The world of fashion has never been known for its inclusive nature. From time immemorial, the fashion industry has been selling us an unhealthy and unrealistic standard of beauty.

Going by the clothes high-end fashion labels make, runway models and the covers of fashion magazines it is very evident that beauty has been defined by lean figures, thin waists, and flat tummies.

These unrealistic beauty standards have caused many young women to develop self-doubt, have low confidence, develop unhealthy eating habits or in extreme cases have caused eating disorders such as anorexia. The truth remains hidden behind editing apps and professional retouching skills.

You can easily understand the impact these fashion magazines have on your mind by picking up any fashion magazine you see lying around. Tear out the pages where you see an advertisement or a picture of a seemingly perfect model. Tear this page out of the magazine and you will realize that almost eighty percent of this magazine was designed to sell a product that you need to be coupled with the idea that you are not beautiful just the way you are.

However, all hope is not lost and you can always subscribe to these best plus size fashion magazines that promote body positivity and feature women of all sizes.

Plus Model Magazine

A revolutionary magazine even in the plus-size industry. This magazine features all things related to plus-size modeling and can be revered as a colorful handbook for becoming a plus-size model. This magazine gives women tips to break it in the industry and make it big.

This makes it very useful as well as a targeted magazine that is motivating women to realize their dreams and empowering women to achieve their true potential. Not only this, but the magazine also features many plus-size retailers and brands that help you dress and style yourself the way you want.

Daily Venus Diva

Daily Venus Diva is one of the best plus size fashion magazines that can be credited for bringing many beautiful plus size fashion models. Daily Venus Diva is a magazine whose cover features a new plus-size model each month. They also feature an interview with this model to make the issue more appealing and relatable.

The magazine is available online and covers a wide variety of topics such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, relationships, and entertainment that are relevant to plus size women.

Skorch Magazine

One of the best plus-size magazines that are available currently. Skorch is known to cover all the latest trends and plus-size fashion to make sure that their followers are one of the hippest and chic plus size women.

This is one of the best magazines for plus size brides-to-be since there is an entire section on plus size brides and it proves to be a big help while planning your special day.

Dare Magazine

As the name suggests, this is considered to be one of the best plus size fashion magazines out there because it broke barriers to become the first Canadian plus-size magazine. The magazine is full of celebrity fashion fixes, breaking news stories, shopping guides, and other such articles.

This is not only a fashion magazine but a lifestyle magazine that is frequently updated with fresh pieces, perspectives and of course the news!

Slink is one of the most unique and truly one of the best plus size fashion magazines that not only publishes a feature bi-monthly, but they also have their clothing line with a store that sells sizes ranging from 16 to 26.

The magazine also provides constant updates on their site and their social media accounts. They have a catchy motto that sums up their purpose and impact, “styling your curves and fashioning your life”.

Grace Magazine

Grace Magazine

This is a quarterly magazine that manages to be one of the best plus size fashion magazines despite the low frequency at which the issues are published, it boasts of a large following. This can only be explained by the inclusive nature of the magazine which features not only women of different sizes but also embraces different ethnicities as well. This is a groundbreaking mission that was started by Velvet D’Amour, the first plus-size model from Paris.


Best Plus Size Fashion Magazines

This is a highly recognized magazine that has been given many awards for the creative content that it features. It has recognized as a great medium to teach women self-love and teach them to embrace their curves.

Not only this, but the magazine also issues a plus size calendar that features some of the best plus-size models in the industry and makes women feel more confident in their skin! They have truly started a revolution by making themselves more accessible and selling their magazines a mere price of fewer than two dollars.

Pose Magazine

The unique feature about this magazine is that it doesn’t only cater to plus size women. It also publishes articles for the benefit of plus size men. The pose is known to print several celebrity interviews, articles about body positivity and self-love.

The everyday plus-size issues are where they set themselves apart. This is one of the best plus size fashion magazines for people who are looking for inspiration.

Latest Fashion Magazines That Are Breaking The Prejudice!

As of latest, popular magazines have been getting pretty creative with their photoshoots and magazine covers. But that is just another stereotype that they have been breaking in the fashion world. Nowadays, fashion magazines are open to featuring models, professionals and celebrities with different genders, profession as well as weight. Being featured by such popular magazines not only empowers the community but also shows the inclusivity of them in the fashion world!





Harper’s Bazaar


These best plus size fashion magazines are creative, innovative and supportive of those who feel under-represented in the fashion industry. They are a great read and make you feel more comfortable about your body.

They exude the message of self-love and acceptance which is much needed in the world today! So go ahead and grab your copies today!