Having long and thick hair is a cursed blessing as you have to maintain it from time to time but on the other hand, you can get any haircut you want. If you are in long or short cuts, it doesn’t matter as you can ace any of the coolest long hairstyles for men with thick hair!

For guys with long hairs messy and textured style on top is the best bet and adds some fade into it and you have one of the craziest and stylish haircuts for you. But when the atmosphere is humid and hot, we long-haired guys have to look for something short and modish.

If you are planning to change your look and want to grow your hair and have a rough look then there are far too many long hairstyles for men with thick hair and you might get confused! Below, some of the best medium, long, and short hairstyles for thick hair is given.

Best long hairstyles for men with thick hair

Choosing a haircut might be easy for you but you still need to know how to maintain it and keep them styled. Choose the best product to style and maintain your haircut and boom. You can have the best long hairstyles for men with thick hair! Here are some of the best hairstyles that suit you the most.

  • Medium Length comb over fade
  • Faux hawk+Fade
  • Mid skin fade
  • The Leebo
  • The undercut quiff
  • The surfer
  • Taper Fade

 Medium Length Comb Over Fade

long hairstyles for men with thick hair

Hairstyle worn by many Hollywood icons and royalties, comb over is the haircut just designed for long classiness. Adding fade here in this haircut will revamp a vintage cut and turn them into a stylish and edgy haircut you have been yearning for! One of the best long hairstyles for men with thick hair, the medium fade will give you a modern and suave hair choice.

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Faux Hawk + Fade

Fade adds the much-needed contrast and definition into the simple faux hawk as you can turn your stylish faux hawk into a sharp and neat haircut.  If you have long curls then this hairstyle can be one of the long hairstyles for men with thick hair options for you.

Long or short fade, tapered or skin fade- decide your desired fade style and length of your top hair to achieve the perfection. Zayn Malik, Zac Efron, and Channing Tatum have made faux hawks into a sensation and one of the most desired haircuts among all age groups. A subtle yet stylish hairstyle; ace this haircut at the office and even at the club too!

Mid Skin Fade

long hairstyles for men with thick hair

A balancing haircut that will give you perfection between low fade and high fade, medium skin fade will give you the desired look with your long locks. Your amazing hair will fall below the temples and above your ears.

Staying right in the middle side of the head, the medium fade will give you enough hair density to add extra flair in your personality. If you are looking for a haircut that compliments your thick hair on top with short sides then mid fade is going to be your favorite haircut!

The Leebo

Leebo is a layered haircut and it is the real savior and saving you from getting a mediocre hairstyle with your perfect thick hair! The top will be cut heavily and the sides are cut gradually, which will make one of the most dapper medium haircuts for long hair.

If you are a fan of Cillian Murphy and watched Peaky Blinders then you are going to get this haircut on the first chance you will get! If you want to go for a versatile 70’s and 80’s look then keep your layers short. If you are looking for something vintage and classic then this is one of the best long hairstyles for men with thick hair.

The Undercut Quiff

long hairstyles for men with thick hair

A hybrid quiff style, the sides are completely shaved off and the top features a heavy bunch of hair. If you are looking to pull off a modern hipster look then this undercut quiff is your cup of coffee! If you play with the shapes and pair it with tapered or faded sides then your face cut will be appreciated.

The neat quiff is a haircut that can be ace when you need to attain a meeting or want to go to a party night; this versatile hairstyle will support you! Add a touch of elegance and suaveness with this trendy hairstyle.

The Surfer

Tousled hairs that are purposely messy, untidy, and unkempt but look still classy then you are looking at the surfer’s haircut! Long hair, untidy, and kept curly or wavy is the trademark of this hairstyle.

This haircut is inspired by hardcore surfer whose hair is bleached due to being in the sun for too long, soaked in salty water, and has received no to very minimal care. With one of the most elegant long hairstyles for men with thick hair, you need not take too much care of your hair as it looks best when it is messy!

Taper Fade

Also known as Brooklyn fade, this haircut gained popularity from the start of this millennium. Its popularity is quite sharp and in taper style, the side and back are cut short while leaving a significant amount of hair on the top.

Taper hairstyles can be cut shorter and can result in fading down to the skin. With low taper fade giving you a neat and clean look with you flowing a structured flair with your haircut!

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Final Words

If you are looking to maintain your long curls and want to refresh your look then these long hairstyles for men with thick hair will surely make you look dashing and classy. Try these amazing haircuts and show your thick hair in style!