Scarlett Johansson or, as most of us know, the ‘Black Widow” actress is one of the most outstanding and versatile actresses in Hollywood. Being one of the most influential personalities in American cinema, Scarlett has never disappointed us with her acting skills.

But another most amusing part about Scarlett is her fashion and dressing sense both on and off the camera. Johansson has been spotted in splendid outfits several times on the red carpet as well as during other events

Widely known for her sophisticated dressing and apparels, Scarlett Johansson has the ability to balance out sexy with elegance through her outfits and we love this charm! The charisma she carries is visible in the way she carries all the lovely attires. However, the best part is, that most of her streetwears are extremely easy to recreate and this is what we are here to help you with.

The Most Alluring Scarlett Johansson Outfits 

  • Scarlett Johansson-The Best Red Carpet Looks
    • Oscar De La Renta Corset Dress
    • Armani Prive Deep Plunging Gown
    • Michael Kors Sequin Dress
    • Atelier Versace Feathered Gown 
    • Oscar De La Renta Strapless Cutout Dress
    • Tom Ford Asymmetric Tuxedo
  • Scarlett Johansson Outfits To Recreate
    • Crop Top And Slacks
    • Skirt Suit
    • Turtleneck With Slacks
    • Halter Crop Top And Pants
    • Polka Dot High Neck Jumpsuit
    • Square Black Dress With Stocking
    • Leather Skirt With Trench Coat
    • Black Leather Jumpsuit
    • Cardigan And Shirt With Skinny Jeans
    • Corset With Blazer

Scarlett Johansson-The Best Red Carpet Looks

Oscar De La Renta Corset Dress 

This was one of the best Scarlett Johansson outfits we got to witness on the red carpet. The strapless golden corset gown was worn by her during the Oscars of 2020. The gown was designed by the talented Oscar De La Renta and it fitted her perfectly from head to toe! She kept the accessories to the minimum with only earrings and bracelets. The hair is also tied in a bun so the entire outfit is in the spotlight with the rest of the look complementing it in the backdrop.

scarlett johansson - Oscar

Armani Prive Deep Plunging Gown

We know, the color suits Scarlett just magnificently! This teal colored deep plunge gown was meant for the 2020 SAG Awards and a designer piece from Armani Prive. The dress looks stunning, sexy and yet has a touch of sophistication. Again, the accessories are lightweight with only earrings and simple bracelets doing the work. But the hair is held back so the entire outfit is visible perfectly and grabs the attention.

Armani Prive Deep Plunging Gown

Michael Kors Sequin Dress 

The silver shimmering sequin dress was one of the breathtaking outfits at the New York premiere of ‘Rough Night’. The halter neck and cutout bodycon dress was specially designed by Michael Kors and Scarlett, undoubtedly, did justice to it! The dress, as shiny as it was, did not need much accessories so she only wore small earrings to aid its look.

Michael Kors Sequin Dress

Atelier Versace Feathered Gown

Now ‘this’ dress is one of those jaw-dropping dresses we get to see at the red carpets. This pink beaded and feathered gown was a designer piece of Atelier Versace so you can expect the glamorous touch to it! Scarlett wore this dress for the 2020 EE British Academy Film Awards and nailed the look flawlessly. The only accessory she chose was the long pair of earrings to go with it and it looks stunning. The piece is one of the most sexy and enchanting outfits Johansson has worn on the red carpet!

Atelier Versace Feathered Gown

Oscar De La Renta Strapless Cutout Dress 

The champagne color is beautiful but so is the embellishment and the cut that features Scarlett Johansson’s famous tattoo. The gorgeous strapless gown was again a piece from Oscar De La Renta and Johansson coordinated the dress with strappy silver Jimmy Choo heels and a Judith Leiber crystal-embedded clutch. The gown was everything you would expect for a Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2020.

Tom Ford Asymmetrical Tuxedo

Tuxedos can be considered as the most sexy yet elegant apparels to wear and Scarlett Johansson made it both! This chic asymmetrical black jumpsuit tuxedo by Tom Ford was worn by her for the ‘Avengers Endgame’ fan event in the UK. The tuxedo has an asymmetric cut around the chest and this is the sexy part of the outfit. The rest of the tuxedo is majorly classy with a statement bracelet and earrings as accessories.

Tom Ford Asymmetrical Tuxedo

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Scarlett Johansson Outfits To Recreate

Crop Top And Slacks

An outfit that is one of the best street styles of Scarlett is her Michael Kors look for the Venice Film Festival photocall for ‘Marriage Story’. The look was very modern with a striped crop top and slouchy gray slacks worn with strappy black heels.

Johansson Outfits - Crop top

This is an outfit you can wear casually or even formally. You can wear a cropped top with slacks for a casual look. Otherwise, for a more formal look, you can wear a cropped shirt along with it. The heels can be strappy, ankle strap, stilettos, or any other heels you are comfortable with.

Skirt Suit

This can be one of those formal and sophisticated looks you are looking for in your office. This business-glam skirt-suit fit was designed by Michael Kors at 2017 Tony Awards along with silver sandals by Stuart Weitzman.

A long skirt and a suit may seem difficult to pull off but the outfit turns out to be fabulous and as elegant as you want. If you are wondering how to recreate it in a more subtle but refreshing way, you can go for a tighter skirt or perhaps a bit shorter one. For the top, you can go for an oversized suit or blazer fitted with a belt or a cropped blazer or suit as well.

Johansson Outfits Skirt Suit

Turtleneck With Slacks

This is, again, one of the easiest outfits to recreate and also wear for any casual or formal occasion. This was Scarlett’s outfit for the Women in the World Summit and she clearly looks ‘top-notch’ in this! A very subtle yet stylish outfit as it is, it does not require any accessories to uphold its look.

To get a somewhat similar look, you can wear turtlenecks, sheer tops, pullovers or knitwears with slacks and layer them with a trench coat or jacket. As for accessories, you can wear small lightweight earrings to match the outfit. 

Scarlett Johansson Outfits - Turtle Neck

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Halter Crop And Pants

Foremost, the color looks absolutely stunning on Johansson! This Miu Miu pink halter crop-top and matching embellished pants were the outfits for the premiere of ‘Jojo Rabbit’. The actress completed the look neatly with a pair of bejeweled sandals by Sergio Rossi and a bracelet. 

This look is completely stylish, chic and suitable for women of all age groups. A party, formal or casual look, however you can tweak it as you like. For a formal look, you can wear a shirt or a pullover with the pants. For a casual look, you can go for a cropped top or tee with the pants and sneakers or heels for footwear.

Scarlett Johansson Outfits  - halter

Polka Dot High Neck Jumpsuit

Scarlett wore this ‘marvelous’ jumpsuit by Zimmermann at the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ hand and footprint ceremony. The tan polka-dot jumpsuit looks very appropriate and adorable on her since the bright color matches her very well. 

A jumpsuit is pretty easy to style if you know how to correctly do it. For jumpsuits, you can go for earrings and bracelets as accessories but they can differ as per the event. Boots, loafers, mules, Mary Janes, and any other type of heels are perfect for jumpsuits according to your occasion.

Polkadot High Neck

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Square Black Dress With Stockings

If you have that little black dress you are wondering how to style? This Scarlett Johansson fashion style can be your guide. Square necks give a very sophisticated look and are tough to style so easily. But if you are looking for a party look, you can style it with a pair of stockings and heels.

This style of Scarlett wearing stockings under black dress can be your style for a formal event or a party too. You can keep the accessories to the minimum to keep the focus on the dress and keep the makeup bold. You can wear boots or heels for footwear as per the occasion.

Square Black

Leather Skirt With Trench Coat

A leather skirt might give you the party feels but you can style it to wear it for a special occasion as well. Just how Johansson did! She paired a leather skirt with a contrasting glittery top and a trench coat to give a sophisticated look to the leather skirt. The stockings make it just perfect for a formal event.

You can try to wear a cropped or a sheer top over the leather skirt and wear a coat over it if you want it fancy and sexy. Platform or combat boots along with patterned stockings add on to the party vibes of the outfit. If you want a more formal look, you can go for a sweater or a turtleneck to the leather skirt and layer it with a trench coat.

Leather skirt

Black Leather Jumpsuit

This outfit of Johansson was one of her popular outfits. Scarlett wore a leather jumpsuit with a corset top and slack bottom for her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The attire was a designer piece of Michael Kors Collection but you can recreate it in your own way too. 

You can wear a monochrome ensemble with a leather or any kind of top and slack pants to get a similar look. To get a simple look, you can add on a light pair of earrings with it. This is a perfect outfit for the women from 20s to 50s for a formal or special event.

Leather Jumpsuit

Cardigan and Shirt With Skinny Jeans

A cardigan and shirt is a very famous combination nowadays and that is exactly what Scarlett wore for the ‘Pieces of Heaven Art Auction’! She styled the cardigan over a white shirt and folded the sleeves for a better look. The skinny jeans and boots added along to it give the academia aesthetic vibe. 

This outfit is the easiest to recreate in your own style and can even be improvised by adding something more to it. You can wear this outfit for any casual occasion or even at your schools and colleges!

Corset With Blazer

A corset is the sexy piece in your closet you would love to wear at a party! How about wearing it with a blazer and pants just like Scarlett? It definitely makes a fashion statement along with a few accessories paired with it. This is one of the best ways to wear your corset top in more than one way, by layering it with a coat or blazer. 

Scarlett chose to wear a cropped blazer and flared pants black corset top at the Comic con 2010 event and it looked very suitable for the event with the blazer on. The next time you have a special but formal event to attend, you can give this outfit a try for a more sexy yet sophisticated look.

Corset with blazer

Final Words

The Scarlett Johansson dressing style can be described as more minimalistic but voguish. She tends to keep the accessories less eye-catching but complementary to her outfit to get good attention on the outfit. This is what we love about her, how she does not need ample or statement accessories to stand out from the crowd.

You can try out her street style if you have a similar dressing style as hers. One great part about her outfits is that they are apt for any age group and height. But, especially all the petite women out there, no need to worry about how to style anymore. You have a style inspo for your outfits right here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scarlett Johansson have a clothing line?

Scarlett Johansson launched her own clothing line based on athletic clothing by collaborating with Reebok. The athletic clothing and shoe line was named ‘Scarlett Hearts RBK’ and was launched for the public in 2007.

Who is Scarlett Johansson’s stylist?

Molly Dickson has slayed outfits of various luxurious brands on the red carpet. One of her stylists was Molly Dickson who has also been a stylist for other renowned celebrities like Katherine Langford and Sadie Sink.

What is Scarlett Johansson’s style?

The overall style of Scarlett Johansson can be seen to be more sophisticated and comfortable for a party or formal wear. The outfits for casual wear are all very stylish but extremely comfy and simple. Majority of her outfits turn out to be very urbane and chic.