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Halloween is that one time of the year when you can actually channelize your creative genius to come up with traffic-stopping looks without having to worry about the fashion police judging your ways.

Halloween Makeup Looks For Women

Today we have come up with six such Halloween makeup ideas along with halloween outfits which can definitely serve you well whether you wish to throw a fright night party at your house or go about the town trick or treating with your gang of friends.

Cobweb Eyes

You can create a bewitching cobweb effect by applying a lightweight foundation and following it up with a rosy blush. Next you will be required to apply black gel eyeliner both above and below the eye for sufficing as the base for smoky Halloween eye makeup. You can line the top and bottom of your waterline using a pencil liner by ensuring that not a single portion of your skin is left visible.

Now you will be required to apply some sparkly eye shadow all over your eyelid and add some dots above both your eyebrows using black acrylic paint. These dots can serve as the guideline for extending up the lines which can be cross-hatched for creating the look of cobwebs. You can add some bold mascara on both your top and bottom lashes and finish off the look with some unusual lip color.

Cobweb Eyes

Stitched Mouth Makeup

Prep yourself in style for the fright night by applying some light moisturizer on clean skin. While proceeding with this look you need to be extra cautious about staying away from the application of lip balm as that might cause your makeup to slip.

A light foundation layer can be applied for lightening and brightening your complexion while a light concealer can be dabbed for mattifying things down. Next you will be required to sculpt your cheeks using grey eye shadow which can also be used for filling in your brows. A fluffy brush can be used for blending the same on your lower lash lines, inner corners and around the eye socket for nailing that ‘hollow’ look. Black acrylic paint can be used for drawing stitches around your mouth.

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You can start by drawing three dots for plotting the placement of lines towards your earlobes and filling them in subsequently. Short lines can be added vertically for mimicking real stitches starting from the middle portion of your mouth and working outwards on both the sides. The lines can be made slightly smaller as you get closer to your ears.

White acrylic paint can be applied in between the gaps for making the black stand out using a small angled brush which needs to be subsequently smudged using a fluffy brush before the paint dries out. You can make the whole look seem more realistic by adding a seeping blood effect to the stitches using a red lip liner. For completing the Halloween eye makeup, dark black kohl pencil can be used for lining the top and bottom of your eyes to impart greater definition.


This romantic vampire look can be nailed by following some super easy tips as lined out below. First you will be required to apply some moisturizer on clean skin and allow it to dry completely. This step will help out in the application of foundation which needs to be at least two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Once done with the foundation routine, you will be required to apply some translucent face powder using a large brush making small circular movements starting from the forehead to your neck.

A black or dark brown eyebrow pencil can be used to arch and define your eyes after brushing your eyebrows outward and upward. An arc has to be drawn using black eyeliner at the crease of your eye. It needs to be extended to the outer eye starting from the inner portion for serving as the base of your smoky Halloween eye makeup. The arc has to be next filled in using grey or black eyeshadow and your eyelashes need to be curled for that seductive look.

You can add some eyeliner to your outer eye corner for nailing the sexy feline look. Coming to your lips, you can draw the same using a nude lip liner and subsequently filling it up using blood red lipstick.

Daenerys Targaryen

If you are an avid follower of Game Of Thrones then you can channelize your inner Khaleesi for a killer Halloween look which is bound to flatter your petite figure and dewy complexion. Coupled with her flowing silver locks and glowing skin, the fierce Westerosi queen has evolved into quite a beauty icon. You can also look like her by highlighting your eyebrow with a shimmery white tone just underneath the brow line.

Next you will be required to dab some terracotta eyeshadow onto your eyelids and add some more shimmer underneath your brows. You should also not forget to sweep an extra coat of terracotta shadow below your bottom lashes for nailing this Halloween eye makeup in style. Greater emphasis can be given to the eyebrows by smearing deep brown powder on the same prior to using a natural mascara both on the top and bottom lashes. You can finish the look by painting you lips in soft pink hue and sweeping some bronze blush across your cheekbones.

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Jessica Rabbit

One of the most recognizable features of this attractive cartoon character is her flaming red hair. For achieving this look you can either dye yours or opt for a wig. Her makeup is minimal except the eyes and lips which serves as the focal point of attention. However, the red lip color needs to be such that it suits your specific skin tone. You can opt for the same from a local beauty store and run a patch test before bringing home the darkest lip shade which can be pulled off by you glamorously.

Coming to eyes, you can use a shade of smoky purple and apply in on the edges of your eyes as well as the outer socket for creating that ‘cartoonish’ feel. However, you need to remember that excess application of eyeshadow might close your eyes in.


Sunken eyes, pale skin and bloody lips are some of the pre-requisites of looking like a zombie this Halloween which can be nailed to perfection with some regular makeup products available readily in your closet. For the basic zombie look you will require an eyeliner, white face paint or pale foundation, eye shadow and grey/black lipstick. The foundation or white face paint needs to be applied initially for imparting a corpse-like complexion which has to be followed up by darkening your cheek bones and eyes for that gaunt feel. You can complete the Halloween look by applying some lipstick to look like open wounds and dark circles.

So, gear up for the upcoming Halloween as you get into the skin of mythical creatures and fantasy queens which can stun your friends and serve as potential makeup inspiration to them for years to come.

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