Love the way Jungkook dresses? Want to try dressing like him? BTS has not only taken over the world with its music but also with its amazing outfits! Music, visuals, fashion, and BTS have some fabulous stuff to offer us every now and then! 

From absolutely dashing stage performances to the airport fashion, you can rest assured to get served with the best outfits. Each member has their own fashion taste and preference and is unique to their personality. Jungkook’s fashion style can be seen as more minimalist and edgy. 

Most of us are fascinated by the way they dress and want to try dressing the same. If you are one of those fans who love to dress up as your bias or are a fashionista impressed by the dressing style of Jungkook. Here is a style book inspired by Jungkook that you can go for and recreate some of his easiest but stylish looks.

Jungkook Airport Fashion Outfits To Recreate

  • BTS Jungkook Inspired Outfits You Can Recreate Easily
    • Turtleneck And Trench Coat
    • Baggy Pants With Oversized Tee 
    • Jogger Pants With Oversized Pullover
    • The Tie-Dye Outfit
    • Leather Outfit
    • Layered With Jackets 
    • Matching Sets
    • Layering Shirts With Jackets
    • Tees With Skinny Jeans.

BTS Jungkook Inspired Outfits You Can Recreate Easily

Turtleneck And Trench Coat

One of the most iconic outfits that blew up on the internet was the one where he wore a turtleneck and skinny jeans with a trench coat on top. We can say that Jungkook’s fashion style is top-notch and we can get a similar style too with our daily wardrobe.

What To Wear- A solid color, preferably of a neutral shade, paired with black denim and a black or brown trench coat can be a perfect outfit for a casual occasion or a date night! You can add platform boots or combat ankle-high boots to match the outfit. 

Jungkook Fashion

Cargo Pants With Oversized Tee 

Cargo pants and oversized t-shirts are one of the most fashionable casual outfits. If you are aware of BTS Jungkook’s fashion choices then you may have seen him in this outfit very frequently. The outfit is not only comfortable but also a trending fashion with both cargo pants and oversized tee coming back into trend.

What To Wear- For this outfit, you can go monochrome or wear denim cargo pants and tuck in the tee. A shirt, jacket, or coat to layer the tee along with a beanie would be a perfect addition to the outfit. For footwear, you can go with combat boots or ankle-high boots.

Jungkook Fashion

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Joggers With Oversized Pullover

If you know Jungkook’s clothing style, you may have come across this one very frequently. An oversized pullover or hoodie can never go wrong. And definitely not, when paired with stylish joggers. You can also get a tech-wear look with this outfit if you add a few accessories to it. A pullover can be your apparel to wear for any casual occasion or even on a daily basis so that you can go out in style no matter what. 

What To Wear- Joggers and oversized pullovers are just perfect to wear for an everyday voguish look. You can slip on an oversized pullover or sweatshirt over neutral-colored, monochrome or denim joggers. Joggers usually go well with ankle-high boots and shoes or sneakers too.

Jungkook Fashion

The Tie-Dye Outfit

The tie-dye trend has always been in and out of fashion but it was also one of the most popular Jungkook fashion outfits. He paired a complete tie-dye shirt along with dyed cargo pants and a black tee. This gave the outfit a very unusually captivating look. 

What To Wear- You can get a similar outfit with a tie-dye tee paired with denim or tie-dye pants with solid colored tees. And for a layer, you can add a denim jacket or a matching jacket over it. You can also go for a monochrome look like Jungkook did.

Jungkook Fashion

Leather Outfit

Jungkook’s fashion style is somewhat edgy and he has frequently been spotted wearing leather apparel. Leather is never out of style, is flexible to wear, and can be worn in any season. Leather is ideal for party outfits no matter what you pair them with. Having a leather jacket or leather pants can come in handy if you do not want to spend much time dressing for a party.

What To Wear- Leather jackets worn with plain solid colored tees and denim are one choice if you do not want it too edgy. If you want a more spicy outfit, you can go for an all-black look with a black leather jacket, black tee, and black leather pants. For footwear, you can go for platform boots with either a contrasting shade or the usual black.

Jungkook Fashion

Layered With Jackets 

BTS Jungkook fashion can be said to be incomplete without a jacket in it. Jackets are amazing wardrobe apparels to invest into. Varsity jackets, leather jackets or even shackets are good investments if you want to improve your style. You can also choose to wear a jacket alone without layering it much. 

What To Wear- Turtlenecks, flannels, plaids, oversized tees or even pullovers can be paired with jackets. For bottoms, joggers, cargo pants, leather pants or even skinny jeans can be used to pair any of the above tops. Add a bucket hat and a sling bag to the picture with black boots or sneakers and you can get a perfect fashionista look!

Matching Set

If you want an outfit similar to Jungkook’s clothing style, a matching set can be something very chic you can go for. A matching set can be denim on a denim look or a matching set of printed top and bottom too. Jungkook showed his fans with these outfits that he can rock any type of outfit effortlessly.

What To Wear- A matching outfit is quite popular in Korea and you can achieve this look by wearing any type of matching top and bottom. Denim on denim or the same printed shirt or jacket with pants is the best type of matching set. You can also wear a printed tee or pants and pair it with a neutral color or denim and add a jacket with the same color or print.

Layering Shirts With Jackets 

BTS Jungkook fashion can never be complete without jackets. A shirt can definitely be worn alone. But why wear a plain shirt when you can enhance the fit by adding a jacket to it. An oversized shirt layered with denim, leather, padded, or bomber jacket looks very cool. This can make a dashing party outfit for you without needing much effort.

What To Wear- You can go for plaids, patterned shirts, or even solid-colored plain shirts to wear underneath jackets. A denim jacket or leather jacket along with an oversized plaid or flannel shirt looks really stylish. You can pair a solid-colored mid-length shirt with a jacket if you want a party look rather than a casual look. Pair this outfit with either combat boots or Chelsea boots according to the occasion.

Jungkook Fashion

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Tees With Skinny Jeans

One of the most famous Jungkook airport fashions is his tucked-in tee paired with skinny jeans and a belt. A casual or oversized tee tucked in skinny jeans makes a very fashionable outfit. Either tucking it in completely or leaving it open at the back, can be good options. One of the best parts about this outfit is, it does not take too much effort to style!

What To Wear- If you have an oversized tee or even a regular mid-length one, you can go for this style. Any plain or graphic tee can be a good option for tucking in. You can go for a monochrome black or white look here. Or even a neutral palette works for these types of outfits. But denim and a plain tee are all better if you want to play it safe.

Final Words

BTS maknae Jeon Jungkook is not only looked up to for his amazing vocals and dancing skills but also for his mind-blowing fashion style. Jungkook in black is a very common sight to see but Jungkook in any outfit is ‘a sight to behold’. After all, in any outfit you wear the key to pulling it off is the confidence it takes. 

If you like any of the above outfits, try making your own similar outfits to get a Jungkook-inspired outfit. And just like Jungkook does, black can never go wrong if you like it hip and classy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand does Jungkook wear?

Each member of BTS has a distinct, off-stage fashion style. Among them, Jungkook’s fashion tends to lean more towards laid-back and casual outfits. He is often spotted wearing brands such as Balenciaga, H&M, and Topman, and streetwear labels Off-White and Obey.

What is fashion for Jungkook?

Jungkook has some chic fashion sense when it comes to street style. Often he is seen slaying the oversized look. A casual oversized black t-shirt paired with baggy denim jeans and a flannel shirt is one of his most iconic airport fashion looks. A comfortable, edgy, and yet very classy style is what can be said of Jungkook’s fashion style.