Even the youngest members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan can influence us with their fashion. Kylie Jenner’s style has been quite an influence next to her trendy makeup looks. The Kardashian/Jenner clan sure knows how to keep us hooked on them with their fashion sense and cool outfits.

Kylie Jenner’s street style has been one of the most talked about topics apart from her fabulous red carpet outfits. The street style of Kylie has seen significant evolution over time but it has always been on trend, no matter how much time passes by!

If you are one of those seeking after Kylie Jenner outfits, no need to spend bucks on the expensive stuff when you can recreate her outfits yourself! We have some amazing Kylie Jenner street style outfits you can recreate easily with your regular outfits as well!

Most Stylish Kylie Jenner Outfits- The Street Fashion

  • Easy To Recreate Outfits- The Kylie Jenner Style File
    • All White Outfits
    • Denim on Denim
    • Leather Look
    • Monochrome Look
    • Shirt And Skirt Combo
    • All Black Outfits
    • A Layer Of Jacket
    • Denim Shorts And Jacket
    • Crop Tops And Cargo Pants
    • Corset To Style
    • Rompers And Jumpsuits
    • Patterns And Prints

Easy To Recreate Outfits- The Kylie Jenner Style File

All White Outfits

The all-time classic look- the “all-white” outfit is never too much or too less! You can whip up a simple monochrome white ‘fit with a pair of white pants and tee or shirt too. All white outfits leave a wide range of color-blocking elements for us to gear up the outfit.

The color blocking can be done with any neon color or a bright color such as orange, blue, red, or green to accentuate the white outfit. Adding layers and accessories to the outfit can also come in handy such as belts, corsets, chokers, or stockings. This is also one of the popular Kendall Jenner outfits you can try!

Outfit Ideas:

  • Crop Top/T-shirt and Skirt
  • Cargo Pants/Trousers and Cropped Top
  • White trousers/slacks with shirt and an overcoat
  • White dress with white or color blocking

Denim on Denim

kylie jenner street style Denim Outfits

A denim-on-denim look has been back into the trends this year and you can rock it perfectly Kylie Jenner style . This can be a very trendy look to get without spending much. All you need is every denim outfit you have in your closet and pair any two of them carefully together.

One thing to take care of is the shade and pattern of denim to pair them together. You can add a contrast effect with denim by wearing color-blocking or neutral shades for footwear and outerwear such as black or white.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Denim shirt with denim jeans
  • Denim top with a crop top and denim jacket
  • Denim overalls paired with a crop top or casual tee
  • Denim pants with a turtleneck and a denim oversized jacket
  • Denim corset paired with denim skinny jeans

Leather Look

kylie jenner street style - Leather Looks

Leather never goes out of style and can be worn all around the year. Hence, leather outfits play a major role when it comes to the classic Kylie Jenner dress style. You can instantly glam up for a party with leather outfits since they require minimal styling.

For a party outfit, you can put on your leather outfit and don it with some cool or funky accessories such as chain necklaces, bracelets, chokers, or stockings. You can also pair leather bottoms with shirts and regular tees for more casual outfits and wear sneakers underneath.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Leather skirt and tube/crop top with boots
  • Leather pants with a leather top and boots
  • Leather pants/skirt with a top and leather overcoat
  • Leather minidress paired with an overcoat/jacket
  • Sheer top with leather pants, jacket, and boots

Monochrome Look

Following the all-black and all-white trend is the monochrome look for the color palette! A monochrome look may seem a bit difficult to pair together but you can go for co-ords for this style. Co-ords can make some easy monochrome outfits effortlessly.

If you want to customize your own monochrome outfit, make sure to choose colors from a similar color shade or color palette. You can also go for patterns with different pairs of outfits to get a monochrome look.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Matching co-ord set of joggers
  • Similar shades of pants and shirt/crop top
  • Same colored jacket and skirt/shorts paired with a tee or crop top
  • Minidress with matching shoes and jacket/overcoat

Shirt And Skirt Combo

Shirt and Skirt

A skirt can never go out of style even though the types of skirts in trend may keep on changing. You can safely choose a mini skirt or plaid skirt this season to go along with the trends. For the top wear, a sheer shirt or a monochrome look may be an amazing option to go with.

You can also wear stockings or thigh garters for a more sassy look. Thigh-high boots, knee-high boots, and ankle-high boots can be worn depending on the length of your skirt as well. Accessories such as double-layered necklaces, chains, chokers, or even a simple bracelet or pendant upgrade the look.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Midi skirt and a shirt tucked in/knotted/loose shirt with ankle-length boots
  • Plaid skirt with a buttoned down shirt/an open oversized shirt with a bandeau/crop top
  • A maxi skirt with a crop shirt and boots
  • Mini skirt with an oversized shirt, crop top, and knee high boots

All Black Outfits

A complete black outfit can never go wrong for any occasion especially if you are on a date or a hangout with friends. All-black outfits can be put together by anyone easily with even the simplest clothes.

You can pair your outfits inspired by Kylie Jenner street style, or you can create your own stylish outfits. All black not only looks classy but also subtle and not too flashy or exaggerated. This can also be a good option for your formal wear if you can put up a decent semi-formal outfit with it.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Black pants with a black cut-out top and combat boots
  • Black trousers/pants and black shirt with black pumps or platform heels
  • Black leather/denim jeans with a turtle neck top/corset, platform boots, and overcoat
  • Black mini dress with a black jacket/overcoat

A Layer Of Jacket

kylie jenner layering jackets street style

Jackets make everything better and simpler, don’t they? And Kylie knows it too! You can assemble your own Kylie Jenner street style outfit by just adding a jacket to your attire. A jacket not only gives more cover but also enhances the look.

You can simply slide a denim or leather jacket over any outfit and instantly spice it up. A crop or mid-length jacket can be worn with shorts, skirts, dresses, and even jeans. Jackets can reduce your styling efforts in case you are feeling lazy.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Mini dress paired with an oversized/crop jacket
  • Maxi dress paired with a cropped denim jacket
  • Crop top and skirt paired with a denim jacket
  • A sheer top and leather jacket with leather pants and combat boots

Denim Shorts And Jacket

Shorts are perfect outfits for summer time and why not wear them when you have a physique to flaunt? Denim shorts and jackets are a combination that can be worn at any time of the year. Shorts are one of those comfortable apparel in the wardrobe that goes well with almost any outfit.

You can choose among the different types of shorts such as wide-leg shorts, hot pants, three-fourths, skorts, or any other type you would like to pair with a denim jacket. An inner layer can be anything from a turtleneck to a tube top to a sheer or crochet top.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Denim shorts with a crop top and boots/sneakers and a jacket
  • Denim shorts and jacket with a bandeau or strapless top
  • Denim shorts and jacket with a corset
  • Denim shorts and an oversized jacket with a crop top

Crop Tops And Cargo Pants

kylie jenner street style - Crop tops

Cargo pants of the ’70s are making their way into the 2022 trend list and we are here to hook you up with them! Cargo pants make one of the most voguish outfits after the low-rise jeans from the ’60s and ’70s. You need not worry about how to style them since there are tons of ways to wear them.

Crop tops on the other hand complement cargo pants flawlessly. Halter neck crop tops, one-sided shoulder crop tops, sheer crop tops, turtle neck crop tops, cut-out crop tops, crochet crop tops, and many more can be paired with cargo pants.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Halter neck crop top with wide leg cargo pants
  • One-sided shoulder and baggy cargo pants
  • Plain cropped top paired with military print cargo pants
  • Cropped front tie crop top with wide leg cargo pants
  • Cropped cardigan with jogger cargo pants

Corset To Style

kylie jenner street style - Corset Fashion

Corsets are not commonly seen in Kylie Jenner dress street style but when she does wear them, she does it in style. Corset belts, tops, or even dresses can be some fabulous outfits in themselves. The only thing to take care of with corsets is the bottoms and the overlayers.

You can wear a corset in multiple ways depending on the occasion and the outfit you are wearing. You can add some more stylish elements to the outfit by using different types of corsets and belts to accessorize your outfit.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Oversized tee and shorts/mini skirt with a corset belt
  • Corset top with leather pants and jacket
  • Corset overlayer with a bralette and skirt/jeans

Rompers And Jumpsuits

Overalls can also be your go-to outfits in case you want a casual but instant dress-up. Jumpsuits and rompers do not need much to style, but you can enhance the look by mixing and matching the color combinations.

A monochrome or color-blocking look is what you can go for with overalls. You can also add on layers such as a shacket or an oversized jacket for extra layers. For underlayers, you can go for cropped tops, bralettes, casual tees, or even sheer or translucent tops.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Jumpsuit with a plain cropped tee and boots
  • Rompers with color-blocking heels and a jacket
  • Strapless romper with a color-blocking belt
  • Skirt dungaree with an oversized shirt and sneakers

Patterns And Prints

If you keep the Kylie Jenner dress style in check at regular intervals, you may have noticed her in various unique prints and patterns most of the time. These prints give a bit of extra texture to the curves and are very catchy.

Prints can be difficult to style but one of the easiest ways to style them is the monochrome look. Another way around the prints is to pair them with a complementing plain outfit, top or bottom, or even footwear and outerwear.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Printed co-ord set of top and skirt
  • Printed pants with a plain crop top and printed jacket
  • Printed halter neck top with plain pants
  • Patterned skirt and plain top with the same patterned jacket and boots

Final Words

We all can agree that the Kardashians and Jenners do hold power when it comes to the fashion industry. Inspired by Kylie Jenner street style outfits, you can create your own trendy and chic outfits with just a few outfits in your wardrobe.

Style is a matter of personal preferences and inspired outfits can help you find your own creative fashion sense! So go bold with your choices and try out different colors and apparel. Let us know which Kylie Jenner outfits you loved the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

What style does Kylie Jenner have?

Kylie has a lovely and sexy physique that should be flaunted. The Kylie Jenner dress style can be said to be a very bold, sexy yet chic aesthetic following all the trends. The bodycon, skirts, pants, and many other outfits she wears are perfect to showcase her curves and abs as well.

What clothing brands does Kylie Jenner Wear?

If you are a keen lover of Kylie Jenner outfits, you may have to know that most of her outfits are from famous and luxurious brands. Balmain, Puma, Yeezy/Adidas, Arthur George, Kendall+Kylie, Good American, Naked Wardrobe, and many more.

What trends did Kylie Jenner start?

Kylie Jenner has been one of the influential Jenners and more often because of her fashion and style statements. The ’90s look, colorful hair, braids, bodycon, catsuits, bold nail paints, and many more trends have been started inspired by Kylie Jenner.