ban to effortlessly mesmerize anyone with a glance.

Dolce and Gabbana

There are trends and then there is a signature legendary fashion symbol and you can bet that Dolce & Gabbana is one of them. Established by two Italian designers, this fashion house has presented some innovative fashion designs that to date are raking in great desire and admiration. Their sunglasses are no less from their other handmade accessories and clothing. Owning an item of Dolce & Gabbana is indubitably a reflection of impeccable taste.


You need not look up this brand for they’re everywhere from being a favorite in pop culture to the center of the fashion world. Gucci is another grand fashion house that makes bespoke and wondrous eyewear, accessories, and more for eminent personalities and for people who desire all the luxuries of the world. Any pair of sunglasses by Gucci is easily a statement of confidence and class.


An Italian fashion brand, the Valentino has got numerous traditional but super cool frames for sunglasses and eyewear that are often the choice of multiple notable actresses, fashion models, and other honored people involved in the fashion and glamor industry. Get yourself a pair of their sunglasses collections to appear no less than a fashion model that has all the luxuries and the riches.


sunglasses brands for women

The Police is a luxury fashion brand that utilizes the finest elements to create their range of sunglasses. Their sleek designs and retro yet innovative eyewear has been advertised by several athletic legends and legendary Hollywood stars which makes Police and indispensable sunglasses brands for women of substance and charisma.

Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is a globally known brand that makes apparel and accessories for the youth which also contains a fantastic collection of urban eyewear that is contemporarily styled to reflect their quality of refinement. Their sunglasses are famed for their sophistication and pleasing aesthetic appearance that revs up the style quotient exceedingly for any type of face structure.


Céline is a marvelous Italian luxury brand that creates iconic clothing items and oomph worthy fashion accessories. It is also known for its supreme craftsmanship that utilizes symmetry and variations in an excellent manner that is iconic for being in top fashion all year round. You can find vivid eyewear frames and sunglasses which have immensely contributed to making this as one of the revered sunglasses brands for women.

Kate Spade

If you’re seeking something more unique that incorporates candid prints, refined materials, commendable craftsmanship, and nothing less then Kate Spade is that one brand you should shop for it is one of the impressive sunglasses brands for women. Their various sizes and colors of sunglasses could enhance clothing and accessories thereby making you no less than a div when you put them on.

Tom Ford

The sunglasses and eyewear made by Tom Ford are esteemed for their quality of exclusiveness and attention to detail. The minimalism yet stylish aspect of their eyewear is purely enchanting when it comes off with confidence and prestige that ultimately attributes to sleekness that is second to none. For a bold and effectively svelte personality, get the Tom Ford without a second doubt.

Paul Smith

The collection of Paul Smith has some quirky and eccentric pieces of eyewear that suit women superbly the same as their influential designs in clothing. Regarded as a renowned sunglasses brands for women, their range goes beyond innovative designs and exceeds the prime standards of the industry.

Maui Jim

sunglasses brands for women

Being the world’s third-largest sunglasses producer is no easy feat but it’s well handled by their team of professional designers. They’ve been creating each series of eyepiece carefully to provide accurate visibility upon their multi-layered frames. When choosing sunglasses brands for women, you certainly cannot go wrong with Maui Jim if you adore beautiful and aesthetic designs.


This fashion brand is known for merging the styles of distinct cultures for the purpose of inspiration and diversity to create stunning pieces of eyewear. Having already earned a great reputation as a luxury brand for their sophistication with eye for detail, the sunglasses of this illustrious brand reflect elegance and grace.


The go-to brand for fashion enthusiasts and honored fashion admirers, DKNY has got awe-inspiring sunglasses that can make you go ooh-la-la upon a glance. Their sensation eyewear has alluring designs that are capable of complementing any outfit with ease which also makes them perfect for women who desire something trendy and sturdy.

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The brilliantly eye-catching designs of sunglasses and eyewear made by Coach makes it a notable recommendation among the sunglasses brands for women. Their style icon pieces are inspired by art and cosmopolitan trends that never fail to gloriously captivate you with stunning beauty which also establishes them as an amazing fashion brand.


sunglasses brands for women


A lifestyle of comfort and sensibility can be reflected in the eyewear made by Burberry which prides itself on making signature frames and lenses of various shapes and sizes. Having numerous designs that qualify it to be one of the best sunglasses brands for women, the Burberry sunglasses will elevate your style quotient significantly as you wear them.


Crafted for professionals, the sunglasses made by Persol are a benchmark for quality and resolute incredible designs. People with legacy and valor choose this brand for its reliability which has earned it a name for being the best in the world. Being that said, it is easily among the top well reputable sunglasses brands for women too.