Blanket scarves are one of the top accessory trends of the season, but learning how to tie one can be pretty challenging. This guide will show you how to wear a blanket scarf in any style.

Looking well-put-together in something that markets itself as both blanket and scarf may sound like a challenge (after all, you don’t want to end up getting memed like Lenny Kravitz), but styling a blanket scarf is relatively easy, making this season’s oversize accessory a go-to for elevating your look without much effort.

It’s easy to completely change up your winter look simply by tying your scarf a different way. Give one or all of these a try.

Different Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf


Perfect for keeping warm in the office or for wearing a sans-jacket on a mild winter day, you can drape the scarf around your shoulders and wear it as a shawl

To do this, first, fold the scarf into a triangle, then drape over your shoulders, leaving the triangle in the back. Add a belt around your waist for an even more refined effect. 

 Style Blanket Scarf

This first way might be stating the obvious, but yes, you can wear it like a shawl, as seen on Zeba from Ella Pretty Blog. 

Zeba-Shawl Style Blanket Scarf

Throw it over yourself like a blanket, letting it cover your shoulders and arms. This is ideal for when you’re out and about and putting a blanket scarf on. It keeps you warm and cozy, but you don’t necessarily need a mirror to make sure it looks ok!

One of the easiest ways to wear a blanket scarf is as a shawl! Simply fold it in half, so it forms a triangle. Have a point where the two ends meet facing down towards your butt against your back and allow the ends to drape in the front.

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Infinity Scarf

A blanket scarf can also double as an infinity scarf. Wearing it this way keeps it contained to your neck and doesn’t overwhelm your whole outfit.

Infinity Style Blanket Scarf

It is quite easy to recreate it with your blanket scarf! Create the “noodle” shape in your blanket scarf, then tie the ends into a knot, creating a closed circle. 

Put the scarf around your neck (with the knot in the back), twist once in the front to create another smaller hole, and put your head through the hole, making a double-layer “infinity” scarf.

Knotted Scarf

This is the most complex of all ways, here’s how you do this one:

Knotted Style Blanket Scarf

Start in the reverse loop. Twist the front once to make a hole and put one end through the hole from the front. Take the other end and pull it out from underneath. Bring both ends under the tip of the show and knot them together.

Let’s learn a simple way about how to wear a blanket scarf in knotted style.

Start by folding your plaid blanket scarf in half to form a triangle. Positioning the triangle in front of you, toss each end around your neck so that both ends dangle in the front. Knot them together!

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Belted Blanket Scarf

Drape open a plaid blanket scarf over your shoulders. Belt it at your waist with a skinny belt. Boomshakalaka. Surprisingly a blanket scarf can be belted under a coat, as Emily from Life With Emily Blog has done. 

Belted Style Blanket Scarf

This is a great way to accentuate your waist, even under all that fabric. Just drape the blanket scarf over your neck, letting it hang down in front, then wrap your belt over it at your natural waist. 

Expanding on the shawl style, add a belt! Wrap your belt around the smallest point of your waist to add some definition, and keep your blanket scarf close to your body.

You can wear your belt the traditional way or loop it closed. I love to loop my belts when I wear them over my clothes rather than using them the conventional way. All you need to do is wrap the end of the belt behind the belt and tuck it into itself, pulling it tight.

Using a printed (cheetah or leopard are fun!) belt or a fun, different color can completely transform your outfit!

The Loop

Roll your plaid blanket scarf into one long log. Fold this in half, then hold behind your head, one end being a “loop” and the other being the loose ends of the scarf. Pull both to meet in front of you, looping the open ends inside the “loop” end.

Loop Style Blanket Scarf

If you are worried about how to style a blanket scarf then try this method because this is the simplest way to wear a blanket scarf. Simply wrap it one time around your neck, so the ends fall in the front. Pull the loop out away from your face to make it not overpower your face and not feel so “heavy.”

Start in the same style as number 1, but instead of letting the ends hang, wrap them around your head and tuck them up in. One tip is to tuck them up and fold the loop over the end of the scarf to keep it tucked in.

You could also use a safety pin to pin it to the loop to keep the ends tucked in!

Loop Style Blanket Scarf

A style that looks more complicated than it is, this one will have your friends asking, “how to wear a blanket scarf like you?” To achieve it, first, create the “noodle” shape. 

Keeping the middle of the “noodle” at the front of your neck, loop the scarf around your neck once so that you have a loop with two loose ends on the sides.

Then, take one corner and weave it under one side of the loop and over the other side. Next, twist the other corner over one side and under the other side of the loop, creating a nice braided effect.

The Handkerchief

When you are faced with a dilemma on how to style a blanket scarf, you can always rely on this method. Thanks to their square shape, blanket scarves can easily be worn like an oversized handkerchief, pictured here on Jalynn from The Red Closet Diary. 

Handkerchief Scarf

Simply grab two opposite corners of the scarf and cross them in the back of your neck, bringing them around to the front. Then just tuck the tails under the triangle.

Classic and a cinch to achieve, this look involves folding a square blanket scarf into a triangle. You then grab the corners of the scarf and wrap the corners around your neck, leaving the triangle point in the front. 

Bring the corners back around your neck to the front and allow them to hang on either side of the triangle, or tuck them underneath the triangle.

Fold the scarf across to create a triangle. Grab the two far ends of the triangle with each hand. Cross the two ends behind your head. Pull them around to the front. Tuck the two ends under the rest of the scarf, or leave them dangling to each side. It’s up to you—style as desired.

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The Toss

We jokingly call this the “preschool drop off”.  You’re running out of the house and realize it’s a bit too chilly for a single layer of clothes, so you just toss on the blanket scarf.

This is another super-easy way to wear it! Put it on as you would the shawl (folded into a triangle with the middle point on your back). Take the end of the other one of the ends over the opposite shoulder!


You can also transform it into a cardigan, like Amber from Style Plus Curves. This works best when you belt the oversized scarf over something fitted like a body-con dress or a tight turtleneck. Just be sure to leave space for your arms to fit through comfortably.

Cardigan Scarf

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Long and Uneven Tail

By far the most effortless style, there’s no folding or tucking necessary – you simply hang the scarf around your neck and let it fall loose and flowing in front. It may seem a bit simple, but depending on the pattern and colors of the scarf, you can achieve an authentic style statement. 

Long uneven tail Scarf

If your scarf is extra-big, you might want to fold it into a triangle first, then twist or roll it into one long “noodle” before wrapping it behind your neck. For a variation on this, you can also tie it into a knot in front.

The size of a blanket scarf is so big that you can exaggeratedly create an uneven tail, like Wendy from Thankfifi has done. Fold your scarf in half the long way, wrapping one end around your neck. Then let the opposite end hang down. Be sure to tuck in any loose ends, so the long tail steals the spotlight.

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Final Words

This is one of the most common questions among ladies: how to style a scarf? Well, scarves are becoming one of the essential items in women’s wardrobe for all the right reasons! If you want to make a style statement using just a simple scarf, the tricks mentioned earlier can help you! Try these ways to style your scarves and be the fashionista you dreamed of!