Fashion is what you chose to carry with confidence. It is an unfortunate idea that fashion is limited to the trends that make the runway that season or the petite and well-sculpted models that showcase those trends on the runway.

To look your best and to make the most of your clothes, accessories, and looks, you have to make sure that what you pick in terms of clothes, makeup, and even hairstyles complements your body structure and skin tone.

Take time to look through your options and figure out what works best for your body. If you are a plus-size woman who has a rounder face, there are many ways in which you can make your face look more chiseled and make your face look longer.

  • Pixie Bob Pointed Hair
  • Blonde Curls
  • Messed up Curls
  • Coloured Uneven Hair
  • Mushroom Bob
  • Straight Bob
  • Short Bob
  • Straight Locks

Pixie Bob Pointed Hair

This haircut allows you to sport a hairstyle that ends above your shoulders. The best length to experiment with this hairstyle is to keep your hair half or one inch above your shoulder length.

This makes your neck look longer giving your face an overall leaner and longer look. This is one of the most popular hairstyles for plus size women to flaunt.


hairstyles for plus size women

The hair on both sides is kept pointing out to make sure they cup the face and give it a lean appearance.

This hairstyle is great for plus size women as it inevitably makes the face look slimmer and adding makeup to this look you can make your face look more chiseled.

Blonde Curls

If you have naturally blonde hair or you have bleached your beautiful hair to this popular shade, you can try creating blonde curls if you want to experiment with hairstyles for plus size women.

If you are on the bulkier side, this is a great hairstyle to try as it adding soft curls at the end of your hair adds some volume to the ends making it seem more voluminous at the ends and attracting more attention.

This is why it works best for plus size women and can be used to create a chic look.

Messed up Curls

Messed up curls are one of the great hairstyles for plus size women.

This hairstyle adds definition to the upper end of your head making it look more balanced and adding to the slimming effect of the short haircut.

Best hairstyles that look Chic

If you have a double chin, this is a great way to take attention away from your chin and hence this is a great way to hide facial fat.

This is a versatile hairstyle and it allows plus-size women to style it in any way and allow them to glamourize it.

Coloured Uneven Hair

This is a great hairstyle that allows you to hide your face fat and allows this haircut can be styled in many different ways.

The uneven length of hair takes attention away from your double chin and face fat and this hairstyle tends to cut the face in. The long locks in the in front accentuates the curves of your face making it look slimmer.

The color just adds to the effect. The illusion of texture that the hair color creates makes your face look longer and slimmer.

Mushroom Bob

This hairstyle allows your hair to look like it has a lot of volumes and this sleek style makes your face look longer. This takes away from the roundness of the face and makes the face a little longer.

The best length to create this illusion, cut your hair to a length where it is a few inches below the chin. The added volume takes attention away from your cheeks and your double chin.

You can even work with a longer bob. It can be straightened with a flat iron for a neat and polished look.

A flirty look can be created with the use of a curling iron to add some effects to your hairstyle on a special day.

Straight Bob

The haircut is perfect for office people as it requires very little maintenance and it looks very chic and makes you feel more confident in yourself.

To create this look, you should keep your bangs straight and keep your front locks slightly longer than your shoulder level. This makes the face look slimmer.

Hairstyle for women

This tends to bring out a more feminine side and goes well with a-line, form-fitting and plume dresses. This look can help you rock your board room look.

Short Bob

If you have a chubby face then this hairstyle is your ideal match. Not all hairstyle looks good on chubby faces, yet this one is going to be your favorite.

This short hairstyle gives the perfect amount of volume, creating an illusion wherein the chin area looks angular due to the volume on the sides, especially if it finishes up just an inch down the chin. This hairstyle is cool as well as smart.

This can also be a great summer hairstyle for plus size women.

Straight Locks

This hairstyle is one for the more feminine ones. For plus-size women, a good hairstyle is a game-changer. In this hairstyle, you can do a middle partition and the side locks can be long so much so that they reach your chest levels.

Hairstyles for plus size women

This gives a very sleek look. This hairstyle can be paired up with off shoulder crop tops and printed palazzo and the look will get you in the limelight.


These are most popular hairstyles for plus size women that help your face look slimmer and make sure that you can mask your face fat better. This will help you change your looks and make you realize that it is an important aspect of your looks and makes a lot of difference in your appearance.

Go ahead and try these hairstyles for plus size women.

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