Ah, Christmas. What’s not to love? All the family together, great food, cozying up around the fire. For most people, it’s a great time to catch up, relax and enjoy. But sometimes, the pressure of selecting the perfect Christmas for not just one person, but the whole family, can really get to you. Even harder is purchasing an item for a fashion conscious loved one!  Don’t worry however, today with Fashion Fantasy we’ll check out just how to purchase the perfect Christmas presents for your fashion conscious friends and relatives, including personalized gifts such as rings and watches.

Traditional Christmas Gifts – The Stereotype

Some Christmas gifts have become the norm – in fact, some of them are so common that they are a minimum expectation! Men – especially dads – can be tricky to buy for. That’s why sales of things like socks and aftershave soar over the Christmas period – they require little thought, and at the very least will be useful! For ladies, the old go-to favorites seem to be candles and – you guessed it – perfume! 

When you are doing that year after year, it quickly gets old, and you might want to spice it up a little. Other gifts that have become standard in recent years are vouchers for online shopping stores such as Amazon or Nintendo. Whilst these are great gifts – and socks are ALWAYS useful – there are some little tips you can use to spice it up. Let’s look at the 9 best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers friends for inspiration.

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Fashion Lovers

There are plenty of gifts that you can consider for those who love the finer things in life. Here are a few of our favorite items that are not only fashionable, but also timeless, and can be used throughout the year.

1. Boots

Christmas and winters are the best time for boots. Be it your boyfriend, your BFF or a cousin, these can never go wrong unless you get the wrong size! Trendy and fashionable boots are one of the best options if your loved one loves keeping up with the trends

2. A Beautiful Shawl

Christmas Gifts For Fashion Lovers

For the ladies, what about a beautiful shawl of the scarf. From a pashmina cover-up that will keep them stylish on cooler evenings or a trip to the opera, to a silk neck scarf to wear to work, there are some beautiful options out there. And you can usually pick up a decent designer scarf for a reasonable price. Make sure you pick something that matches their style – a boho pashmina from morocco for your vintage friend, or a silk neck scarf for your aunt – instead of just lifting something off the shelf.

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3. Custom Designed Rings

Customized Ring Gift For Christmas

Want to get something that little bit special for a loved one? Then think about designing a custom made ring. You can work with a jewelry store either in the high street or online to design something that has a sentimental or special meaning. This option works well for both men and women – and would be an excellent gift for a couple – parents for example – so they can have something similar on their hand at all times.

4. Fashion Books

If you have a friend who simply loves talking about style, visiting fashion shows and shopping for the latest trends, then this is a great gift option. Pick from fashion guides about how to dress for a particular season, how to color block or a more niche area such as fashionable ski clothes. You can find books written by famous style icons, or perhaps get something glossy with pages and pages of the latest trends.

You can also think outside the box and perhaps get a subscription for a monthly fashion magazine such as Vogue delivered straight to their door. If their home is as fashionable as their clothing style, then one of the in-trend coffee table books – from Chanel or Gucci – can also be a hit and used as a statement piece in the living room.

5. A Coat Or Jacket

Coats and jackets are some of the simplest to choose from, also with a wide range of types. Every fashionista knows layering is the best part of winters, so this gift will definitely be a delight to them. You can choose among fur coats, puffer jackets, trench coats, leather jackets, etc. This option is also ideal for both men and women of all age groups.

6. A Statement Piece of Jewelry

Christmas Gifts For Fashion Lovers

If they have a favorite piece of jewelry designer then it should be easy for you to pick a necklace or pair of earrings that will be a hit. Make sure you are listening to your friend or loved one throughout the year to understand their likes, dislikes and style.

7. Fashion Show Tickets

Fashion Show

We can’t all afford to go to Paris, London or New York fashion weeks! But if you look around your local area you can find some great ideas for memorable experiences. Tickets to a local fashion show will always be a hit, or you may be able to get access to a new boutique or collection from their favorite designer.

8. A Perfume or Fragrance

Christmas Gifts For Fashion Lovers

Help your friend or loved one finish off their signature style with their favorite scent. Perhaps their perfume has brought out a new version that they haven’t tried yet, or they just love one scent on repeat. Either way, a well-selected perfume or fragrance will complement their outfit nicely. This can be a good enough gift for fashion lovers for both men and women or even couples!

9. A Trendy Bag

No fashion lover will never NOT love this gift! A trendy bag is just the best gift for your loved ones if they are into fashion. The latest sling bag or chest bag for men and a handbag, tote bag or cross body bag would be good enough to send them to cloud nine! You can look up some bestseller products if you are not sure which one is ideal to buy.

10. Vouchers And Gift Cards

Christmas Gifts For Fashion Lovers

If you are confused what to buy or what they will love to receive, the simplest way out would be gifting a voucher or a gift card! It need not be too expensive as well! A $50 to $100 voucher or gift can be a good enough gift as well. This not only solves your problem but also allows the other party to choose whatever they want themselves.

Hopefully, you now have some great Christmas gifts for fashion lovers in your life over the Christmas season!