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Red lipstick has evolved into the little black dress of the makeup world as it ushers in an aura of sophistication and sultriness to your look. It can definitely be termed as the sexiest lip shade which can be flaunted by a woman as she radiates uber confidence and positivity. This energizing color has also been accredited to ooze out desire, sexuality and even lust which can make men feel weak in their knees.

But it often happens that the same shade of red which brilliantly suits our friend might not look equally flattering on us. The main reason behind this is our skin tone which serves as the ultimate platform for makeup of all sorts to conjure its magic. The right shade of red can instantaneously brighten up your whole look. Today we are going to walk you through a detailed guide of how to find the right shade in accordance with your skin tone:

Red Shade lipsticks

Redheads can actually rock bold red lip hues contrary to popular belief. But it is best if you opt for a shade of red having orange undertones to spice up your whole look. Coral-reds looks exceptionally good on fair-skinned redheads as it tags along a flash of color to the milky skin tone.

Red heads

A raspberry lipstick shade can serve as the ideal pick for ladies having extremely fair complexion as it magnificently warms up the cool pink undertones. Although you can definitely proceed with a matte shade of the same, nothing looks as mesmerising as a glossy one.

Pinkish red lipstick looks best on women having medium-light complexion especially when you can nail an imperfectly diffused finish by dabbing it using your fingers.

A vivid berry shade can bring out the radiance and warmth of golden skin tones in a magical manner.

A vivid berry shade

Women having olive skin tone look spellbinding as they dab on some tangerine-tinged lip color for accentuating their glowing tan.

tangerine-tinged lip

Brown-based red is a match made in heaven for women having caramel skin tones. You will just have to ensure that the lipstick has a tinge of plum for adding a contrasting dimension to your complexion as well as a shimmery finish for that extra dash of glamour.

Brown-based red lipstick shade

Rihanna surely knows a thing or two about coming up with a lipstick shade which can flatter all skin tones and that was evident in the universal red lipstick presented by her makeup line Fenty Beauty. You can proceed with an orange-based red lipstick if your skin tone matches with the Umbrella star as it will flatter your complexion marvellously.

universal red lipstick

Olive skinned ladies look equally good with lipstick shades belonging to either side of the spectrum but nothing can match up to a bright cherry red with slight glossy sheen. Such shades also look perfect when paired up with natural and golden eye makeup shades.

Shades of deep merlot looks best on ladies having a tan with cool undertones such as Kerry Washington. You can pair it up with minimal eye makeup to keep your pout in focus.

Shades of deep merlot

Lupita Nyong’o’ has evolved into the unofficial advocate of dark skinned women who doesn’t wish to comprise in the department of style and makeup. Her metallic ruby red lipstick tones had created quite a stir in the stages of global fashion as it added luminosity and dimension to her deep cocoa skin.

metallic ruby red lipstick

Can there be a more winning makeup statement than a sexy red lip? We bet not and that is why it has evolved into a Valentine’s Day staple. It has recently also been embodied as a timeless symbol of equality as portrayed by strong and independent women pioneering the #MeToo movement.

red shade lipstick

Feeling inspired already? Then it’s time to stock up your makeup bag with the perfect shade of red whether it is candy apple, cheery or the countless ones in between.

red shade lipsticks makeup