To put it simply, fashion is the curation of different garments, accessories to reflect on your style and make your personality stand out without having to say or do anything.

Fashion has always been timeless with different old styles and statement pieces making their way to the runway time and again, with the touch of different designers and different twists and tweaks.

The vintage era has a defined style that is evergreen. It is, to this date, one of the best ways to exude elegance and dress in a chic manner or give off sophisticated vibes. Several vintage style dresses will flatter a fuller body and make you look fashionable.

Here are some plus size vintage dresses for women

Plus Size Vintage Dresses

  • Flapper Dress
  • Sequence all the Way
  • Swing Dress
  • Puffed Sleeve
  • Long-Sleeved Maxi
  • Plaid Skater Dress
  • Wiggle Dress
  • Pinafore Dress
  • Caped Gown

vintage dresses

Flapper Dress

Most of us cannot help but picture Daisy from the Great Gatsby while thinking of vintage dresses, and you aren’t wrong! One of the most iconic dresses shown in the movie was a black flapper dress and it looked dapper on her.

vintage dress

This is one of the most memorable styles from the vintage era. It makes for great plus size vintage dresses for women because it adds structure by creating an illusion of another layer, slimming down the entire body.

Sequence all the Way

One of the best things about the vintage era fashion is their love for all things shiny. The vintage era lets you be more experimental and free. Form-fitting sequin dresses scream vintage and you can pair them with a nice pair of heels to rock any party you go to.

Sequence dress

The sequence creates a tasteful distraction and makes you look more structured. This is why it is one of the best plus size vintage dresses for women

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Swing Dress

vintage swing dress

One of the most iconic vintage era pieces was the swing dress. This dress is capable of creating an ensemble that oozes sophistication. This is one of the best options for plus size women and tends to cover your knees. This gives it a slimming effect as it makes you look taller.

Puffed Sleeves

This is one of the most fashionable styles to be used in the vintage era. This effect can make your hands appear slimmer, creating an illusion of a leaner and more toned body. You can easily pull off a bodycon dress with puffed sleeves for a night out or a dinner date.

different sleeves dress

This helps accentuate your curves while creating an illusion to give a leaner effect. The dramatic sleeve takes attention away from your torso and hides your body fat well effectively.

Long-Sleeved Maxi

One of the best ways to ooze class when you are looking for a plus size vintage dresses for women is to wear a long-sleeved maxi. To make it appear more vintage, you can choose fabrics such as velvet in brighter hues such as peacock blue. Such a dress paired with long diamond earrings, a statement necklace, and a studded clutch will make you stand out in a crowd.

vintage dress

This look is sure to give you a royal appearance and is one of the best plus size vintage dresses for women as the length and the fall makes you look more toned. You can experiment with a modest slit to add some glamour to the look. Make sure to try on a pair of gloves to complete the look for a fancy dinner or a big event.

Plaid Skater Dress


One of the best ways to find one of the best plus size vintage dresses for women is to look for a plaid dress. Plaid dresses are marked with large colorful cheques. These large prints tend to make the body seem smaller. Hence, it creates a perfect illusion for plus size women to feel more confident. Try looking for a skater dress that is tapered until your waist and then the flow makes it easier to mask a heavier bottom or a muffin top.

Wiggle Dress

Although the word vintage makes a particularly vivid picture in your mind, there are many plus size vintage dresses that are chicer and suitable for an office. One of these dresses is the wiggle dress that is made to reach below your knee. Making you look taller and slimmer.

vintage look

This is also a straight-cut dress that makes your body appear more squared and taking attention away from tummy tiers and unflattering curves.

Pinafore Dress

vintage dresses

This is one of the more playful vintage dresses for plus size women. It can be teamed with scarves and headbands to make it a summer-friendly outfit for a fun day out. You can team it up with ankle-length boots to make it an autumn-ready outfit. Beads can make a pinafore dress look more sophisticated and can be used as a wedding outfit when teamed with the right jewelry.

Caped Gown

One of the best plus size vintage dresses for women is a Caped Gown. The added details make you appear slimmer as they attract attention away from your torso and your curves. This is a great choice for anyone who is looking to dress for a fancy dinner date or a work function.

vintage gown

This dress can be teamed with pearls and diamonds, to make the outfit complete. Do not undermine the effect of a veiled beret or headgear with feathers to add that extra oomph factor and make sure to turn heads.

With these plus size vintage dresses for women, you can dress to impress with a remarkable outfit that stands out in the crowd and transcends all barriers of time and size as far as beauty standards are considered. Go ahead try these dresses today!