Since sandals are great for the hot season and boots are the perfect footwear for winter, loafers are something that gives you the best choice for transitional seasons. Fall and spring seasons give you the freedom to experiment with different types of footwear – anything from sandals to boots, from flats to heels.

Loafers are the timeless footwear that every woman must have in her closet. Moreover, you can pair them with any outfit, from skirts to jeans and from casual to professional attire. Some of the best loafers include penny loafers with some height, embellished loafers that look like elegant slippers, and others. Just go through online footwear stores and enter the world of loafers.

When it comes to how to style loafers womens, you have plenty of ways to pair your outfits with different types of loafers. Whether you are going for a casual outing or a formal meeting, there is a loafer for you. From classic penny loafers to chain-linked loafers, they are as elegant as other types of footwear out there in the market.

You can also find a variety of contemporary loafers from various brands that are made with comfort and eco-friendly materials. The loafers with a pumped-up platform are something that comes under the street style.

So, it’s time to invest in the best loafers and to learn how to style loafers womens. From the basic to bold, you have various women’s loafer styles that you can wear daily or on special occasions. Oh, don’t forget to wear ankle socks.

A Proper Guide On How To Style Womens Loafers

  • Types Of Loafers For Women
  • Different Ways To Style Loafers
  • Wear Loafers with Mini-skirts or Shorts
  • Wear Loafers with Black Jeans
  • Wear Loafers with White Shirts and Blouses
  • Wear Loafers with Straight-leg Jeans
  • Wear Loafers with Wide-leg Jeans
  • Wear Loafers with Baggy Sweater
  • Wear Loafers with Beige Trousers
  • Wear Loafers with Summer Midi Skirt
  • Wear Loafers with Cream Jeans

Types Of Loafers For Women

If you are thinking of investing in some of the best and smart shoes, you can never go wrong with loafers that are your go-to footwear for any outfit and occasion. They look perfect with jeans and a blazer, a midi dress, shorts, trousers, or anything you wear.

Some of the common types of women loafers to shop for right now are:

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are one of the most popular loafer styles. This name justifies the fact that you can fit a penny between the space in the center of the leather strap in these loafers. This strap crosses the top of the shoe.

Penny Loafer

Gucci Loafers

These loafers were the first to introduce shoes with a horse-bit style metal bar on the upper. These loafers are an entirely timeless investment for many women. More to this, you will be able to find various high street dupes.

Gucci loafers

Tassel Loafers

These styles of women loafers were designed by the Alden Shoe Company. These loafers have decorative tassels on the top. You will love the way the tied laces are designed over the loafers. This is something that makes them different from other loafers’ styles.

Tassel Loafers

Heeled Loafers

Traditionally, loafers were usually flat. The main reason behind this is that they were started as menswear. But, heeled loafers for women are in great trend these days.

How to style heeled Loafers

Mule-style Loafers

Mule-style loafers are quite popular right now. You can opt for loafers with the flat platform or with a heel. If you love wearing mules, you must try these loafers, and you will definitely be going to love them.

Mule Style Loafers

Basket Loafers

These loafers are the result of extensive research to offer the best breathable and beachy option. If you are looking for simple yet stylish loafers, they can be your best choice. They give you high comfort and are also easy to wear.

Basket Loafers

Canvas Loafers

These woven-style shoes have been on trend for many years. Also, if you have a pair of canvas loafers in your shoe collection, wearing them with any outfit will give you a simple and chic look.

Canvas Loafers

Different Ways To Style Loafers

If you are feeling sad that you can’t wear your stilettos to any event or occasion due to any reason, you can go with fashionable and comfy loafers. You can style women’s loafers with any outfit. Here, you will be able to see how to style loafers with different womens outfits.

Wear Loafers with Mini-skirts or Shorts

You style your outfits with loafers in a number of ways. You can wear any top over your black mini skirt or shorts. What will make this outfit amazing is pairing it with flat, black loafers. You can choose loafers with a gold or silver metal decoration on the upper and a flat sole.

Do you have a lovely, pleated tennis skirt in your closet? It is the right time to pair it with flat shoes as it will keep you looking smart. Here, loafers will be the perfect shoe option to get a smart-casual and chic look.

Wear Loafers with Black Jeans

During cool spring days, nothing would be more comfortable than straight-leg black jeans with a cropped hem above the ankles. It is something that can give you a streamlined silhouette. You can pair your jeans with a tucked-in white top, and you can also choose to wear a lightweight duster coat over it with open at the front.

How to style womens loafer with black jeans

Enhance this look with a stylish handbag to get a bit of warmth. Finish this look with black loafers that have a thick sole, a pointed toe, and have some traditional embellishment. This combination of a monochrome outfit and chic loafers is the perfect option for a fabulous minimalist look.

Wear Loafers with White Shirts and Blouses

Long lace collars and large collars of shirts and blouses are in trend. If you want to create a Puritan look, you can try wearing these shirts or blouses as ultra-fashionable pieces. So, what about wearing a white shirt with long collars? This will look great when covered with a trendy black sweater vest.

For the bottom, you can choose a brown midi-skirt with black flowers on the fabric, or you can also wear a black midi-skirt. Finish this look with black ankle-length socks and loafers. Overall, you will be able to create a wonderful style contrast for your outfit.

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Wear Loafers with Straight-leg Jeans

If you are wondering how to style loafers with womens jeans women, you can try Prada loafers. These types of loafers are quite popular these days. You can wear black loafers with any outfit you want, especially with all types of jeans. If you are going to wear straight-leg jeans with a sewn hem, loafers work great with them.

To get a stylish yet casual look, pair your jeans with a polo-neck sweater, and for more coverage, opt for wearing a V-neck coat with a belted style. For more stylish appeal, you can add black ankle socks with your Prada loafers. This is something that will complete your casual yet stylish outfit.

How to style womens loafer with straight legged jeans

Wear Loafers with Wide-leg Jeans

There is no doubt that loafers can be your perfect footwear to pair with flappy, wide-leg jeans. See You can style loafers womens with wide-leg jeans to create a good balance and a simple, sleek silhouette. You can choose to wear wide-leg jeans with a V-neck blouse and tuck in at the waist. The best jeans will be navy-black wide-leg jeans.

You can wear a black wool coat over this outfit during winters. What will make your overall look more amazing is to pair it with a small shoulder bag. What’s more? Don’t forget to add a pair of flat, plain loafers without any embellishment to get a popular minimalist look.

Wear Loafers with Baggy Sweater

All shades of brown make the fashion colors this year. If you love to wear a combination of jeans and a sweater, here is the perfect look for you with a pair of loafers. You can opt for wearing a camel-colored oversized sweater. Try to get the one with a collar. If you have a stylish sweater, you can wear it for a more classic look.

You can match your sweater with medium-rise light blue jeans. If you have mom jeans, you can choose to wear them as well. Make sure to wear a brown leather belt on your jeans. Now, adding a cross-body handbag, ankle socks, and black loafers. You can choose to wear black loafers with gold embroidery on the upper. This will give you a superb casual and high-fashion look that you can wear anywhere.

How to style womens loafer with baggy sweater

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Wear Loafers with Beige Trousers

If you love wearing lighter colors, you should not miss trying a wide-legged beige trouser with a pair of black and white loafers. These loafers are something that has the power to add more personality than one-color shoes.

You can wear a sweater of any color or pattern that matches the color of this trouser. The best sweater would be with a light-beige background and any color on the front.

Make sure to wear a wide-legged trouser with a good fit around the waist and hips. It will help you wear a loose-fitting jumper to get a casual and stylish vibe. If you choose to pair this outfit with smart, black and white loafers, nothing would be better than this modern yet casual combination for daytime wear. You can even wear this combination at the office as well.

Wear Loafers with Cream Jeans

When it is warm outside, you always look for something simple yet elegant that you can wear anytime you want. The combination of white t-shirt with short sleeves and cream straight-leg jeans gives you a classic look that you can never go wrong with.

Moreover, you can highlight your waist by wearing a brown leather belt. Make sure to choose jeans that come one or two inches above your ankles. Now, what about footwear? Get a lovely pair of brown leather loafers with some gold embellishment on the upper to complete your look.

Wear Loafers with Summer Midi Skirt

When it comes to the summer, flowy midi skirts are one of the most attractive and comfortable outfits to wear. You can get a more sophisticated look by choosing a nice pair of loafers. It is true that loafers were invented with the aim to give walking shoes to women. But, things have changed completely.

Now, loafers are considered one of the most stylish shoes for women. Moreover, you can also wear them for summer strolls and hiking activities. In the summer, you can opt for loafers in a variety of colors, such as pink, yellow, cream, brown, or any of your favorite colors, with a printed, flared midi skirt.

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How do you style womens loafers?

You have a number of ways to style women’s loafers. You can wear them with fitted ankle pants, and they can be in any color, such as black, khaki, or white. You can also pair your loafers with skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and even sweatpants. Wearing a classic pencil skirt or a belted knee-length dress with loafers gives you a staple office look.

What can you wear loafers with?

If you are looking for comfortable shoes, loafers can be your best choice. You can wear them with casual and formal outfits, such as leather leggings, jeans, midi dresses, pleated skirts, jumpsuits, skater dresses, shorts, pencil skirts, sweatpants, and many others.

Are loafers in style?

Yes, loafers are in style. They have never gone out of style. Whatever outfit you wear, the classic loafers are something that can never make you go wrong. Moreover, loafers are seasonless and come in a variety of styles and materials. They are one of the worthiest footwear options of all time.

Can loafers be worn with a dress?

Yes, loafers work great with dresses, such as midi dress and skater dress. Wearing loafers with a midi dress gives you a feminine look and also something more casual. When you pair your loafers with a skater dress, it will give you a preppy look.

Are penny loafers in style women?

Flat penny loafers are great, and they never go out of style. You can wear these types of loafers in any color with dark and slim jeans, with casual trousers, with suits, and even with a tuxedo.