Dressing up for a celebratory evening can be a challenging task, especially the hairdos. Pulling off a flamboyant hairstyle with a gorgeous dress is extremely difficult and you need all the confidence you can muster to walk through with it. Getting a perfect hairstyle for an evening gown may not be as tough as it seems with the right guide.

Evening gowns are generally party dresses or outfits worn for formal occasions or events such as weddings, auctions, formal parties, award ceremonies, etc. Each occasion has its own type of dress code and how strict they are with regard to it. You need to choose the right hairstyle for the occasion and dress to be able to rock it.

There can be various barriers that may cause trouble while pulling out a hairdo. It may be your haircut or the hair length that may be a barrier to the hairdo, but there are still seamless ways to style them. We have the perfect guide for all types of hair, short and long, along with a few celebrities looks you can get for your event.

Hairstyle For Evening Gowns

  • Get The Celebrity Look With These Hairstyles
    • Taylor Swift
    • HoYeon Jung 
    • Alexandra Daddario 
    • Vanessa Hudgens 
  • Evening Gown Hairstyles For Long Hair
    • Unkempt Fishtail Braid
    • Cascade Braid 
    • Bejeweled Elegant Updo
    • Curly Top Knot
  • Evening Gown Hairstyles For Short Hair
    • Vintage Blonde Curls
    • Low Messy Formal Bun
    • Finger Waves
    • Waterfall Braid

Get The Celebrity Look With These Hairstyles

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

For all the short-haired ladies out there, here is the jaw-dropping class and vintage hairstyle pulled off by Taylor Swift. Glamor curls are always a good choice for strapless or single-strap gowns. Vintage curls complement as well as attract attention to your outfit and can be a perfect choice for evening gowns.


HoYeon Jung 

HoYeon Jung 

A braid never goes wrong on a classy evening gown and can be the easiest hairstyle to go for with an evening gown. The popular Korean actress Ho Yeon Jung can be seen rocking this simple braided hairstyle with a stunning evening gown and a similar hair ribbon as an accessory. If you do not want your hairstyle to stand out yet enhance your look, this is the easiest hairstyle for a gown to go for.

Alexandra Daddario 

Alexandra Daddario 

Getting evening gown hairstyles for long hair can be very confusing. But if you want a quick, easy yet trendy one, this is it. Alexandra Daddario’s simple, subtle and dashing look with this open hairstyle can be the one to give you the look you want. A side-swept waves hairstyle goes with almost any type of gown and can be achieved at home itself.

Vanessa Hudgens 

Vanessa Hudgens - hairstyle for evening gown

Vanessa Hudgens can be an inspiration for your next evening gown hairstyle. A sleek and straight middle part is an option for both long as well as short hair. With gowns that potentially allow you to flaunt your collarbone or neck, this hairstyle can be an ideal one for you to try. This is a simple, easy, and not much effort needed type of celebrity look you can smoothly carry.

Evening Gown Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hairs are a hassle when it comes to hairstyling. But the beautiful hairstyles that can be done with them are endless. Here are a few evening gown hairstyles for long hair you can pull off effortlessly.

Unkempt Fishtail Braid

A messy fishtail braid is a very suitable hairstyle for a gown dress. The hairstyle amazingly gives an edgy and beautiful look with the fishtail braid adorned with light accessories such as pearl pins or flowers. You can draw the braid towards the sides or towards the back, whichever suits your dress.

Cascade Braid 

For long hairs, a cascade braid can be a very interesting option to go with an evening dress. Cascading braids can be put together in different ways and however, you like. Accessories such as ribbons, pearl headbands, and pins can be used to add-on to the braids and the overall hairstyle to upgrade the hairstyle. This hairstyle can be very elegant and slightly feminine to doll up with an evening gown.

Bejeweled Elegant Updo

Bejeweled Elegant Updo- hairstyle for evening gown

Updos for long hair is the best hairstyle for an evening gown. Updos not only look elegant and voluminous but also help you flaunt your collarbone or dress. Strapless, one-sided or any other type of gown you have, an updo can be your option. Adorn the bun or hairstyle with accessories such as jeweled pins, combs, or jeweled headbands to suit your dress.

Curly Top Knot

A top knot can be the trendiest and easiest hairstyle for evening dresses. Pulling all your hair up and tying it into a knot can be the most simple and stylish way to do your hair for any event. You can also use accessories such as ribbons or hair clips that can complement your dress.

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Evening Gown Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair may seem to have limited possibilities to style but it need not be plain! Curls, waves, straight and sleek, there are several interesting ways to do your short hair. Below are a few hairstyles for short hair to guide you through them.

Vintage Blonde Curls

Vintage Blonde Curls- hairstyle for evening gown

One of the best hairstyles for evening gowns is vintage curls. Vintage curls are popular for blonde hair but can be pulled up on any type of hair color or type. If your outfit is as classy as the hair trend then this is the hairdo that will stun everyone in the room. Vintage curls look the best on short hair and are easy to do too.

Low Messy Formal Bun

A low messy bun is an all-time favorite hairdo. If you want your short hair to be pulled into a bun, this is the hairstyle for you. Low and messy buns are always in trend and give a voguish look to the outfit. This is a simple and quick hairstyle you can put together along with your evening gown.

Finger Waves

Finger Waves- hairstyle for evening gown

Finger waves have been very popular among celebrities and give an old-school but fashionable outlook. Finger waves are the easiest and most chic hairstyles for short hairs that can be done along with evening gowns or dresses. 

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are normally used for long hair but short hairs can go for waterfall hairstyles as well. It gives an artistic and beautiful look to the short hair while styling them up a bit. You can garnish the braids with flowers or other small accessories to get a more pretty look.

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Final Words

Evening gowns and pretty hairstyles can be head-turners when paired compatible with each other. Getting a hairstyle that gets you all the attention in the room need not be so tough if you know what you can do with your hair.

Short hair, long hair, and any celebrity look above can be a very good choice for most types of evening dresses. The next time you need to dress up for an evening party or event, you can try these hairstyles for evening gowns for the types of hair you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hairstyle is best for a gown?

Messy curls, retro or vintage curls and waves, different types of braids such as fishtail braids, mermaid braids, cascade braids, etc., semi-braided hairdos, etc are some of the best hairstyles for evening gowns.

What hairstyle suits an evening gown?

Bejeweled updos such as twists, chignons, side buns, etc can be a few suitable hairstyles for evening gowns. Other hairstyles can be to keep your hair open and style them with waves or curls and add accessories like headbands or clips to them.

Which hairstyle is best for a party?

Mermaid braids, buns, messy hairstyles or waves, and curls can be quite suitable for parties. Other hairstyles can be top knot, cascading braids, fishtail braids, sleek and straight ponytails, or open hair if you want a chic look for the party.

What is the hair trend for 2022?

Medium and long hair are currently trending along with naturally textured hairstyles. Short hair is out of the trends for this spring but a few short hairstyles such as Hollywood waves or straight middle partitions are still trending timelessly.

What is the most popular women’s hairstyle 2022?

Bob cut, pixie, beach waves, different types of braids, afro, and naturally textured hairstyles are recently popular trends for 2022.