No doubt these days our smartphone is the best tool to check the time, but still, wrist watches hold a special place in the fashion industry, all due to their elegance and refined look. Moreover, for a long time, watches have become a precious accessory for women; they like to wear a watch for style rather than just to check the time. Continue reading this guide to discover some of the best watches brands for women.

Many watch brands are pouring new styles and designs and putting the focus on bringing sophisticated, classic, and luxury watches to women of all ages. The weighty timepieces have gone so far, the term ‘watches’ has attained a new world which is full of a fashion-focused accessory now.

Obviously, when you have so many watch brands to choose from, sometimes it becomes challenging to know who offers what and which the best watches brands for women are. Additionally, many women put emphasis on buying a watch that matches their outfit or personality.

Best Watches Brands for Women

Do you know what? If you want a watch that looks industrial or interesting, it does not mean you have to borrow from men’s collection, even many watch brands design such watches for women to fit their lifestyle and aesthetic.

  • Rolex
  • Chanel
  • Cartier
  • Fossil
  • IWC Schaffhausen
  • Montblanc
  • Hublot
  • Chopard


Watches brands for women


Rolex has always been a top priority for most of the women who want to add a style to their personality. This brand is well-known for the combination of technical precision and resilience with stylish design. It offers chic watches in a wide range of metals and finishes, thus enabling women to choose the one that best suits their style. Great timepiece brand for decades!

This brand is always the right choice even if you want something to cater to the harshest conditions without any error, whether you are on the top of Mt. Everest or deep in the ocean. It offers every reason to be one of the best watches brands for women.

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If you are looking for luxury watches, then you need not go anywhere else except the wonderful watches collection of Chanel. This brand has something common and unique in all watch ranges, such as quality fabric, camellia flowers, and different shades of black and white.  No doubt, Chanel has gained a reputation among the best watches brands for women for its classic look, but you can also get watches with minimalist and androgynous designs.

Once going through its collection will surely get you in love with this brand and its designers as well. So, buy the one within your budget and get out of your home in style.


This brand is not only popular for its bracelets and Panthere jewelry, but has also gained a position in the top list of best watches brands for women for its many iconic timepieces. The rectangular tank watch was first introduced in 1917 by Cartier, which has now become a preference for many women. The brand has come up with a variety of styles, thus becoming one of the stylish brands for many women all around the world.

The watches designed by this brand add a touch of class to your outfits, no matter whether you have worn casual or professional attire. These watches are perfect to complement your evening outfits, thus taking the perfect place of a bracelet. 


Watches brands for women

Fossil is another one of the best watches brands for women, which is quite popular among both men and women for its quality leather goods. Similarly, Fossil is not behind other brands when it comes to watches. The watch collection of this brand has meshed and silicone straps. This watch brand has Americana origins and was founded in 1984.

Whether you are looking for a classic watch for yourself or want to gift it to your loved one, you have plenty of options to add a personal touch. If you want luxury yet chic watches that look awesome with all outfits you wear, Fossil can be your best brand for forever.

IWC Schaffhausen

Once you go through the watch collection of IWC Schaffhausen, you will get all the reasons for being famous among women of all ages. This brand is all about giving more attention to details and is providing unique yet stylish timepieces to women since the 1870s. The current designs and styles of this brand cater to the style needs of the women with compact case sizes for most of the popular models.

It also offers models in 18-carat gold and diamond versions, that can also be seen in the wrists of many celebrities. If you want something like this to add to your luxury accessory collection, it can be your perfect addition that represents the essence of beauty.



Montblanc is one of the leading luxury watch brands representing the European style in some elegant way. If you are the one who always appreciates the accessories with a combination of traditional and modernity, this brand can become your best choice ever. These watches are the mixture of precision technology and sporty details, thus everything is balanced greatly to offer something classic to the women.

The current collection of this brand also includes 60s style Boheme to the modern style timewalker. No matter what kind of watch you are looking for, this brand has many styles to offer, thus providing everything to suit your style.


This Swiss watch brand has Italian origins, because of being established by the Italian founder. Due to this, you can see a combination of bold designs with traditional style, thus giving you a sporty and energetic feel. Being linked with motor racing, this brand is more focused on the models which are inspired by cars and machinery. If you love wearing such kinds of watches, your search ends here.

The steel finishing gives these timepieces a style that is hardly found in any other brand. Moreover, a great brand for those you are a huge fan of Formula 1 and want a luxury timepiece to keep with them always.


Are you a great lover of diamonds and want your watches in the same way? Then, Chopard watches are meant just for you. This one of the best watches brands for women is known for its free-floating gems in the case which is truly stunning. Additionally, these watches work perfectly to add a fashion statement to your personality and style.

This brand offers a variety of watches for women as compared to those for men. The understanding of feminine elegance makes it one of the best brands than the others. If you want a watch that makes you feel like a princess, Chopard would be your best choice. Wear it with your matching jewelry and look stunning.

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Final Words

The days are gone when watches are meant for men only, no matter for what reasons. These days when the watch market for women is growing much faster than the men’s, you will not find difficulty in finding the best watches brands for women that not only offer stylish timepieces but provide different ways to check the time.

Whether you are wearing a dress, a pant, professional suit, or casual outfits, you have plenty of watches available in varied styles, designs, and features. All thanks to the watch brands for this fun accessory!