If you are a plus-size woman, the very first thing is to embrace your curves and shape. Remember that you are beautiful like others, and no size, shape, or age can make you look less than you think of yourself. Accepting the change in your body positively works excellent in making you confident about what you wear and how you look.

Apart from the natural beauty and party shenanigans, there is one more thing that will make your day more exciting and fantastic is the right outfit. Packing for a beach vacation is enough to make any woman nervous, especially if you have a curvy figure.

Choosing loose and ill-fitting clothes will make any woman look larger than they are, none more so than beach attire! No matter if you love to swim in the salty water of the ocean or want to enjoy your drink while watching the sunset and birds chirping around, choosing the right beach outfit is essential!

If you can choose the right size of swimsuit, then it will give a flattering silhouette to your body, then covering it in yards of material. Below listed are some of the best Plus Size swimwear for women you should try on the beach.

Best Plus size Swimwear for Women: 

  • The Kaftan
  • The Romper
  • Kimono
  • The Two-Piece
  • The White Dress
  • Maxi Dress
  • Plus Size Shirt
  • Jumpsuits
  • Some Tips For Women’s Plus Size Swimwear

The Kaftan 

If you are packing your bags for a summer beach vacation, Kaftan is an essential item that should have to be in your bag! The versatility of this outfit is quite unparalleled as you can wear it over a swimsuit, but you can also wear it over shorts, leggings, jeans- it means you can also wear it when you return home from your vacation!

kaftan Plus Size Swimwear

If you plan to buy it for your vacation, choose a kaftan made of thin and sheer material so that your one-piece or bikini can be seen underneath. As it will keep you cool and let your skin breathe, it will also protect your skin from sun rays harming your pale skin. If you plan to go out on a beach vacation, Kaftan is one of the best women’s plus-size swimwear. 

The Romper 

Straight out of trending fashion, rompers will satisfy your needs for a sexy beach dress and will compliment your curvy figure! The romper is an outfit itself, and if you are looking to rock a summer beach party, they should be on top of your list.

Maxi Dress Plus Size Swimwear

Choose the right combination and design, and you can wear it from hotel breakfasts and lunch parties to the beach and bar! If you have a large bust, go for a wraparound or V-neck design, and you will have something unique and beautiful that will surely catch people’s attention. The romper is emerging as one of the most loved Plus size swimwear. 

It isn’t necessary for this dress to be long or short, which can be incredibly beneficial for you. Not only is it a typical summer dress for sunny weather and breezy evenings, but wearing it on a beach or barbecue events will not get you any weird glances, trust us. Whether you wear them long or short, this dress will look incredibly trendy, appealing, and unique.


It is a cover-up outfit as you can coat your fabulous beach outfit under this fantastic clothing. There are so many fashions and variations available in the Kimono that you will be flattered to choose between them.

Maxi Dress Plus Size Swimwear

From simple to flower printed, there are many variations you can choose to cover your beach body. The Kimono is one of the most in-demand beach clothing items among women, and its great style and chicness justify this!

This outfit is used to cover your original beauty before you decide to dive into the ocean! Kimonos are used to cover up your beach outfit, and with a floral print kimono, you can add glamour to the simplest of the tee!

Don’t hesitate to invest in a good kimono as it will be your go-to cover on the off-beach destination, and it is emerging as one the most hot-favorite-plus-size plus size swimwear! 

A popular must-have plus size beach dress for women, the Kimono is traditionally perfect for summer wear and beachside activity. People also wear it in winters, but those are relatively quieter than the popular ones that look fantastic when worn in summer with a top and denim pants. 

Okay, if you wouldn’t wear pants, then you should undoubtedly pair them with shorts and a top to look chic, happening, and to be the one who is aptly dressed in style. Since kimonos have lovely and vivid floral prints, make them compliment light shades of denim shorts with perhaps a hat again to add more marvel to your appearance.

The Two-Piece 

It isn’t necessary for this dress to be long or short, which can be incredibly beneficial for you. Not only is it a typical summer dress for sunny weather and breezy evenings, but wearing it on a beach or barbecue events will not get you any weird glances, trust us. Whether you wear them long or short, this dress will look incredibly trendy, appealing, and unique compared with the previously mentioned outfits.

The two-piece outfit has been here for a very long time. It is far more wearable for curvy ladies than many would think!

The market is booming with fantastic styles and patterns, and you will be astonished by the number of variations available for you in the market! These fabulous styles make this outfit one of the most chosen women’s plus-size swimwear. 

The 1950s style is making a comeback as high-waisted bottoms have become trendy in the market once again, and they not only look beautiful and keep tummies in check! If you have a rectangular-shaped body, skirts will do wonders to create curvy hips and strike a visual balance. Ruffles are in trend, and you can always go for patterned print or vertical stripes to enhance your beauty!  

The White Dress

The classic summer wear collection is forever incomplete without the inclusion of a White Dress. Mind you, a white gown may not be too ideal for summers, and thus, a short white dress is one of the most beautiful outfits that you can wear in the near sweltering heat when visiting the beach or grabbing a quick bite around the city.

To look uber cool, you shouldn’t forget designer glasses and purses embroidered or have intricate designs on them when stepping out. Also, please wear pumps instead of typical heels with straps for looking extra gorgeous.

Maxi Dress Plus Size Swimwear

If you love to wear tops than beach swimsuits, nothing looks better than wearing a white top. But, make sure that your top must not be too tight. Moreover, you can choose denim flared trousers or denim shorts with your white top. Also, super short cut-cuff shorts can make you feel uncomfortable, so go for boyfriend shorts that come at your mid-thigh and cover your butts stylishly.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are considered the best plus-size swimwear. They give you a perfect look and help hide your curves if you don’t like to show them off. To provide some stylish appeal to your dress, go for a strapless maxi dress as it also ensures both comfort and style. Long maxi dresses work well for tall plus-size women, while short women can choose to have a short maxi dress.

Maxi Dress Swimwear

The best plus size swimwear category is duly incomplete without the inclusion of the famed maxi dresses. These are popularized for being the ideal holiday destination outfit that looks elegant and classic when worn in the plain white color.

You could find printed ones too, but they won’t match the class of a simple long white maxi paired with sandals and a clutch wallet. You can even wear different types of light jewelry to upgrade your overall appearance.

This dress style looks attractive to plus-size women only if they choose the right type. Ensure that a dress you will buy must have a defined waist and must not be loosened. You can also go for a maxi dress with a side split.

Plus-Sized Shirt

A fine pair of boots would well complement your frame when you wear long shirts. Don’t forget to accessorize yourself when you’re wearing plain shirts instead of striped or printed ones. Ideally, a button-up shirt can even be used to cover the swimsuit splendidly.

Thereby making it one of the essentials to buy and carry whenever visiting the beach for fun and chill or when seafaring on an exploratory boat ride. You could wear a mini skirt underneath them to add another layer of clothing if you’re on the ledge as to whether to wear them or not.

Are you one of the ladies that don’t want to reveal too much on the beach? If you want a casual girly look that can complement your shy nature and give you an innocent face, then try casual tees.

With tees, you need not wear those clichéd bikinis and swimsuits as you can pair them up with a short/long skirt and feel confident with your unique look at the beach. The best thing about tees; they are super affordable, and you can wear them once you return from your vacation. One of the most amazing women’s plus-size favorite casual tees will refresh your look and give you a holiday to remember without worrying about your figure!  

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Jumpsuits are ardently the most wanted plus-size beach outfits for women. They come in many varieties in color and designs, such as with different necklines, lengths, and more to accommodate the different body sizes and styles.

jumpsuit Swimwear Women

They are suitable to be worn in summers as well as for making public appearances when you’re not wearing them for your peaceful or thrill-seeking visits to the beach. Try the different vivid colors and get more than one in various patterns to match them with other scarves & footwear styles.

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Some Tips For Women’s Plus Size Swimwear 

  • Instead of buying brim hats, you could best use a baseball cap to shield your eyes from the direct sun and to look more trendy. 
  • Swimwear are common, but you can replace them with a plus-size printed tee and bikini bottoms along with a sarong to look appealing.
  • Always carry some hat and a non-plush type wallet or handbag whenever visiting the beach or similar environment.
  • A denim skirt will also add to the appearance of a one-piece suit, so it’s no more an experiment than a functionally acceptable trend, do try it.
  • Wearing scarves is common, but it is ideal when you wish to add a specific dash of color to your outfit without making that color highlight your appearance.
  • Striped pants, rompers, jumpsuits of light color, and dark patterns will suit you better than the plain ones.
  • You could wear high waist trousers in summers but do try them out for judging their comfort a day before you plan on wearing them during the whole journey.
  • Any plus-size beach outfit for women can be enhanced in appearance when you wear tribal or minimal accessories, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

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Final Words

Going to the beach can be made full of fun and excitement with the guide for choosing the perfect plus-size swimwear. More to this, don’t forget to get some beach accessories with you as they complete your look in style.

One thing should always be kept in mind: if you want to look great, you must feel confident and accept your body, no matter what you have chosen to wear.