You’ve worn it down, tied it up, rocked all types of hats and headwear…but have you tried the headband or the many headband hairstyles for men? How to wear a headband for men and whether or not they are in style may be questions on your mind. When properly executed, they are, indeed, both stylish and practical.

In designing our headbands, we ensured we met those 2 objectives with every decision. The result is a line of 3 best-selling men’s headband styles, all made using ethical USA manufacturing and the finest natural materials. 

They might initially feel unfamiliar, but you quickly realize this versatile tool can become a staple within your arsenal of long hairstyles for men—especially if you have short to medium-length hair and are growing it longer. 

If you are in the awkward stage, or your hair is just above your shoulders and too short to tie back, the headband is a straightforward way to keep the hair out of your eyes.

For more experienced longhairs, not only is the headband a great way to keep the hair out of your face, but you can get creative with combinations of tying or twisting your hair while utilizing the headband.

Categories of Men’s Headbands

Headbands come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. There are thin elastic bands, thick headbands in elastic or cloth, plastic arches, headbands with teeth, some with rubber and silicone on the inside, and many others.

Our sweat-wicking men’s headbands are perfect for the following:

  • Workouts: yoga, Crossfit, running, the gym…
  • Sports: tennis, squash, soccer, touch football, ultimate frisbee, climbing, skiing…  
  • Sun protection: keep the sweat back and the sun off while hiking, gardening, and relaxing at the beach
  • Fashion: Seasonally chosen colors make our headbands the perfect accessory or accent when out on the town
  • Function: Keeping long hair back, covering grey roots, and organic headcover for chemotherapy…

Let’s say there are many options, but these headband hairstyles feature The Longhairs’ thin headbands, thick headbands, and full-fitting headbands (we call them headwraps). From there, all the styles are pretty straightforward. With that little burst of inspiration, here they are…

Best Headband for Men

The Enso 

One of the best-selling men’s headbands is the ENSO – a wide, versatile headband with a single twist. The headband is available in “Classic” solid colors and “Batik” hand-dyed colors. 

Both styles are equally popular, with many customers owning a few.

Key Features of the ENSO Headband for Men:

  • Made from a blend of the finest organic cotton (the Classic includes a 1″ Tencel, sustainably harvested eucalyptus tree, window) and spandex. 
  • The organic cotton is ridiculously soft, durable and sweat-wicking
  • The twist, positioned at the nape of the neck, keeps the headband from slipping during even the most intense physical exercise
  • The headband’s circumference is 18″, though, with 7% spandex, it easily stretches to comfortably fit a 23″ head, essentially making it One Size Fits All. If worried about fit, try the HU style headband (featured below). 
  • The headbands are woven, dyed, cut, sewn, and distributed from L.A. using ethical USA manufacturing. 

This headband is used by every demographic of our customer base: young, old, athletic, loungey, travel-obsessed, stay-at-home… It’s a safe gift and a great starting point if buying your first headband. 

Its versatility (wearing it thin, scrunched, open like a bandana) means it fits every head shape. If you would classify your head as big (a.k.a. exceptionally intelligent), you may want to start with the HU Headband for a guaranteed fit.   

how to wear a headband for men

The Big Bang

Made from 89 percent polyester and 11 percent spandex, these machine-washable headbands are available in 22 colors and patterns. They are sized as one-size-fits-most and are odor resistant. 

Each band has a height of 4.25 inches and can be rolled to offer a tighter, thicker band. The super-soft material is a solid choice for those who need to keep long hair out of their face while training or doing more intense workouts with many directional changes.

The Big Bang headbands are best for: 

  • Anyone who needs to keep their hair out of their eyes while training.
  • Those who appreciate their fitness apparel being manufactured in the USA.
  • Folks who want a headband that can be rolled for a tighter fit.
how to wear a headband for men

The HU 

The HU headband is a close second in popularity to our ENSO, perhaps only because it’s available exclusively in solid colors to this point. The brilliance of this headband is its versatility. 

This headband guarantees a one-size-fits-all fit, with its body made of soft, sweat-wicking organic cotton and its ties made of strong Tencel derived from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees.

Key Features of the HU Headband for Men:

  • You can wear this headband in a cleverly designed body that allows you to adjust its width, either wearing it thin or opening it wide, in a full bandana headband style.
  • We make the body of this product from a premium blend of organic cotton and Spandex. The ties consist of super-strong Tencel, which has a silk-like texture.
  • “Ridiculously soft, durable, and sweat-wicking” is how the HU is most often described.
  • The headband’s ties make it One Size Fits All and ensure you can adjust it to fit just right.  
  • We weave, dye, cut, sew, and distribute the headbands from L.A. using ethical, local manufacturing.

Because of the ties and the fact it can open to cover the crown, the HU headband is a great man who feels comfortable in a traditional bandana. 

Men looking for sun protection will find it ideally suited, making this headband perfect for hiking and covering their heads at the beach. Its “one size fits all” design makes it perfect, and you can’t miss the gift. 

how to wear a headband for men

The Tennis Style 

These one-size-fits-most headbands come in thirteen different color combinations and at a competitive price. They are made from 85 percent cotton, 12 percent spandex, and three percent nylon. 

Each one is expandable up to nearly thirteen inches, is quick-dry, and breathable. The headbands are all-grip (non-slip) and designed with odor control to prevent them from smelling during sweatier training sessions.

These are machine washable, but they offer better durability if hang dried rather than tumble-dried. Tanluhu recommends their hands for more aerobic training, yoga, cycling, and tennis. It’s a gorgeous addition to your gym accessories and a necessary one.

This headband is best for: 

  • Those who need a headband for aerobic-focused sports like tennis or cycling.
  • Anyone who wants a majority-cotton breathable headband that is quick to dry.
  • People working with a tighter fitness apparel budget.


The iconic David Beckham-inspired skinny headband is popular among our men’s Headbands. This AUREA headband for guys works well with various David Beckham hairstyles. Made from one-of-a-kind organic cotton elastic (blended with 25% natural rubber), this forgiving headband is great for keeping long hair back and getting that surfer-like look. 

Key Features of the AUREA Headband for Men:

  • Skinny headband designed to wrap twice around the head
  • The knot can be moved to make the headband shorter or longer, making it One Size Fits All
  • Made from one-of-a-kind organic cotton and natural rubber elastic that is soft, comfortable, and strong   
  • We weave the headbands on the East Coast and then dye, cut, and sew them in L.A., all using ethical, American manufacturing.

Surfers, yogis, and runners all love the AUREA Headband. Originally designed for men with long hair (the Beckham look), the headband has proven popular with men with hair of every length – including bald. 

This headband is best for someone with a specific look in mind or comfort with headbands.  

The Gaiter Style

The main draw to this headband is its versatility. You can use it as a standard headband with 11 other distinct applications, from Balaklava to neck gaiter. The 100% microfiber band wicks sweat, is breathable, and dries quickly, making it ideal for use in warm weather.

The headband’s material helps protect against wind. Despite being a thinner material compared to other competitive options on the market, its thermal design makes it suitable for colder temperatures. There are nearly 20 colors and patterns to choose from, including high-visibility options.

This headband is best suited for: 

  • Those looking for a temperature-versatile headband (good in both warm and cold weather).
  • Anyone who prefers a microfiber headband when playing sports.
  • Folks who need a headband that can help protect against windchills.

Final Words

Headbands are slowly but steadily becoming one of the most sought-after accessories for men. Choosing the best headband and how to wear a headband for men is quite challenging. However, if you can choose the best one, you can take your look to another level! 

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