Prom is a ‘big deal’ for all teenagers! Pretty outfits, accessories, hairstyles, everything seems so exciting, doesn’t it? So are you wondering how to style your hair on this special occasion? Don’t worry, we have your back. We have all the easy prom hairstyles for long hair right here for you to pick from. 

Long and straight hair can be surprisingly easy to style for prom. To enhance your hairstyles, it would be a good idea to add accessories for prom. You can garnish your hair with gilded embellishments and pins, jeweled combs or hairpieces, ribbons, mini bows, floral or studded crowns, delicate vines, or fancy headbands! 

You can try curling your hair or doing some waves on your straight hair this prom. But if you don’t like the thought of running your hair through the heat, there are yet hairstyles for you to try without those. These are some very easy prom hairstyles for long straight hair to shine on your prom night.

Easy Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

  • Waterfall Braids
  • Hair Bow
  • Half Up Half Down Ponytail
  • Glamorous Vintage Waves
  • Flower Braids
  • Mermaid Braids
  • Twisted Fishtail Braids
  • Top Knot
  • Sleek High Ponytail
  • Low Bun With Accessories
  • Straight Hair with A Twist

Waterfall Braids

Waves and curls along with braids can be an outstanding combination for your prom. But these trending braids will take you a level up. A very creative hairstyle for long hair, waterfall braids can be a very good choice. 

You can try adding a tiara, crown, or studded pins to it too. And no problem if you do not want to curl or wave your hair. You can keep them straight or just how they are. This easy prom hairstyle for long hair can be done at home too. But of course, it needs your time to be perfect.

Prom Waterfall Hairstyles

Hair Bow 

A cute little bow tie can, no doubt, give you a pretty and elegant look. You may even have tied ribbons. But have you tied your hair as a bow tie? Yes, an unusual and pretty bow tie with your very own hair. This prom hairstyle is perfect for those who want to go for something unique with their long hair. 

You can curl, wave, straighten or braid your hair with this hairstyle. It will look dashing as always, so go experiment with this style.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Half Up Half Down Ponytail

A half-up half-down ponytail will be a better choice for you if you like your hair down and tied. This prom hairstyle for long hair will give you a young but modern look without making you look like a little girl. 

Half up Half down ponytail

It looks the best when you curl or wave. But you can keep the hair straight too if you like it that way. You can try adding a crown, hairpiece, or clips to elaborate it.

Glamorous Vintage Waves

Now, this hairstyle is just classy. Vintage waves give you the glam up you need to outshine on your prom night effortlessly. And for long hair, it’s just the best idea you can have for a hairstyle.

This hairstyle is for those who want their hair falling down in a dramatic manner. No ties or braids are needed. This is an easy prom hairstyle for long hair you can try at home too. You can clip your hair on one of the sides or maybe wear a crown to feel like a star!

Glamorous Vintage Waves

Flower Braid

Adding flowers to your hair is a great way to adorn your hair. But flowery braids can be an even better way. This prom hairstyle for long hair can make you look absolutely adorable without doing anything much.

Flower Braid Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Curls and waves are, as always, an option you can go for an elevated look. But straight hair has its own beauty with this hairstyle. This simple hairstyle is something you can try on your own at home.

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Mermaid Braid

An amazingly unique hairstyle you can wear to your prom is a mermaid hairstyle. Mermaid curls or mermaid braids or both, anything you want. This hairstyle gives you a mystical and magnificent look. 

Mermaid Briad

Curls and waves along with this hairstyle go well but so does straight hair. You can do a complete mermaid braid or a half braid or even just mermaid waves if you like your hair open. The braid may look a bit difficult but it may end up being one of the best hairstyles to do for your prom!

Twisted Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid alone is fine too. However, if you want your hair down, this flaunting hairstyle is for you to try. The hair twisted to the back and tied into a pretty fishtail braid will give you an alluring image. 

Twisted Fishtail Braid prom hairstyle for long hair

The curls and waves are an option here. A simple but intricate hairstyle, as it is, needs a touch-up with embellishments and pins. A floral tiara or some studded pins would work the magic finely.

Top Knot

Top knots look fabulous on long hair. If you think the weather is going to be hot and feel like wearing your hair up, this is something you can try. Top knots can be sleek or messy, however, you like it. 

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

No ironing is needed if you do not want to use them. Updos can be a bit difficult but top knots will be worth the time you spend. It gives a stylish and chic look to spice up your outfit. You can think about wearing a tiara or a hairpiece along if you go for this hairdo.

Sleek High Ponytail

For all straight hair lovers, this prom hairstyle is for you. Braids and curls can be an option because straight hair rocks this hairstyle stunningly. 

No need to use the curling iron for this prom hairstyle if you do not want to. This prom hairstyle for long straight hair can be done at home without spending too much time and effort. If you feel it’s too plain, you can add a clip or hairpiece to it.

Low Bun With Accessories

If you are thinking about updos, low buns are what you should go for. Not only do they look graceful but also very exquisite.

Buns do not necessarily need curls or waves. But they do need time and effort to look perfect. But it’s all worth your wait because the result is bewitching! Buns are the hairstyle you have a lot of options for. So you can choose the one that is most suitable for your outfit. Embellishments, pins, hairpieces, or any other accessories you might want to add to this hairstyle will decorate it delightfully.

Low Bun - Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Straight Hair With A Twist

Now, this hairstyle is when you need a quick, easy, and stylish look. A twist is all you need for you to get ready for the night. 

Straight Hair With A Twist prom Hairstyle for long hair

Long and beautiful hair, when left open, looks the most brilliant. If you do not want to spend too much time on your hairstyle or want a simple one, here it is. All you need to do is twist it from either or both sides and you are done. You can just wear clips or hairpieces to improvise it a bit. 

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Final Words

Styling your long beautiful hair for your most awaited prom night might not be as difficult as you think. If you have the right outfit, accessories, and tools, you can steal the limelight undoubtedly. 

You might also want to think about how hot the weather would be while choosing the outfit and hairstyle. So, try these easy prom hairstyles for long hair and wear the one which goes best with your outfit. Any of these latest styles will help you easily shine on your prom!