Do you know that a black dress never goes out of style? This makes it a classic choice to wear on different occasions. Here, if we talk about black dresses for plus size women, classic does not mean boring. A black not only gives a slimming effect, but it also gives confidence and an elegant look.

Plus size black dresses from the huge collection available online may also make you feel a bit edgy when you choose the right dress as per your body shape. This is an extra boost that every woman needs, especially when getting ready for a special occasion.

Whether you are going on a date or a dinner party, pairing a black plus size dress with black heels and hoop earrings is something that cannot be compared to any other style. Are you planning to go out of town with your best friends? Simply get a black dress for a perfect outfit with heels and a necklace. No matter what the occasion is, you can easily find your favorite one from the huge collection of black plus size dresses for women to make you feel amazing.

Here, we will talk about some of the best black dress ideas for plus sized women. Before we start looking through a variety of black dresses or outfits, one thing that must be mentioned here is that today’s fashion world has become crazy. Because you can see skinny models on the runways, but they are not normal. Many of them have anorexic bodies.

Here, the best thing is that every woman is special, no matter whether she is skinny or plus-sized.

It is true that every woman must have a perfect black dress. When you go through the collection and fashion styles, you surely can’t have one. Because black is one of the most versatile wardrobe items that you must have. You can get them for a weekend party, or work meeting or even for a special occasion without getting confused about what to wear.

From maxi dresses to sheath dresses, black dresses for plus size women are available in every style. You can easily find your favorite and rock your curves.

Ideas for Black Dresses For Plus Size Women

  • Simple Black Dress
  • Full Sleeved Dress
  • Velvet Dress
  • Maxi Dress
  • Black Cape Dress
  • Contrasting Shades
  • Wearing Micro Prints Dress
  • Lace Dress
  • Black Pantsuit

Simple Black Dress

When it comes to choosing the best black dresses for plus size women, your first option must be a simple black dress, as you can wear this dress on any occasion. The simple black dress finds to be more traditional, sophisticated, and formal that goes perfectly on any formal and semi-formal occasion.

You can make your outfit simple and elegant by wearing a simple dress. If you want to add a classy look to your personality, you can also choose a dress with funky and eye-catching details that can work perfectly at any party.

Full Sleeved Dress

Many women do not like long sleeves, while some want to cover their heavy arms. So, women in love with long sleeves prefer to buy dresses having quarter or full sleeves. This not only gives them an idea to hide their heavy arms but also makes their dresses look smarter.

The black dresses for plus size women with full sleeves give a new shape and style. You will not only look modest but gets a suitable dress for many occasions as well.

Velvet Dress

When it comes to black plus size dresses for women, velvet is something that can go gracefully with any design or style. Velvet dresses are mostly preferred in the winter season. So, next time when you are invited to a party or will go out with your friends, your velvet black dress will provide you protection against the biting cold.

Moreover, wearing a jacket over your dress will be something that will give you an elegant yet classy look. These dresses do not only keep you warm but also give a sophisticated and decent look.

Maxi Dress

Most of you may have worn a maxi dress on one or another occasion. But, have you ever bought a black maxi dress? These dresses are quite a popular option when you have to wear a casual dress for a birthday party or a weekend with your friends. Maxi dresses are long enough to make you look graceful and modest as well.

In addition to this, a maxi dress can also be worn on a formal occasion, especially the black maxi dress. You can choose to wear a plain black dress or a dress with little detail. It is advised to get the one with a little A-line shape or pleats that give perfect coverage to your curves.

These black plus size dresses for women also make you look sexy. You can choose any design or style of your choice to show off how sensual you are.

Black Cape Dress

If you want to give yourself an elegant and chic style to your personality, then you can go for wearing a cape dress as one of the best dresses for plus size women. This dress has an attached cape that provides great coverage to your shoulders and arms. If you are the one who wants to wear a sleeveless dress, but at the same time, you are more conscious about your heavy arms and shoulders. Then nothing would be the better choice than a cape dress.

These dresses give you a smooth look at the back and also hide any bumps in an extremely classy and polished way. What about high heels to get the right impact on your black dress?

Contrasting Shades

When we talk about black plus size dresses for women, it does not mean you have to focus on wearing overall black. You can wear contrasting shades based on the occasion. The best combination to get a formal look is wearing a combination of black with white, navy, grey, or any of your favorite colors.

The best thing about black is that it looks fabulous in any color. It is advised to wear light or pastel shades for areas you want to show and choose dark colors, like here it is black, for areas you want to play down. Like, you can choose to wear a white or any light-colored shirt or blouse at the top and wear a black high-waisted A-line skirt to cover the thicker areas of your legs. This way, you will make your legs look leaner.

Wearing Micro Prints Dress

A micro print ruffled dress in a combination of black and other colors is quite trendy. This kind of dress is suitable attire for plus size women for casual wear or for any semi-formal occasion. Wearing micro print dresses look more feminine and are functional. These dresses give you a great way to transform easily into something more glamorous if you have a busy schedule and have to attend a casual party.

You can choose to wear sock booties, sneakers, or even heels with this dress. The choice is all yours as it will look elegant with any shoe style.

Lace Dress

If you are going to attend a huge party or event, you need to take care not to look too casual or simple for the occasion. You can choose to wear a black lace dress. If it is summer or spring, you can choose to wear a lightweight dress, while for winters, going for a black lace dress with thin lining will be the perfect option for you.

For outdoor events in winter, you can opt to wear a blazer of the color of your choice to complete your look.

Black Pantsuit

Many of you may be thinking of the reason for adding pantsuit to the list of black plus size dresses for women. This completely depends on your choice when you are not in a mood to wear a dress or want something like a suit. Pantsuits give a neat and formal look that goes perfect on formal occasions.

The best idea is to get one suit tailored as per your requirements for perfect fitting. It is so because a pantsuit that has no fitting looks sloppy and crummy.

How to choose black plus size dresses for women between different dress styles:

No doubt, there are different dress styles for plus size women. Each of them has its own features and highlights. But what makes it more difficult is to choose the right one for you. Here, we will help you to find the one that suits you the best.

Let’s have a look at the perfect dresses for your body shape.


A-line black dresses for plus size women are a perfect choice for an hourglass shape. This silhouette has a fitted top and torso, and it is flared out at the waist, thus giving a triangular fashion. Women of all body shapes can wear A-line dresses.

If you are a full-figured woman, you must choose plus size A-line black dresses made of solid fabrics, like cotton, rayon, denim, or others. A-line dresses should never be of silk and satin, as it will make your curves look clearer. Therefore, it is recommended to get a dress with stiffer materials as this will help in retaining the shape of the dress, and it makes A-line dress a suitable option for every body type.


These dresses are collected under the bust, not at the natural waistline. These dresses give more focus on the upper body instead of the lower body. If you are a woman with an oval, rectangle, or triangle body type, empire dress style is the best choice for you. Wearing these dresses means giving attention to the upper section by draping your areas below the bust gracefully.

Empire dresses can be found in a variety of lengths. Like, you can choose short tunics, mini dresses, or even maxi dresses, anything you wish to wear.


You might have seen dresses having a ruffle at the waist. These dresses are in trend for many years. This style is known as peplum. If you are looking for black plus size dresses for women with an hourglass figure, the peplum dress style works great for you. Though the basic structure of peplum dresses is the same as the bodycon dresses, the only difference lies in the added ruffle wraps that exist around the waist.

Wearing a peplum dress style helps you to make your waist look smaller than your shoulders and hips. In addition to the hourglass body type, this dress is also suitable for rectangle or oval-shaped body types as it works in balancing the waist against other parts of the body.


If you want to wear a casual-cool style dress, straight dresses are great for you. They are more comfortable and effortless than other dress types. The best part of these dresses is that they do not have a waistline built-in and have a structure directly from the shoulders.

If you are the one with shoulders having the width same as or wider than your waist, like you have rectangle or apple-shaped body type, you can choose straight black dresses for plus size women as the best choice for several occasions.


Have you ever worn or tried to wear a corset? If not, then it’s time to get one. The corset is basically worn in the 17th and 18th centuries. This type of dress has a panel that hugs your partial or complete torso. These dresses may or may not be shaped to put focus on the waist. They have a lace detail on the back to give the perfect shape to your torso.

Here, the lace is structured in such a way that the panel exists at the back of the waist, and when you push the threads, it creates an hourglass shape. A corset can enhance any figure, so it is suitable for any body type.


These dresses are designed to show off your shoulders in a way that looks elegant and chic. These dresses have a wrap around the shoulders instead of going around from front to back. Wearing an off-shoulder dress means adding attention to your upper part. If you have shoulders that are narrower than your hips, these dresses provide a great balance to your body.

Wearing an off-shoulder dress with an A-line style is great to create an hourglass figure for those who have a rectangle body shape. If you also fall in the same body type, you must not miss wearing off-shoulder on any occasion or event.

Final Words

This guide will help you get the perfect black dresses for plus size women. No matter what body shape you have, you can find plenty of collections that fit perfectly to your body shape.

Just with a little information about the right dress style for your body shape, you can stand out from the crowd while making yourself look elegant and sensual.