Let’s be honest: no one would have predicted that the wire-framed, floppy-haired man from One Direction would end up being one of the most stylish men alive today—not you, not us, not big-name designers, nor the essential businesses for which they work.

The One Directioner-turned-Hollywood starring man accomplished a lot by doing (very) little: his love of high-waisted flared trousers, voluptuous pussy bows, a single dangle earring, sheer lace sleeves, and general “fancy attire” has gained him both fans and critics. 

Though Styles is far from the first male to “gender-bend” sartorial standards (a laurel he frequently appears to be blessed with), his satisfaction in enjoying fashion, despite whatever social demands to adapt to toxic masculinity may pile on him, is undoubtedly aspirational.

Do you want to look like him? Continue reading to discover all of the Harry styles, outfits, and wardrobe essentials you’ll need to look for.

Harry Styles Outfits: An Ultimate Fashion Guide

  • List of Harry Styles Iconic Outfits
  • Sheer Luck
  • Prep-Inspired Layers
  • Think Pink
  • Pop of Color
  • Rethink Your Accessories
  • Pants, Please
  • Nod to Grunge
  • All in the Details
  • ’70s Nostalgia
  • Loud Patterns
  • Head-to-Toe Prints
  • Chelsea Boots and Cuban Collars
  • Paisley Prowess
  • Harry Styles Concert Outfits
  • Philadelphia, September 17th
  • Atlanta, October 28th
  • Harryween looks, New York, October 30th and 31st
  • Glendale, Arizona, November 13th
  • Los Angeles, November 17th

List of Harry Styles Iconic Outfits

Harry Styles is one of the world’s most famous songwriters and singers. He’s found a thriving solo career and has become one of the music industry’s top fashion icons since quitting One Direction in 2016, from his days in the boy band to his androgynous Met Gala appearances.

Over the last few years, the British superstar has maintained his reputation as a style icon to keep an eye on. If you haven’t already fallen down the rabbit hole of iconic Harry styles outfits moments, here are some of his most famous Harry styles outfits.

Sheer Luck

Keep it simple by wearing your favorite black pants with an attractive sheer or chiffon blouse on top.

chiffon blouse - harry styles outfits

Prep-Inspired Layers

Layer a sweater vest over a button-down shirt and wide-leg trousers to indulge in the sweater vest trend.

harry styles prep inspired outfits

Think Pink

With various variations of pink tailored, Harry Styles frequently recalls Elle Woods. The Sign of the Times singer isn’t hesitant to embrace the rosy hue, wearing everything from a hot pink Gucci suit with big peak lapels and a somewhat sheer white pussy-bow blouse to a salmon pink Alexander McQueen suit with floral embroidery.

harry styles pink outfits

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Pop of Color

Combine a traditional crewneck sweater with a Peter Pan collar and colorful pants. Don’t forget the pearl string.

harry styles colorful outfits

Rethink Your Accessories

Before Harry Styles grabbed fashion by storm, you might not have thought of a feather boa as a decent everyday adornment. But now that you know how cool it looks, we hope you’ll consider it.

Accessorize your outfits

Pants, Please

Boring clothes are never an option when you have a pair of statement pants like these.

Funky Pants

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Nod to Grunge

Looking for some Harry Styles style inspiration that suits the current ’90s revival? Combine a graphic tee with plaids and baggy bottoms for a grungy look.

Nod to Grunge

All in the Details

For your next evening out, dress up your separates with statement pieces like a collared top, bright knitwear, and a pearl necklace.

Harry styles detailed outfits

’70s Nostalgia

Choose earthy tones to give your jacket, tee, and pants combination a 1970s vibe.

Harry Styles 70s Outfits

Loud Patterns

When adopting Harry Styles’ style, a bold pattern is frequently seen. Try a patterned vest with casual pants this season.

Loud Patterns

Head-to-Toe Prints

A patterned pantsuit is a perfect way to make a statement in a best Harry Styles outfit. For good measure, add a top-handle bag.

Head To toe prints

Chelsea Boots and Cuban Collars

Long hair, thin jeans, Chelsea boots (often Saint Laurent), and plain or patterned (occasionally Cuban collared) shirts worn unbuttoned were Harry Styles’ signature looks from 2013 to 2015. (also often Saint Laurent). Styles’ rocker style was edgy, yet it remained within the boyband’s sartorial area.

Chelsea Boots and Cuban Collars

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Paisley Prowess

For the 2017 leg of his self-titled tour, Styles has an exclusive tour relationship with Gucci, with the Italian fashion label responsible for all of his colorful ensembles. However, as of 2018, he has begun to expand his horizons by collaborating with other couture firms. 

Alexander McQueen is one of the most interesting, as the British fashion house’s unique material and subversive tailoring are a perfect complement for Styles’ glam rock image. Consider this double-breasted purple paisley suit worn by the Watermelon Sugar vocalist to the 2017 Arias.

Paisley Prowess

Harry Styles Concert Outfits

The outfits have been a key focus of the tour, in a proper Harry Styles way. And anyone interested in the specifics of his clothing has had it simple — the singer’s complete wardrobe was given by Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, with much of it custom crafted. Here are some of the various Harry Styles concert outfits.

Philadelphia, September 17th

Lambert’s color choices for his Philadelphia event were inspired by the pink and blue cover of Styles’ second studio album, Fine Line. These colors have become connected with this period of the singer’s career, so matching them with the tour’s iconic silhouette was a stroke of genius. 

This costume was as visually intriguing as it was significant to Styles’ more fantastic body of work, with tan suspenders, a gold cross-chain, and white boots. As with the all-red design from the Atlanta show, the shirt was broken up with subtle texture, this time with, ironically, fine lines. As a stylist, Harry Lambert understands that the devil is in the details.

Philadelphia, September 17th concert outfits

Atlanta, October 28th

The second Atlanta show’s entire blood red outfit with black suspenders is a famous illustration of Love on Tour’s signature appearance. The textured, delicate floral pattern running through the shirt and strongly contrasting black suspenders part ways the outfit when unbuttoned to the chest. 

As an on-the-nose tribute to the concept of love… being on tour, both red and pink as color choices showed heavily during the tour. Styles looks like an obscenely attractive Cupid in this, by far, one of the most striking instances of red as a fashion choice.

Atlanta, October 28th - Concert Outfits

Harryween looks, New York, October 30th and 31st

“Harryween” was first announced two years ago when Styles invited his fans to dress up in costume for his two Madison Square Garden shows, promising to return the favor. 

He definitely delivered. The first night, he and his entire band dressed up as The Wizard of Oz’s outfit, and the second night, they transformed into Pierrot clowns (all provided by Gucci, of course).

Harryween looks, New York, October 30th and 31st

Glendale, Arizona, November 13th

The Glendale event featured an almost sheer blouse instead of a shirt, a slight change from the typical tour dress. The top’s more feminine touch was well complemented by the Wedgwood-inspired blue and cream pants. 

The stern complements the soft fabric choices in this outfit, with cut edges on the cuffs and trouser waist. This tailoring reveals how personalized Styles’ Gucci clothing is. The fit of the clothes is elegant, resulting in an incredibly clean overall appearance.

Glendale, Arizona, November 13th

Los Angeles, November 17th

This standout arrived late, but it was definitely worth the wait. Styles emerged at the first of his three LA presentations in a 2019 Gucci velvet flowery vest and matching emerald green trousers, one of the much-desired all-green costumes. 

The dress represents everything excellent about the singer’s current fashion era, which is classic in cut but striking in color and print. Lambert’s decision to have Harry go topless underneath the folk-inspired vest allows the garment to stand out while also displaying the singer’s tattoos and allowing him to breathe under the stage lights. It’s a look worth going crazy about.

harry styles LA concert outfits

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Final Words

That is it, this is the all major and best Harry styles outfits. Harry Styles is all about defying boundaries, both in fashion and in gender. Wearing something that others do not consider stylish might be frightening at times. However, fashion is about expressing oneself. You can do anything if Harry can transform from a sailor to a pirate.


What kind of style does Harry Styles have?

Styles has become known for his love for high-waisted trousers, massive necklaces, and dazzling boots, owing to his tight relationship with Gucci’s Alessandro Michele. He never has to worry about running out of any of them.

What brand do Harry Styles wear?

Harry was named the face of Gucci’s Cruise 2019 Tailoring Campaign in 2018. Then, for the 2019 Met Gala, he donned a sheer, lacy Gucci top with a single pearl earring. Harry featured on the cover of US Vogue in December 2020, sporting a blue Gucci gown and a Gucci tuxedo jacket.

Why does Harry dress like a girl?

As a child, Harry described it as “absolutely mind-blowing.” Now I’ll put on something colorful that doesn’t make me feel ridiculous.” In addition, Harry says: “I believe that getting something that makes you feel fantastic is akin to getting a superhero outfit. Clothes are for having fun, experimenting, and playing with.

Where did Harry Styles get his fine line outfit from?

The pants (and the rest of the suit) are custom Gucci, which makes sense given that Styles is the brand’s face and is rarely seen, not dressed in Gucci. Because it was custom-made, this costume will most likely be stored in a cryogenically frozen vault that is guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week.