The latest Vogue cover shoot by Rihanna might signal thin brows making a comeback but that cannot dampen the spirits of ladies having big bold brows who would like to keep it that way. Ladies who are naturally blessed with full eyebrows don’t have to spend much time in front of the mirror filling it up using eyebrow pencil as for them the makeup routine holds an entirely different definition. They just need to enhance their natural shape and keep it well-groomed at all times. Today we are going to take you through some tips and tricks of taming your eyebrows to perfection especially if they are bushy like Cara Delevingne or Zendaya. 

Women having bushy eyebrows have adequate amount of hair to proceed with some serious landscaping. This also means that you are lucky enough to be conferred with the opportunity of shaping your eyebrows in a manner which flatters the natural contours of your face rather than working with what is available. It is best if you can allow a resting period of six weeks wherein you won’t wax or thread your brows and grow them out to the most possible extent for being groomed to perfection. You can stand ahead of the mirror and click a photo of your eyebrows to compare them with the shape your wish for them to portray. 

Eyebrows pro

Thicker brows having high arches look best on square faces as it can impart a softening touch without the requirement of much thinning or trimming. High arches also look good on women with round faces as it reduces the roundness of the face when plucked with precision. Women with long faces should go for flat eyebrows having a low arch as that can open up their face sideways rather than emphasizing the same vertically. Women having heart-shaped faces look best with eyebrows having a rounded arch while oval faced ladies can pull off any of the above types given the utmost symmetry in their facial features. 

Next you will have to take the final call on whether your wish to fix your eyebrows by yourself or seek out the help of a professional. Although both these options come with their own set of advantages, you need to take time, experience and cost into consideration while deciding on the same. You might feel the requirement of professional help if you had never shaped your eyebrows before. Although this will come with a pocket pinch, you will surely be happy about the end results. You can also seek out maintenance tips from the experts so that going forward you can trim the eyebrows at your home itself.

While deciding on how to fix your eyebrows, you need to weigh out the options of getting it plucked, waxed or threaded. Waxing is best suited for removing large patches of very fine hair and can be of exceptional help while fixing bushy eyebrows in a hassle-free manner. Once you are done with waxing, you can thread or pluck the same to impart a defined shape to your brows. 

While proceeding with waxing you will be required to brush your brows using an eyebrow brush thus combing it up to its natural shape. In this way, you will be able to make out if any hair stands taller than your natural hairline thus requiring an immediate trimming. Next you will have to outline your desired eyebrow shape using a makeup pencil as that will make it easier to pluck, wax or thread the hair strands. A makeup pencil can also be used for marking where your brow should start if you prefer to wing the same. 

Your brow hair needs to have a length of at least 1/8 inch for being picked up by the wax strips in an efficient manner. You need to press the wax strips into the direction of hair growth and remove the same with one swift movement in the opposite direction after allowing some resting time. Once you are done with the waxing, you will have to gently moisturize the waxed area with aloe-based lotions or hydrocortisone cream to reduce chances of inflammation or skin irritation. 

eyebrow tweezing

When it comes to tweezing, you should never do the same in direct sunlight as that might cause you to over-pluck your brows. It is always advisable to proceed with tweezing in the morning once you have bathed properly as that opens up your pores thus causing less pain. Although plucking above the brow is a topic of great controversies, you can definitely tidy up the stray fine hairs for a neat look. It is advisable to make use of a full-sized magnifying mirror as that will help you in comprehending the holistic picture while shaping your brow. 

You can use ice cubes for numbing your eyebrow a few minutes before proceeding with plucking as this can make the tweezing process painless. You need to keep on holding the ice cubes over the eyebrows till the time when the bitter cold ceases to affect you. It becomes easier to grab the hair with slant-edged tweezers. You can make use of swift and firm movements for pulling up the hair away from the brow and thereafter start tweezing below the brow. You also need to be careful about not over tweezing your arch while tweezing above the brow. It is also imperative to step away from the mirror every now and then for checking your work progress. Plucking might take longer than waxing but it definitely offers high-end precision to the brow grooming process. 

There is a fine line of difference in between unruly arches and voluptuous shapely bows which is determined by how you tweeze the same. The mini size of brow-grooming scissors brings along top-end accuracy.

Properly shaped and well-groomed eyebrows can impart a highly polished appearance while highlighting your eyes and making it pop out. So, make the most of our beauty tips and take your best step forward in the world of fashion with eyebrows groomed to perfection.