Are you looking for the most popular and the best celebrity hairstyles for men? If that’s the case, check out this list of the best male celebrity hairstyles in 2022.

Girls adore males who keep up with the latest fashion trends, particularly hairstyles. Men usually get down on their knees for their women, but it can also be the other way around. You’ll be pleased to learn that when you style classy, trendy, and edgy, girls go weak at the knees. You’ll be sure to make a fashion statement this season with your sleeves rolled up secret cologne, and, most importantly, the perfect haircut.

In the year 2022, there was a lot of variety in men’s fashion, with celebrities not afraid to experiment with their hair and style it differently at every event.

  • Male Celebrities Hairstyle In 2022
  • List of Best Male Celebrity Hairstyles
  • Andrew Garfield’s Messy But Domesticated Hairstyle
  • Buzz Cut By Will Smith
  • Daniel Craig’s Classic Man Hairstyle
  • David Beckham’s Hairstyle
  • Medium Messy Cut By Johnny Depp
  • Side Parted Pompadour Haircut By Liam Hemsworth
  • Henry Cavill’s Gentleman’s Brush Up
  • Ryan Reynolds Buzzcut and Side Part
  • Jake Gyllenhaal’s Textured Crop
  • Jensen Ackles’s Angular Hairstyle
  • Paul Rudd’s Bold Quiff
  • Stephen Amell’s Tapered Hairstyle
  • Michael Fassbender’s Messy Caesar
  • Harry Styles Medium Length Haircut
  • Steven R. McQueen’s Curtain Hairstyle

List of Best Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities sometimes set the standard for men’s hairstyles. Many celebrities have been known to create popular hairstyles, while others sport unusual haircuts that have gained a cult following.

So, without further ado, have a look at the top greatest celebrity hairstyles for guys that you may wear in 2022.

Andrew Garfield’s Messy But Domesticated Hairstyle

Not all messy hairstyles have to be laid-back. This is a terrific haircut that is tamed rather than messy and creates a fashionable appearance. Andrew Garfield, a well-known actor, has been spotted with this hairdo. 

To seem exceptionally trendy, these kinds of hair should be styled by a professional. Keep your hair basic to make messy hair stylish. When mixing your brush, don’t go overboard. Allow it to have a revival look by brushing the pages back with your fingers.

celebrity hairstyles - Andrew Garfield’s Messy But Domesticated Hairstyle

Buzz Cut By Will Smith

The buzz cut is a low-maintenance, clean shortcut, similar to an army cut. Currently, one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles for males. This haircut is for you if you have curly hair that is a touch dark or more white in color.

When it comes to celebrities, you may try these celebrity hairstyles just like Will Smith, Paul Walker, Ryan Reynolds, Zayn Malik, and others.

You can also cut your hair and wear a fashionable t-shirt and ripped jeans if you follow such celebs. It gives you the appearance of a well-dressed guy. The best thing about this hairdo is how simple it looks. A slightly longer buzz cut, similar to an army stubble, is another variation of this haircut.

celebrity hairstyles - Buzz Cut By Will Smith

Daniel Craig’s Classic Man Hairstyle

This haircut was required for any male who wanted to seem fashionable in the 1950s. Fashion is back in style in 2022 again, and many celebrities are adopting it. Daniel Craig, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Timber, David Beckham, and Leonardo Dicaprio, among other celebrities, have all tried it at least once.

To achieve the finest look with this hairdo, clean your shave. This style adds elegance and brilliance to the look when the sleek Pompadour top is brushed back with sides.

celebrity hairstyles - Daniel Craig’s Classic Man Hairstyle

David Beckham’s Hairstyle

David Beckham, one of the most handsome men of all time, wears this hairstyle in a number of fashions. As a result, you can imagine how popular this haircut is. With a tuxedo, this trendy hairdo is stylish and creates a sharp look.

The hair is trimmed long and evenly arranged against the combed sides’ ends. If your hair is spiky, use hair gel to set it. David Beckham, as previously stated, is a fan of this style and is well-known by his name among all.

David Beckham’s Hairstyle

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Medium Messy Cut By Johnny Depp

Girls went crazy for this all-time favorite celebrity hairstyle. You’ll need to let your hair grow a little longer to achieve this look. This style has a rough but fashionable appearance. Hollywood superstars such as Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Hemsworth, and others have used this hairstyle.

You can wear the suit past in style or try it with plaid shirts. If your height is suitable, you will undoubtedly have a celebrity appearance. Allow your hair to grow to a medium length before cutting and styling it. It goes with any outfit. It looks wonderful on all hair types, whether curly, wavy, or straight.

Medium Messy Cut By Johnny Depp

Side Parted Pompadour Haircut By Liam Hemsworth

This is another of the most popular hairstyles for celebrities in 2022 that is both classy and bold. There are other Pompadour men’s hairstyles, but the side-parted Pompadour hairdo is timeless. This fashionable hairstyle was popular among Hollywood stars in the 1990s. They’ve made a comeback, though with some modifications.

Liam Hemsworth, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, and others commonly rock this nostalgic yet striking hairstyle. This look works well with a suit and a stylish bow tie.

Pompadour can be worn with hair of different lengths. The sides are trimmed to military short hair length, while the back of the head is full of thick long hair that can be parted on the side.

Side Parted Pompadour Haircut By Liam Hemsworth

Henry Cavill’s Gentleman’s Brush Up

This sweeping style is ideal for gentlemen. This sophisticated and delicate cut is for the man who prefers to keep things classy.

Henry Cavill’s hairdo is simple, with the brushed-up hair in the center as the focal point. The contrast distinguishes the style from many others, and it’s ideal if you want to spice up your entire look with something a little different. It’s a good change from your typical hairstyle.

Henry Cavill’s Gentleman’s Brush Up

Ryan Reynolds Buzzcut and Side Part

A buzzcut is a good choice for men who want to style their hair properly. Considering Ryan Reynolds’ haircut, you may achieve a nice hairdo by combining the buzz cut with a side part. On the other hand, this hairstyle is also great, especially for people who wish to look clever.

This hairdo looks great with shaven facial hair. This light facial hair is simple, yet it adds to men’s mature appearance. It must always be remembered not to rub when removing the remnants of water from the strands of hair.

Ryan Reynolds Buzzcut and Side Part

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Textured Crop

This textured style is simple but effective. This haircut is elegant and low-maintenance because it is cropped close to the head.

The hairdo worn by Jake Gyllenhaal here is a great example of what can be done with short hair. Instead of wearing his hair in the classic pompadour or spiked styles, Gyllenhaal opts for dense hair on top and trimmed sides. As a result, this hairstyle has a perfect look that is as good at home or at school as it is on the red carpet.

celebrity hairstyles - Jake Gyllenhaal’s Textured Crop

Jensen Ackles’s Angular Hairstyle

Jensen Ackles’ easygoing hairdo showcases what can be achieved when a terrific cut and proper styling are combined. The end result is a full, angular style that works well with practically any hair type.

Some haircuts rely more on the styling technique than on the actual haircutting process. This look is dependent on both––the balance of the two must be perfect to achieve this look. The saw toothed edges, light quiff, and cut sides of Ackles’ hair combine to create a great hairdo that’s easy to enjoy.

celebrity hairstyles - Jensen Ackles’s Angular Hairstyle

Paul Rudd’s Bold Quiff

Paul Rudd’s hairdo works as a frame to highlight his face and beard. Add a little quiff to the top for a more daring effect.

While many haircuts use a swept-up look to highlight the forehead, Rudd’s style takes it to the next level. Because of the thickness it provides, this is an excellent solution for men with receding hairlines. Rudd’s silky-smooth texture is most likely due to a high-quality style product, but this cut is suitable for all hair types.

celebrity hairstyles - Paul Rudd’s Bold Quiff

Stephen Amell’s Tapered Hairstyle

Stephen Amell has a lovely tapering hairdo that looks like a mountain peak. This look is nice for more professional contexts and retains its style when paired with fluffy hair.

Some of these men’s famous hairstyles have been a little wild, but Amell’s is considerably more traditional, which makes it appropriate for the job. Amell has a mild widow’s peak, which you may notice if you look closely. This hairstyle is a lovely option if you’re not afraid to show off yours.

celebrity hairstyles - Stephen Amell’s Tapered Hairstyle

Michael Fassbender’s Messy Caesar

Michael Fassbender opts for a trimmed hairstyle inspired by close-cut trends. This low-maintenance style might be right for you if you prefer messier hairstyles.

More and more celebrities have recently been spotted wearing messier haircuts that blur the line between Hollywood and regular life. Fassbender’s hairdo is one of the more carefree men’s best celebrity hairstyles on this list, and it’s perfect for any guy looking for a simple but fun look. This hairstyle is all about pulling the hair, just like Gyllenhaal’s.

celebrity hairstyles - Michael Fassbender's Messy Caesar

Harry Styles Medium Length Haircut

Harry Styles is well-known not just for his beautiful voice, but also for his good looks, fashion sense, and his hairstyles. Styles, the short-haired one, is back. He’s abandoned his shoulder-length days, as well as the chin-grazing cut he sported recently, in favor of a top mop with some volume. There’s a lot of grooming nonchalance going on here, with his naturally thick hair and carefree flopping curls resulting in a totally beautiful cut. This is his most smooth and effortless hairstyle to date. This is one of the coolest and most popular male celebrity hairstyles.

celebrity hairstyles - Harry Styles

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Steven R. McQueen’s Curtain Hairstyle

On the red carpet, celebrities don’t necessarily have to look perfectly dressed for the occasion. Steven R. McQueen demonstrated something a little more relaxed. This long haircut with curtain bangs is excellent for an everyday look because it looks so youthful and relaxed. With a trimmed beard, you can try this beautiful hairdo for any date or casual look.

celebrity hairstyles - Steven R Mcqueen

Final Words

From perfectly done quiffs to chaotic curly looks, these are 15 of our favorite men’s best celebrity hairstyles that showcase the latest in men’s style. Celebrity hairstyles are fantastic to look at and choose from while planning your next hairstyle.


What hairstyle does Ryan Reynolds have in 2022?

Short Shaggy and Layered Bangs: All of Ryan Reynolds’ hairstyles thus far have been short hairstyles. In comparison to the other cuts, Ryan opts for a longer top hairstyle in this list. Short bangs are added and swept sideways in a shaggy style, and the hair at the back and sides is tapered.

Which male celebrity has the best hair?

Here’s a round-up of the top A-list men’s hairstyles (metaphorically, not practically). This person’s hairstyles aren’t going to win any medals for creativity, but they’re all good selections. They already have a lot of awards on their mantlepiece, so they don’t need anymore!
– Orlando Bloom
– Ryan Gosling
– Bradley Cooper
– Liam Hemsworth
– Hugh Jackman
– Ben Affleck
– Dev Patel
– Will Smith

Which men’s hairstyle is in trend?

Loose Undercut: A loose undercut is a fantastic variation of the traditional men’s hairstyle. It has a longer top that may be worn messy or slicked back for a more polished effect. If you want to give this popular men’s hairdo a little more edge, match it with a beard.