If you are thinking of pearls, you’ll eventually come across many in your grandma’s old jewelry box. However, gone are the days when pearls were a thing of the past. Pearls are in style and the fashion industry is embracing that –  everyone from Harry Styles to Kendall Jenner are setting major pearl necklaces trends. If you look around, you will be astonished to see celebrities from all age groups drooling over pearls. Because they look classy and exquisite, pearls have the power to uplift a person’s overall personality. 


No wonder, this beauty queen and a music legend have always impressed fans with her sense of fashion. Her love for pearls is seen all over the internet. Search on the web and the search engine will unleash various pictures of Rihanna wearing pearl necklaces and bracelets. Because pearls add more to the glamour quotient, the beautiful singer never shies away from showcasing her beauty with this fashion accessory. 

Rihanna Pearl Necklaces

Anne Hathaway

The Princess Diaries actress surprised the world when she was spotted wearing pearl necklaces at various film premieres. The beautiful actress loves to swoon over pearls because they add more to her beauty. When she wore pearls in her stellar Prince Diaries series, fans went berserk over her look.. 

Anne Hathaway Pearl Necklaces

Shawn Mendes

The international heartthrob never fails to impress the audience, whether it’s about wearing a black nail color or coming up with a gut-wrenching tattoo on his body. This time, we take him as the talk of the town due to his love for pearls.

Shawn Mendes Pearl Necklaces

Check out his latest posts on Instagram and you will be astonished to see his love for this amazing accessory. No wonder, he’s always coming up with something mind-boggling for the fans to see. 

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Angeline Jolie

If doing justice to a fashion accessory has to be brought up as a point of discussion, there’s nobody more ruling in this regard than Angeline Jolie. After all, she has beauty, elegance, style and class to pull off anything that she wears. Her countless pictures on the internet will prove enough that she is head over heels for pearls. In fact, one of her earliest appearances at the Cannes Film Festival was enough reason to show the world that she is the queen of pearls. 

Angelina Jolie Pearl Necklaces

Gigi Hadid

The beauty model who never fails to pull off a ramp walk is fully in love with wearing pearls and never fails to amaze the audience. Gigi Hadid has been spotted quite a number of times wearing pearls since they easily enhance her personality. Her endless appearances at fashion shows and ramp walks have always given jitters to fashion enthusiasts.

Gigi Hadid Pearl Necklaces

No wonder, her soft skin tone and stunning figure, both register her as the perfect individual to wear pearls. Now that she’s become a mother, she is giving major maternity fashion goals to everyone around her. 

Sarah Jessica Parker

From all the above-mentioned celebrities, the Star of Sex and the City, Sarah has always been dramatic when it comes to her jeweler options. Fans would always drool over her looks and she would always astonish everyone with her style.

Sarah Jessica Parker

However, what most people admired are her pearls. Therefore, it is fair enough to say that this queen never fails to impress her fans with the iconic fashion choices. If you sift through the web and check out her photos from The Cannes film festival, the pictures and Dolce and Gabbana gown rocked the scene. As soon as she stepped out on the red carpet, fans went berserk and a stampede of paparazzi chased her on every spot. 

Michelle Obama

No wonder, when it comes to talking about the most fashionable people out there, it is hard to not mention Michelle Obama. No wonder, the former first lady of the US would always slay in her looks after putting on pearls.

She loves to wear pearls but with a little twist. Often she is seen wearing outfits that can be complemented with different jewel pieces. She still manages to pull off a state dinner with her perfect fashion choices and incredible jewels.

Michele Obama

However, what most people remember her from was the pearl necklace designed by Tom Bins. It got massive media attention and she got huge acclaim for making this choice. 

Katherine Middleton

From the moment the world saw Katherine Middleton, everyone went berserk over her fashion choices. She got our attention by wearing everything that would steal anyone’s heart. As of now, Katherine Middleton has already cemented a strong reputation in the fashion world due to her incredible choices.

Katherine Middleton

Although you won’t see her wearing pearls very often, still she knows how to flirt with the right jewelry options. Very often, she is seen wearing stud pearl earrings that can accentuate her entire look. Check out the latest fashion news on the diva and the internet will unleash intriguing results.

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