lus-size fashion is a big challenge for a lot of women. No thanks to the fashion brands who do little to be more inclusive of women of larger sizes. It is no surprise that it is even more difficult for plus size women to find maternity clothes that fit them well and do not make them uncomfortable.

Although Instagram models and actresses make it look so easy with their perfectly shaped belly bump and skinny hands and legs. However, finding clothes that flatter your figure and yet provide comfort and mobility are extremely difficult to find.

Choosing the correct set of plus size maternity clothes can be difficult to find, especially when it is extremely important for you to feel relaxed and leave some breathing room for pregnancy swelling. Also, every pregnancy outfit that you wear need not be a loose and plain garb.

Maternity Clothes for Plus Size Women

  • Important tips
  • Maxi to the rescue
  • T-shirts all the way
  • Mom jeans, queens
  • Leggings are a woman’s best friend
  • Don’t underestimate your underwear
  • Little black dress to impress
  • Layering

plus size clothes

Important Tips

Since your size will keep varying even during the pregnancy phase, it is important to take care of a few basic requirements when you are looking for plus size maternity clothes-

maternity clothes

  • Make sure the fabric stretches: If you are opting to buy something form-fitting then make sure that the fabric is elastic and ensure that you are comfortable wearing it even if some parts of your body are swollen or have grown drastically.
  • Essential and staple: This is the mantra to live by since these are clothes you won’t use after 9 months unless you are pregnant again. Hence, it is pointless to spend a large sum of money on maternity clothes, make sure you only buy the staples that you need on a day to day basis and the essentials that you cannot do without.
  • Airy Fabric: With constant pangs of morning sickness and restlessness, it is difficult to maintain sanity let alone manage clothes that make you feel hot or irritable. Make sure the clothes you invest in are lightweight fabrics that are porous and allow airflow.

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Maxi to the rescue

maxi dresses

A form-fitting version of this popular dress may help to make you feel less frumpy as your body and silhouette change. It allows room to breathe gives you ample mobility and is a very comfortable option for maternity wear.

T-shirts all the way

t-shirts for pregnant

Buy a few stretchy maternity T-shirts in white, grey, and black. These are classic colors and it will be easy to team them with different bottoms, skirts and even to cover-up dresses. Nothing tops off a pair of jeans better than this most basic of basics.

Mom jeans, queens


With so many changes happening to your body, you’ll feel comforted that you can still throw on a pair of jeans. These jeans are built of a special fabric blended in to make the jeans more comfortable and stretchy. And once you try super-comfy maternity jeans, you may never want to go back to your old ones.

Leggings are a woman’s best friend

maternity clothes

It’s a good idea to have a few pairs of leggings in rotation. They mold to your body and are hands-down the best option for comfort.

Don’t underestimate your underwear

clothes for plus size

Invest in comfortable but pretty underwear and a few stylish, supportive bras. Being intentional about this most intimate layer of clothing sets the tone for every else you put on. It helps shape the body well and makes sure that you do not look like you are wearing ill-fitting clothing.

Little black dress to impress

You’ll need a little black dress or two that you feel confident in and can wear to a wedding, a shower, or an after-work event. This makes sure you are not caught off guard and allows you to be prepared for any occasion.

black clothes for pregnant

Depending on the occasion you can pair this dress with diamond earrings or a colorful shrug to form some new looks and change your appearance without having to spend on different plus size maternity clothes.

Menswear is the Answer:

If you are shopping for plus size maternity clothes on a budget, you will be disappointed to know that the price for good quality maternity clothes is quite high. This is because they are designed and made with the special needs of a growing woman in mind.

maternity clothes

However, there is a way to find the same level of comfort in other places. The men’s section in any store will help you find loose and comfortable clothing that will have enough room for your growing belly and will prove to be a smarter alternative to expensive maternity wear.


The best way to hide or mask your growing belly to appear more proportionate while wearing plus size maternity wear is to make sure to add layers to your outfit. This creates a slimming effect and makes you look leaner than you are. An oversized blazer is a great second layer. It’ll keep you looking chic and will fit even as you grow throughout your pregnancy.

plus size clothes

With these ideas for plus size maternity clothes, you are bound to make a style statement during these exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Make sure you make the most of these tips when you go shopping for maternity wear and become one of the most stylish moms to be with these ideas for plus size maternity wear!