Shopping for the best shapewear for plus-size women can be a minefield. Like some other body types, not all plus-size ladies are built similarly. Some may have a perfect body but big thighs, some may have thin waists, while others with big-size busts may have narrow hips. Moreover, there’s additionally no single item that will tick all your shapewear boxes. 

A primary method to determine which shapewear is appropriate for you is to identify your body type and which body parts you need to feature. For instance, do you need support around your centre? A shaping waist trainer will make an hourglass outline. 

Need to smooth some cellulite or lift your back portion? There are a lot of shapewear choices for your lower half, regardless of whether you extravagant a brief, consistent tights or shorts. This guide will assist you with picking the best shapewear for plus-size women that will not exclusively suit your outline yet supplement your body type and make you look opulent.

How To Choose The Best Shapewear For Plus-Size Women 

The efforts are real regarding picking Shapewear for Plus Size ladies that are both comfortable and thin. The problem is that a more significant part of the face is that they need to choose between comfort and style. 

The appearance of shapewear has made it feasible for women to glance extraordinary in those figure-complimenting dresses without settling on their solace.

1. Know your measurements

An essential blunder that most ladies make is that they are uncertain about their size. Similarly, they either assume their estimations according to their different garments, such as pants or tights or purchase a Shapewear one size more modest. 

Despite the regular insight, purchasing a Shapewear of more modest size would accomplish more mischief than it progresses admirably. The thought behind a Shapewear is to pack all your weak muscles to give you a conditioned shape and not to extract the bejesus from your body shape.

Every woman is unique, and so are our bodies. So there’s no one ideal Shapewear for all sizes. The shapewear you pick should be according to your usual outline, featuring your assets. A Shapewear isn’t used for hiding; it’s used for complementing your sweet spots, taking what you now have, and giving it a lift. 

Whether you’re a pear, apple, or square shape formed, there’s an alternate Shapewear for every one of your necessities. In case you’re somebody who has hang-ups in more than one spot and needs an all-over smooth body, you can decide on a full-body piece like a bodysuit.

2. Compression level 

Another significant perspective you should consider is the result you anticipate from the shapewear. The pressure level that you pick consequences for your ideal outcomes straightforwardly. Additionally, the control level of your shapewear straightforwardly decides your wear time. 

  • Light Pressure: In case you’re somebody who needs to smoothen out the guts and the soft layers, you can go for Shapewears with light pressure like Musque Midsection Shaper. You can wear these body shapers all for the day with no discomfort. 
  • Medium Pressure: If you’re going for a Shapewear to emphasize your bends, you can pick shapers with medium pressure like ShapeX NC Body Shaper, which can be worn daily for 6 to 8 hours for optimum outcome. 
  • High Pressure: Need to look for additional uncommon for extraordinary events? Shapewear with high pressure, for example, Abdomen Shaper, is your smartest choice. Even though it makes you look stunning, it’s fitting not to wear them for extended periods.

3. Match the right plus-size shapewear to the occasion

The amount of compression and stand you need will rely on the event, the outfit, and what makes you most comfy.

  • Everyday wear: To be frank, some instances don’t call for shapewear. But if you love spending time in a specific pair of jeans but loathe the muffin top that seems when you wear them, your best bet is light or medium sustain shapewear.
  • Office wear: If your occupation is in an office with a dress code, seek medium-support pieces to help your business divide a clean, customized look. That way, you stay comfy and feel modulated while looking sharp.
  • Evening wear: Yes, plus-size woman, you can wear a bodycon dress for an evening in the town! An excellent medium to strong-support bodysuit will help you show off your figure while levelling out dimples or rolls.
  • Formal wear: Leaving for a wedding or other event that calls for glamor? You’ll understand the extra firming power that comes from heavy-duty shapewear pieces like formal wear.

4. Look for Cotton-Blend Shapewear 

Shapewear is usually made of nylon and spandex, synthetic textures that don’t breathe. That’s incredible in colder environments, where you need to hold as much body heat as possible, yet it makes you more prone to sweat in the hotter months. 

Luckily a few brands sell summer shapewear for plus-size women, lighter variants of their unique items planned because of breathability. Japan-based Wacoal offers a wide determination of styles in its Cool Definition line.

10 Best Shapewear Brands You Need In Your Closet

1. Skims Waist Trainer 

Skims by Kim Kardashian consists of a wide range of shapewear, but the waist trainer is among its best sellers. The material used for this shapewear is a thin neoprene that is invisible under clothing. This enables the shapewear to sculpt the midsection while creating an hourglass figure.

skims Waist Trainer

2. Spanx OnCore Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

This one-piece bodysuit is one of the Spanx bestsellers. The shapewear can be used for multiple purposes, such as to bond the front panel tucks in the tummy with smooth side panels and a defined back and butt. The opening in the front allows you to wear your preferred bra. You can say that as a whole, this sleek shapewear is perfect to wear under multiple types of dresses.

Spanx OnCore Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

3. Shapermint High-Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

Bike shorts are gaining quite a hype to wear as street wear. The design serves the purpose of layering beneath dresses and skirts. These shaper shorts are high-compression yet breathable, making them comfortable. The high waist body shaper short keeps everything from tummy to thighs slender.

TIP: This design is not only perfect for plus-sizes but also for women who are postpartum and do not roll out.

Shapermint High-Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

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4. Ashley Stewart High Waist Shaping Control Capri

These high-waisted capris are the most suitable to wear under a long tight dress or to wear underpants. This capri shapewear is made specifically for a plus-sized body and consists of a power net tummy control system that gives full coverage. The waist area and stomach are defined into an hourglass figure with the high-waist capri system.

 Ashley Stewart High Waist - shapewear for plus size women

5. Spanx Smartgrip Slips, Half Slip

The half slip can be worn under tight skirts or dresses or even with upper shapewear. You can also wear it on its own to smoothen the waist, hips, lower stomach and butts. The shaping panel focuses on the lower stomach giving an hourglass look. The half slip shapewear is breathable and comfortable to wear in everyday routine too.

Spanx Smartgrip Slips - shapewear for plus size women

6. Parade High Rise Brief Underwear

The high parade brief underwear gives full coverage and has an extra high rise for a comfortable held-in feeling. This stretchable material is ultra-soft and cool to the touch. The best part is it is made from recycled fabric which makes this product sustainable as well! It is a high-quality panty that feels lightweight while still securing everything in position.

7. Yitty Mesh Me Smoothing High Waist Legging

Yitty is the new shapewear brand by Lizzo with some of the cutest designs. As per the customer reviews, these high-waisted leggings are extremely comfortable, smoothing and shaping, yet breathable. To add on, the waistband stays up very well, which happens to be a frequent issue for some shapewear leggings. You can also wear these leggings alone too if you do not want to wear them under the clothes.

Yitty Mesh Me - shapewear for plus size women

8. Pinsy Spaghetti Scoop Neck Shapewear Bodysuit

The scoop-neck shapewear bodysuit is extremely comfortable and allows mobility. You can wear this shapewear casually on its own or even underneath a garment. The bodysuit is made up of a four-way stretch, sweat-wicking material. The design is meant to give you an hourglass shape. The thong back allows any size butt to fit snuggly while the bodysuit gives shape to the tummy and smooths down the sides.

Pinsy Spaghetti Scoop Neck - shapewear for plus size women

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9. Airsslim Tummy Control Body Shaper with Butt Lifter

The body shaper with butt-lifter is body-fitting shapewear that comes amongst the most loved shapewear to smooth, shape, compress, and lift. Even though it can take some time to get into the body shaper, the front zipper makes the work slightly easier. The internal hook and eye closure help to hide your shapewear under dresses. The removable and adjustable straps help to customize the fit according to your body and preferences.

Airsslim - shapewear for plus size women

10. Maidenform Women’s Long Length Shapewear Camisole

Maidenform’s long-length shapewear camisole is one of the most sought-after products among smart shapewear solutions. The straps are adjustable and can also turn to a criss-cross back for special tops. The camisole has a seam below the bust that divides the built-in bra from the tummy control on the bottom half of the top. The longer seam length ensures that the shapewear stays tucked into pants and skirts.

Maidenform's - shapewear for plus size women

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Final Words

Shapewear isn’t something you wear attempting to conceal or change your body into something that it’s anything but; it’s a more significant amount of boosting your certainty by raising your body’s maximum capacity. With the right shapewear in your arsenal stockpile, you’d be more agreeable to test new glances and evaluate new styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose shapewear for my stomach?

To know which size of the shapewear would be the most ideal for you, you need to measure your waist, high waist and low waist with a measuring tape held against your body. The high waist is measured three points above your waist, and the low waist is measured 12 cm below your waist. For the hips, you can measure 22 cm below the waist or measure the area where your hips are the widest. 
A thigh shaper would be ideal if you have a small waist, but your hips are wider than the bust or shoulders. You can go for the size that matches your hips. If your tummy measures more than your hips, you should probably go for waist slimmers or high-waist slimmers that tally with your waist size. 

Should your size up or down in shapewear?

The shapewear for plus size women is designed to fit your body perfectly and smoothen or structure the body shape. Hence you should buy the same size as you choose for your clothes. If you go for a smaller size, you should choose the shapewear of a size small. It is better to buy the same size since it avoids the uncomfortable rolling effects and chances of more bulges. If you want more compression or lift, you can size down a bit, and if you are having trouble getting into the wear, you can up the size. But it is always better to keep comfort the top priority rather than compression.

How tight should shapewear fit?

The shapewear is meant to hug your true body measurements and silhouette to shape them evenly. To be able to do this, the shapewear should be tight and secure enough to maintain your body silhouette. However, it is important to note that breathing and moving around in the shapewear should also be comfortable. Excessively tight shapewear can cause a variety of problems such as shortness of breath and irritation and can even distress your digestive system. On the other hand, too loose shapewear would not hold the body properly and cause discomfort too.