Whether you are searching for a job or planning to become an entrepreneur, the hairstyle you carry with you will decide or have a say in your career. This article will walk you through few of best Professional Hairstyles preferred by men.

The chances of better employment and promotions depend on the personalities too. According to research, men and women with better looks and appearances make it to the top quickly than others.

In general, professional business hairstyles for men are clean cut. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long, straight or curly, thin or thick. It has to be cut and styled neatly. Of course, looking good is important too. 

These business hairstyles are stylish and flattering while still being professional. Over the last few years, professional business hairstyles for men have blurred the line between stylish haircuts and traditional styles. 

While some lucky men might be able to rock a man bun or top knot in the office, most business haircuts are part of a strict dress code. Yet tough doesn’t necessarily mean boring.

Whether it’s boardroom presentations, million-dollar deals, or that all-important first interview, every man wants to look polished and put together when it comes to business. Just like the perfect suit, the right hairstyle makes all the difference. While the rules of office grooming were once rigid, today’s workplaces are a little more flexible. 

What follows are some of the slickest haircuts that will ooze versatility on your regular office days: 

Attractive Professional Hairstyles for Men:

  • Slick Back
  • Buzz Cut
  • Hard Part
  • Classic Taper
  • Ivy League
  • Pompadour
  • Butch Cut
  • Crew Cut
  • Man bun

Slick Back 

The slick back was one of the go-to professional hairstyles in the 1980s when it became the stockbrokers’ signature look on Wall Street. Before that, it was popular in the 1940s. Today, the hairstyle still has a bold vintage appeal – making it a strong contender for confident men with an affinity for Old School. 

To create the slick back, keep your hair in place by combing it around while it’s still damp, then adding a strong-hold gel and blow-drying.


If you dig the slicked-back, traditional look that’s been popularized recently, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It combines a striking, defined side part with a glossy shine to make a dapper cut.

A high-quality hair product is a key to achieving this look. Apply some gel or, preferably, pomade to your hair and work it evenly. This will give it a glossy shine. Then comb your hair to one side, creating the part, and search the hair below the part in a downward direction.


This is one of the classiest business hairstyles, and it’s a beautiful match for any office job (or any job, period). This professional men’s hairstyle is trending now, and we suspect it won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

The Slicked backside part concentrates on the back and side. You cannot go wrong using this hairstyle. It is ideal for those who love to use gel or oil on their hair.

Buzz Cut

The time-tested buzz cut doesn’t have to be a dull look. Add some personality to it and take it to the next level while staying business-friendly.

The buzz cut is a simple and masculine haircut for the man who means business. Short and sharp, its military-inspired origins give it a serious and mature feel – perfect for tough negotiations or a board room presentation. 

Your barber can subtly vary the length of your buzz cut to suit your face shape and features, and it also looks great if you have stubble or a goatee.


The Buzz cut is the best option for working men. When you are a busy man with little time for your hair, then consider this. Those of you who have curly or wavy hair can consider using this hairstyle.

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Hard Part 

One of the quickest and simplest professional men’s hairstyles is the traditional hard part. It’s a clean and distinctive look that adds a touch of character to any haircut. If you have a naturally defined side part, you can create a complex part with gel and a fine-tooth comb. 

When it comes to placing the part, make sure you follow the direction in which your hair naturally falls. If yours is less obvious, have your barber find your natural side part and razor or shave it to be more noticeable.

Tradition meets modern cool in the hard part and taper fade haircut. The sleek and sophisticated hard part is a classic look for professional men, worn by the iconic 1960s businessmen of the Mad Men era. To update it for the 2020s, add a stylish taper fade. 

Hard part-Hairstyle-Men

Neat and structured, it draws attention to your face and makes it look slimmer.

The side part is a timeless gentleman’s style. Comb your hair to the side for a natural part, or get a hard part to stand out from the crowd.

Classic Taper 

Also commonly referred to as the “businessman’s haircut,” the classic taper haircut is a timeless style perfect for any job. It strikes the fine line between stylish and professional, and it does so effortlessly.

The smooth taper and length on top of the head create an excellent contrast ideal for all hair types and face shapes, including guys with round faces. 

It’s a style you’ve most likely seen other guys sporting, and it’s expected because of its simplicity and classic appearance.

The classic taper haircut is easy to get, and you can vary the length to your liking. As it is a classic, you can find this hairstyle still popularly used among elderly people too.


To update it for the 2020s, add a stylish taper fade. Neat and structured, it draws attention to your face and makes it look slimmer.

Ivy League

The classic Ivy League haircut is a favorite older adult’s professional haircut for men of all ages. It’s a dapper look with vintage appeal and the best parts of a side part and a crew cut. As the name suggests, it also has an upper-crust feel called the ‘Princeton cut’ or ‘Harvard clip.’ 

It tapers at the side and is a little longer on top, the Ivy League suits most face shapes, and it looks great with a suit.

If you like the crew cut style but want a little extra length on top, go for the Ivy League cut. It’s almost always paired with a side part, one of the trademark elements of a stylish businessman.


Like the classic taper haircut, the Ivy League features a taper that adds a touch of cleanliness to the style. 

It’s also a nice, low-maintenance haircut that’s ideal for those busy weekday mornings. You can get up and go with minimal hassle and still have a professional hairstyle that looks sharp.

Professional Hairstyles For Men

The Ivy League haircut is similar to that of a crew cut style with more length on top. The hairstyle does not need too much maintenance.


The Mild/short pompadour is perfect for those of you with curly and wavy hair. It makes it extremely difficult to maintain the hair. This is when you might consider something of this sort. It is similar to the great Elvis Presley’s pompadour.

It gives you a clean and professional look. One of the most distinctive and popular men’s hairstyles, the pompadour, may not seem like the most professional hairstyle at first. 

This bold and edgy look can be adapted for the office with a few simple tweaks. Opt for a less exaggerated quiff, use products with a matte finish instead of the traditional oily wet look, and pair your pompadour with a modern taper at the sides to keep it looking clean, current, and proportional.


If you have curly or wavy hair, you might find it challenging to find a good style suitable for work. A mild or short pompadour could be the answer you’re looking for.

Pompadours are generally thought of as more eye-catching haircuts, with Elvis Presley’s pompadour as a notable example. However, a short and tight pompadour can tame curly or wavy hair and give you the clean, professional look you’re after.

When working with curly or wavy hair, using good hair products is key to a clean style. Look around for a product that meets your needs and works well with your hair type.

Butch Cut 

The butch cut is ideal for guys who don’t have the time to style their hair. And if you like an amount that’s not super short or super long, the butch cut also works for you. You can even do it yourself at home to save both time and money in addition to getting a lovely, work-approved hairstyle.

Professional Hairstyles For Men

This is also an excellent choice for men with curly or wavy hair. You’re essentially cutting off all the curls or waves and leaving yourself with enough hair to give a more refined, clean look. So if you find it difficult to tame your hair, try a butch cut.

And remember, you can change the length (based on the clipper setting) to your liking. Take a look around at the look different clipper settings produce, and decide which one you prefer. 

Crew Cut 

The Crew Cut is ideal for both business and casual occasions. You can wear them with confidence and not be amused.

Short and sharp, the crew cut is an ideal business hairstyle. It’s low-maintenance, neat, and tidy and requires minimal styling to look great, saving you more time in the morning. 

Plus, this masculine and minimalist haircut has a classic appeal and looks great with a suit. For a modern and mature look, pair it with stubble.

Professional Hairstyles For Men

The crew cut is both business-casual and utilitarian. If you find yourself exercising or going outdoors often, a crew cut will be your best friend.

Man bun 

The secret to looking professional with long or medium hair is making sure you look groomed, neat, and serious. One of the best options is a sleek man bun, which will ensure your hair doesn’t flop in your face or clash with your suit during that all-important meeting. 

Professional Hairstyles For Men

Don’t leave it up to chance – instead of a brush, use a little pomade or gel to set your strands in place as you comb it back. Then, secure your man bun at the back of your head or base of your neck using a clear elastic or one that matches your hair color. 

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Final Words 

The kind of hairstyle does not matter at the end of the day, but how you can carry yourself. Actors and professional businessmen have plenty of confidence no matter what kind of hairstyle they are wearing. When you want people to notice you, make sure that your hairstyle tells them that you are a serious businessman who means business.