Whether you do one, two, or more braids, it is a universal hairstyle for girls. But when it comes to the cornrow hairstyles for girls, they make the braided style more interesting and unique. You can experiment with your girls’ hair with different types of cornrow styles, designs, and braids.

Here, you will get to know some of the amazing cute cornrow hairstyles for girls that your girl will be surely going to love. These cornrow braids for girls will be your inspiration, and they will look beautiful on your little girl.

Cornrow styles for girls are super-functional and fabulous hairstyles. They are designed to keep afro hair well-managed and looking clean. Moreover, these hairstyles also work great in making your girl look cute and pretty, or funky and trendy. 

They are one of the most caring and low-maintenance cornrow styles that you can easily try on natural hair. These braids are done too close to the scalp and given a variety of shapes as per your choice or what look you want to give to your girl.

You can try different cornrow hairstyles based on what suits your girl’s personality the best.

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  • Twisted Mohawk
  • Classic Pigtails 
  • Natural Cornrow Hairstyle
  • Colorful Braided Pigtails
  • Ghana Cornrows
  • High Ponytail With Cornrows
  • Braided Mohawk
  • Cornrows With A Bun
  • Top Knot With Cornrows
  • Dutch Braid Hairstyle
  • Crisscross Mohawk with Beads
  • Short Box Braids
  • Curvy cornrows with beads
  • Heart-shaped Cornrows Braids 
  • Angled Cornrow Braids

Twisted Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls

When we talk about the hairstyles for little girls, in addition to keeping them cute and practical, they should meet conditions i.e. make sure to pull all hair back to prevent them falling on the face.

When you keep this thing in mind, your girl’s hairstyle can go all day long without getting messy. This way, you can have fun without undergoing any difficulty in managing the curls. This twisted Mohawk is a beautiful, unique design that can be worn with simple cornrows.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls 
cornrow styles for girls

Classic Pigtails 

This is one of the most adorable cornrow braids for girls. If you are looking for one of the protective cornrow hairstyles that will help your girl’s natural hair maintained well, you can try this classic pigtail.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls - Pigtails

You can also choose to have one ponytail high on the head or at the same place on the other side. The choice is all yours. This will be a cute and fashionable look for your little girl. You can enhance this hairstyle by adding matching hair ballies to the outfit she wears every day.

Natural Cornrow Hairstyle for girls

This beautiful hairstyle is something that will make your little girl look super cute. You just need to take the help of an expert braider, or it would be good if you know how to create a braid with curvy cornrows.

This is one of the awesome cornrow styles for girls that are truly beautiful and creates a fun style. No worries if your girl doesn’t like hanging braids. You can make adorable buns that enhance these braided curves.

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Colorful Braided Pigtails

If you love seeing your girl in some funky hairstyles, you can go with these adorable spunky pigtails. When done expertly, they look amazing and super cute. Pigtails are usually not tied; instead, they are left flowing outwards. This hairstyle is great to have a lot more fullness.

Not only this, you can also add some color by trying a few extension streaks. What about adding streaks or beads of your girl’s favorite color?

Ghana Cornrows

The list of cornrow hairstyles for girls is incomplete without mentioning this gorgeous hairstyle. Ghana cornrows are one of the great braided hairstyles that is always there for afro girls. This includes thick cornrows that feature straight parts and small braids that are done in between these cornrows.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls - Ghana Cornrows

You can enhance this hairstyle and give a cute look to your girl by adding a couple of colorful beads. This is something that will make it more fun for girls.

High Ponytail With Cornrows

If you are looking for cute cornrow hairstyles for girls, you must not miss trying this wonderful hairstyle for your little girl. When your girl wears a high ponytail with cornrows, her hair will remain protected and up. This will help her play all day long without any disturbance.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls - High Ponytails

Also, your girl will not feel discomfort while sleeping as the ponytail is quite high over the head. This hairstyle is something you should consider when it comes to convenient and pretty cornrow braided hairstyles.

Braided Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls

This is one of the inspiring looks for the little girls. This unique cornrow style will help your girl stand out from her group and feel confident. This can be one of the great cornrow hairstyles for teenage girl that must be tried once.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls - Braided Mohawk

This hairstyle has two types of cornrows – thin and thick. All of them are pulled straight back from the hairline. Then, they are combined with extensions to create chunky twisted Mohawk buns. If you have experience in cornrow hairstyles, this is an easy hairstyle for you. It is a truly fun hairstyle that your girl will always remember.

Cornrows With A Bun

If you are a mum and looking for a simple braided hairstyle that you can easily do at home, this is just for you. This cornrow style for girls does not require any professional designer. Instead of thinner cornrows, here you have to work with thicker cornrows, which will go faster and also, will be easy for you.

If you are thinking of taking your girl to a professional, this hairstyle at home will make her used to sitting for cornrows hairstyle. Even she will become used to something more complicated.

Top Knot With Cornrows

If you have ever worked on cornrow braids on your girl’s hair, you will find this hairstyle super cute. This is one of the awesome cornrow styles for girls that provide you a chance to have fun with different hair accessories, such as hair ballies and beads. It is just a perfect hairstyle to give a high level of comfort to your girl.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls - Top Knot Cornrows

Make sure to keep the hair conditioned. Also, you can encourage your girl to use a headscarf while sleeping as it will help greatly in keeping this hairstyle as smooth as possible.

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Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Dutch Braid Hairstyle

If you want a natural hairstyle that looks amazing on your girl, you must not miss trying this Dutch pigtail braid. If your girl is not comfortable with too many cornrow braids, this can be the best style for her. This also gives some lovely elevation that you can enhance to avoid braids too tightly or if you don’t add extensions.

The cornrow braids just above the ears are something that gives a unique touch to this hairstyle.

Crisscross Mohawk with Beads

Are you looking for a show-stopping hairstyle for your little girl? Your search ends here. This hairstyle is one of the wonderful cornrow braids for girls. This includes Mohawk braids with beads that look amazing. What makes this hairstyle different from other cornrow hairstyles for teenage girl is its crisscross design.

Crisscross Mohawk with Beads

Choosing clear beads is a great idea, but if you have colorful beads at home, you can use them. But, clear beads are something that goes well with any outfit. You can add as many beads as you want to give an ombre effect.

Short Box Braids

Short Box Braids

When it comes to cornrow hairstyles for girls, the most important thing is to go with a unique style. It is always fun to be trying something new. If your girl has got bored of wearing updo styles, why not try something different this time? 

You must try these clinking box braids. In addition to getting something different, your girl will also love to add her favorite colors to her hair. Don’t miss this chance to try a style that your girl will definitely love to do.

Curvy cornrows with beads

It is a fact that when little girls see something on other kids, they also want to copy it. Whether it is a dress, toy, or any hairstyle, your girl might have told you once to duplicate things. But, we should teach them the importance of individuality.

Curvy cornrows with beads

The best way is to give them their own hairstyle that they will love to be praised for how they look. This curvy cornrows hairstyle involves beads at the end of each braid. This is truly impressive.

Heart-shaped Cornrows Braids 

There are endless fancy braided designs and hair accessories. When they are combined, they make entirely fabulous hairstyles for little girls. You can make your little girl look the cutest with these lovely braids. This way, you will be able to protect the delicate natural hair of your girl.

Get the beads of your girl’s favorite colors and create this amazing cornrows hairstyle. She will surely love this style even more than you.

Heart-shaped Cornrows Braids 

Angled Cornrow Braids

You can create this hairstyle by using extensions into cornrows. Finish these braids with twists. If you are not an expert in braids, you can take the help of a professional to get this amazing hairstyle.

This hairstyle consists of a diagonal part and the angled braided pattern that makes it one of the awesome cornrow styles for girls. Creating one pigtail higher than the other is the wow factor of this look. Your girl will look the prettiest.

Angled Cornrow Braids

Final Words

Well, little girls also love to try stunning and expressive hairstyles, just like young women. You can make your girl look the cutest with gorgeous hairstyles and dresses. Going with the right cornrows hairstyles for girls is the best way to show your girl that you care.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these hairstyles and let your girl steal the hearts of people around her.